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March – April 2016 Volume 18 - Issue 2

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Optimized Framework for Online Admission Systems With Reference To Professional Programmes in Maharashtra
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Madhuri P. Pant || Dr. Sachin A. Kadam

Abstract: As Admission system is a process, researchers are going to concentrate on standardization, evaluation and optimization. This research paper presents optimized framework for Online Admission process. Framework is derived from study of processes followed for Online Admissions by IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) in India, MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) and 46 eminent organizations' conducting various Professional Programmes(8) like Engineering and Technology, Management (MBA and MCA), Health Sciences, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Education, Law Programmes in Maharashtra. Framework is presented in UML which is universally accepted for modeling and design of a system.

Keywords: Online Admission System (OAS), Professional Programmes, framework, optimization.

[2] Gifford, Juanita Briceño-Perriott and Frank Mianzo "Pen to Mouse: Web-Based Technology‟s Impact on College Admission Applications" SUMMER 2005 JOURNAL OF COLLEGE ADMISSION

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Improved Product Ranking For Recommendation Systems
Country : India
Authors : Tanha Joshi

Abstract: In the new area of information technology, the most important and recognition machine learning technique is Recommender engine. Vast numbers of knowledge discovery techniques are applied by recommender system to the problem of making personalized recommendation for product, information and services during a live interaction [5].............

Keywords: Recommender System, Evaluate, Data Sparsity

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Accurate Localization of Wireless Sensor Node Using Genetic Algorithm And Kalman Filter
Country : India
Authors : Aditi Shrivastava || Dr. Kavita Burse || Saurabh Jain

Abstract: In wireless sensor network finding the node position is known as localization. Wireless sensor networks are widely adopted in many location sensitive applications including disaster management, environmental monitoring, military applications where the precise estimation of each node position is inevitably important when the absolute positions of a relatively small portion as anchor nodes of the underlying network were predetermined. Intrinsically, localization is an unconstrained optimization problem based on various distance/path measures......

Keywords:WSN, Localization, Optimization, Genetic Algorithm

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Automatic Ontology Creation for Research Paper Classification
Country : India
Authors : Ankita

Abstract: As a large number of research proposals are received at different journal or research institute, it is common to group them according to their similarities in research disciplines and the grouped proposals are then assigned to the appropriate experts for peer review. Grouping in Current scenario is done by manual matching of similar research discipline areas and/or keyword.......

Keywords: Information Extraction, Text Analysis, Ontology, feature extraction, text categorization, clustering

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Role of Fuzzy Set in Students' Performance Prediction
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Jyoti Upadhyay || Dr. Pratima Gautam

Abstract:We can use educational data mining to predict student' performance on the basis of different attribute. In this paper, the classification task is used to predict the result of students. Decision tree (DT) learning is one of the most famous practical methods for analytical study. We use DT as prediction method in this paper. In this paper we propose a model using fuzzy set to predict more accurate result.Fuzzy logic brings in an improvement of analysis aspects due to the elasticity of fuzzy sets formalism. Therefore, we proposed a decision tree on fuzzy set data, which combines ID3 with fuzzy theory.The results are compared to some other popular classification algorithms.........

Keywords: Decision tree, Fuzzy set, Data mining

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Online Voting System (Android Application)
Country : India
Authors : Shruti Thakkar || Nisha Pawar || Nikita Sarang || Prof.Vijaylaxmi Kadrolli

Abstract: Voting is the HEART of democracy. Voting provides a way to select a Leader to manage problems and other issues. The basis of this project is to create an Android application based on which voting can be performed. Also it will help to eradicate defrauding of the traditional voting system which involve voting by multiple votes cast by the same user. With an Android Application, one can login into the system using their VOTER ID and password to get authenticated further.......

Keywords: Android, ECLIPSE ADT, voting, encryption, play fair cipher.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Automatic Speech Recognition For Task Oriented IVRS In Marathi
Country : India
Authors : Manasi Ram Baheti || Bharti W. Gawali || S.C. Mehrotra

Abstract:Speech recognition has become a foundation of self-service interactive voice response (IVR) user interfaces. The speech recognition and IVR applications found to be cost-effective and the user friendly, speediest self-service alternative to speaking with a contact centre agent. The concept of making advanced systems reach up to rural level and solve the problem of communication gap is the main problem addressed in this paper.....


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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Design of a Parliamentary Electronic Voting Response System
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Falohun A.S || Amoo S.O || Rasheed O.S. || Omitoyinbo J.T

Abstract: Voting is an important process usually employed to reveal the opinion of a group on an issue that is under consideration such as the house of assemblies where crucial issues are deliberated upon. But in Nigeria and so many other countries, voice response is usually used to determine the group of people with popular opinion, moderated by the speaker or the senate president which at times is subject to bias particularly when the minority has the louder voice as against those with the majority.....

Keywords: Display, Frequency, Microcontroller, Parliament, Voting.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Numerical Analogy of q-Function
Country : India
Authors : Prashant Singh || Prof.P.K.Mishra

Abstract: This paper is a collection of q analogue of various classical methods for finding solutions of algebraic and transcendental equations. It also deals with comparing classical methods with q methods proposed by us. We have discussed few problems where these methods are equivalent and also cases where q method is better. We also provide a short explanation about the need of iterative methods in scientific and engineering problems.........

Keywords: Q analogue , basic analogue , q method ,classical method

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Reference Framework For A Classification Of Software Quality Models
Country : Morocco
Authors : Adil Khammal || Youness Boukouchi || Abdelaziz Marzak || Hicham Moutachaouik || Mustapha Hain

Abstract: Computersystems moreparticularly thesoftware ,have gained great importance in humanlife both in the prof essional and personal activities.This growing importance made cross the notion of the software quality from a need for comfort towards a critical need. Accordingly, many studies have been conducted.......

Keywords:Reference Framework, Software Quality, Quality model

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Virtual Mouse: Computer Vision Aided Pointing Device
Country : India
Authors : Anupama.H.S || Vishwas S || N.K.Cauvery || Lingaraju.G.M

Abstract: This paper puts forth the idea for an easy to use device to replace the conventional mouse. One such approach is a virtual pointing device. A web-camera based solution takes advantage of computer vision technologies to design a software based solution to this problem. Virtual Mouse uses image processing techniques to perform color tracking which is used as the basis for the pointing action. This method reduces cost of hardware and also is very useful for controlling various applications which require a freer motion of the pointer compared to a mouse or a touchpad. This is done through tracking of user-defined, specific colored objects.

Keywords: Virtual Mouse, Computer Vision, web camera, color tracking, OpenCV

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Development of Virtual Computing Lab Using Private Cloud
Country : India
Authors : Devendra Panda || Abhishek Sharma || Akshay Patil || Mahesh Tripathi || Neeraj Khairwal

Abstract: Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) is a very effective answer for the educational institution to meet the increasing demand of physical machines, different computational laboratories and large number of users in a limited budget and time. Cloud computing ('on demand computing') is a revolutionary technology that has taken the world by storm. A small private cloud built in our college intranet can help us to harness the advantages of cloud in educational field....

Keywords: Cloud computing, Eucalyptus, Virtual machine, IaaS

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An Approach for Resource Management by Volunteering Community Cloud for an Educational Use
Country : India
Authors : Shital Raju Akulwar || Bhushan A. Ugale

Abstract: In today's (Information Technology) IT world, the service providers and the service users playing an important role. So the satisfactions at both the ends are also very important. This is a very common problem where the service user is always cost conscious about the product and in rural area there is no chance for affording these services. Also the service providers are not interested in doing so.....

Keywords: Hypervisor, Virtualization, Gale Shapley Algorithm or SMP, DPS, Thin Client, TCO

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Two Phase Multi Party Secured Multiplication (2PMSM) In Vertically Distributed Databases
Country : India
Authors : Selva Rathna S || Karthikeyan T

Abstract: Secured multi party computation which is also known as secured computation or multi party computation (SMC) plays a vital role in achieving secured computation in Privacy preserving data mining. Various SMC algorithms are existing for achieving the secured computation. In this paper, Two phase Multi party secured computation for secured multiplication of data in distributed database is presented. The algorithms for vertically distributed database is presented which enables to develop new data mining algorithms in Privacy preserving data mining field.

Keywords: Horizontally Distributed Database, multiparty computation, Secured multiparty computation (SMC), Secured multiparty multiplication (SMM), Trusted Third Party (TTP), Vertically Distributed Database

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