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March – April 2016 Volume 18 - Issue 2

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Challenges to Data Base Security – A Futuristic View
Country : India
Authors : Rekha Ahirwar || Rashi Saxena || Pankaj Yadav

Abstract: In present scenario, database security is on prime consideration, for any organization because of its implementation and complex nature of system. It is generally associated with the dealing of retrieval of data from data base by various users. if all these retrievals are authentic then there is no problem unautenticity imposed creating threat & security is necessary issue for organization as well as if new internal user would be added then it also create serious threat which might be lead to security problem, this paper highlights main criteria of data base threat & how it can be mitigate or control to a permissible limit thereby we can safe our database. Key word: database security, data retrieval, miscofugered data, and sensitive data

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Simulation of Parallel and Distributed Computing: A Review
Country : Oman
Authors : Mohd Ahsan Kabir Rizvi

Abstract: Parallel and Distributed Computing has made it possible to simulate large infrastructures like Tel-ecom networks, air traffic etc. in an easy and effective way. It not only makes the processes faster and reliable but also provides geographical distribution among the systems. Due to its great capabilities, it has led to many types of research in this field. This led to many types of computing like, grid computing, cluster computing, utili-ty computing and cloud computing.....

Keywords -Parallel and Distributed Systems (PADS), Parallel and Distributed Computing, Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PES), Modelling & Simulation.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review on Face Recognition and Video Databases
Country : India
Authors : Sandeep Saxena || B Mohd Jabarullah || Dr. Mansaf Alam

Abstract: Each And Every Face Databases Have Its Own Limitations And Description To Test The Performance Of Face Recognition Technique. Even Though, Current Machine Recognition Systems Have Approached To Certain Level Of Recognition Rate. Their Success Is Limited By The Conditions Imposed By Many Real Applications And Constraint Imposed On Databases Such As Recognition Of Faces Acquired In An.....

Keywords: Video Database, Face Recognition

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Opportunistic Networks: A Review
Country : India
Authors : Navneet Kaur And Gauri Mathur

Abstract: Opportunistic network is a wireless ad hoc network. It is a type of delay tolerant network and an extension of mobile ad hoc networks. This network has a special characteristic which is intermittent connectivity. From intermittent we mean that connections are not stable and connections occur at irregular intervals. Connection may or may not occur which depends on the suitability of selecting a node which can carry the message closer to the destination or to the destination itself......

Keywords: Opportunistic network; Routing protocols; Security; Privacy; Applications

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Personal Financial Assistant
Country : India
Authors : Kuntal Biswas

Abstract: Managing our finances has always been an important part of our life. While it is easy to let situation define our expenses, it becomes exceedingly difficult to keep track of all the spending, and is not very appealing to dedicate any certain amount of time to remember, calculate, or define a limit to it. It would be much easier if someone could do the same for us, efficiently. Our project proposes an idea of a wallet, that stores and analyzes a user's usage pattern, provides a system for loan and savings......

Keywords: .............


Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Face Recognition Revisited On Pose, Alignment, Color, Illumination And Expression- Pyten
Country : India
Authors : Mugdha Tripathi

Abstract: Growing interest in intelligent human computer interactions has motivated a recent surge in research on problems such as pose estimation, illumination variation, color differences, alignment distinction and expression variation. Human faces are highly non-rigid objects with high degree of variability in pose, color, expression, alignment angles and illumination conditions and most face recognition algorithms (not all), are designed to work best with well aligned, well illuminated, and frontal pose face images......

Keywords -Face recognition, Pyramid CNN, Deep network, Pose, Alignment, Color, Illumination, Expression

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Photo Polymerization of Host-Guest Complexes of Β-Cyclodextrin / Butyl Acrylate in Aqueous Solution, Kinetics And Mechanism
Country : India
Authors : Indu Bhusan Mohanty || Snehalata. Mishra

Abstract: The Photo polymerization of β-cyclodextrin host–guest complexes of Butyl acrylate sensitized by Fluoroscein sodium in homogeneous aqueous medium has been studied. The polymerization was carried out in presence of citrate – phosphate buffer and ascorbic acid medium, leading to the formation of poly (Butyl acrylate). The effect of change of monomer concentration, dye concentration, time and temperature, on the rate of polymerization was studied. The system was irradiated with UV-light of 365 nm wavelength......

Keywords -Ascorbic acid, Fluoroscein sodium, citrate-phosphate buffer, cyclodextrin, host-guest complexes.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Review of The Image Compression And Enhancement Techniques
Country : India
Authors : Prabhdeep Kaur || Rupinderpal Singh

Abstract: The image processing is used in order to enhance the image. The image processing will reduce the noise from within the image. The noise will reduce the clarity of the image. There could be many reasons by which image are distorted. One of the reasons will be temperature. Image distortion will also occur when image is transferred from source to the destination. The bandwidth which is utilized during the transfer process could be high. The size of the image will be reduced using compression. One of the mechanisms which can be used for image compression is run length encoding. The run length encoding will replace the repeated string with the number and hence efficiently compress the image. Less bandwidth will be used in this case.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Identifiying the Authorised User by Typing Speed Comparison
Country : India
Authors : S.Margarat Sheeba || G.Sahana || M.Sneka || M.Sowmiya || T.Sathish Kumar

Abstract: Computers have become a ubiquitous part of the modern society. Online attacks on companies resulted in the shutdown of their networks and compromised the passwords and personal information of millions of users. Since we depend so much on computers to store and process sensitive information, it has become all the more necessary to secure them from intruders. For user authentication and identification in computer based applications, there is a need for simple, low-cost and unobtrusive device.....

Keywords -Behavioral biometrics, Keystrokes, Typing patterns, Classification, Neural network, Monograph, Digraph

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Brief Study on Wireless Communication Network Architectureand Sensor Networks
Country : Bangladesh
Authors : M. A. Nakib || Md. Iftekharul Mobin

Abstract: In today's focused the operational and business requests of electric utilities require an elite information correspondence arrange that backings both existing functionalities and future operational necessities. In this appreciation, since such a wireless communication network constitutes the core of the electric system automation applications, the design of cost-effective and reliable system engineering is urgent. In this paper, the open doors and difficulties of half breed system engineering are talked about for electric framework automation applications of wireless networks......

Keywords -System Automation, Internet based Virtual Private Network, Power Line Communication, Satellite Communication, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, WiMAX.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Image Restoration Algorithm for Reliable Block Quantum Cellular Automata Gate
Country : United States
Authors : Patrick Harrington

Abstract: The fault-tolerance properties of the classical Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA) Majority gate, as well as the AND-gate, suffer from precision errors in inherent in manufacturing on a nanometer scale. Due to these implementation problems, a new approach for QCA was developed. A solution using multiple QCA cells in block configuration is an improvement but will may not work depending on the number and pattern of cells that are out of alignment.......

Keywords -Neural networks, machine learning, Markov Random Fields, Competitive Learning

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An Efficient Resource Allocation with Adaptive Rate Scheduling For WCDMA Networks
Country : India
Authors : Vandana Khare || Dr. Y. Madhavee Latha || Dr. D. Sreenivasa Rao

Abstract: WCDMA is a spread spectrum technique that uses a unique spreading code to spread the data before transmission based on its orthogonal property. WCDMA is mainly used for 3rd generation cellular and mobile networks. In Centralized Call Admission Control (CCAC) technique, when a new call arrives into the system, it checks whether the call should be admitted or not on the basis of signal to interference ratio (SIR) and transmission power in the network. If the call is accepted, it will create some interference to the new arrivals during data transmission and reception......


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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Practical Approach Forparallel Image Processing
Country : India
Authors : Neha Mangla || Shanthi Mahesh || Suhash.A.Bhyratae

Abstract: This review paper tries to solve the problem of processing big data of images on Apache Hadoop using Hadoop Image Processing Interface (HIPI) for storing and efficient distributed processing, combined with OpenCV, an open source library of rich image processing algorithms. This paper demonstrates how HIPI and OpenCV can be used together to count total number of faces in big image dataset.

Keywords: Hadoop, MapReduce, HIPI, OpenCV.






Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Detection of Sub-Lines of Various Orientations Using Back Propagation Networks
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Gideon Kanji Damaryam

Abstract: Various approaches can be taken to achieve vision for robot navigation using back-propagation artificial neural networks. An approach is presented in this paper which attempts to detect straight sub-lines from 8x8 pixel sized sub-images of pre-processed images, with the goal of further combining them at a later stage to detect longer lines from across the image (mimicking the hierarchical Hough transform which would find shorter line segments (analytically), and combine them into longer lines), or otherwise advance the result towards generating navigation information for a mobile robot.......

Keywords -Artificial neural networks, back-propagation networks, image processing, line detection, robot navigation

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Comparison Of Performance In Image Restoration By Time And Frequency Domain Techniques
Country : India
Authors : Abha Agrawal || Pawan Kumar Mishra

Abstract: Image Processing is a practice of signal processing aimed at which the input is an image, for instance a photograph or video frame. Also the output of image processing might be either an image or some set of characteristics or restrictions related to the image. An image is defined as an array or a matrix, square pixel decided in rows and columns. Greatest image-processing methods involve giving the image as a two-dimensional 2-D signal and applying normal signal processing methods to it. Image processing characteristically refers to digital image processing.......

Keywords -Restoration, histogram, PSNR, MSE, DWT

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Bank Locker Securty System Using Iot
Country : India
Authors : Aravinth .J || Gokilaprabha .P || Haribhuvaneshwaran .T || Yogeshwaran .R || Mrs.Aiswarya .S M.E

Abstract: Personal Security is one of the main concern when it comes to office, personal workplace in home,banketc.Soto over come this problem, this project suggest the use of Internet of Things(IoT) to provide secure access only to authorized person via SMS and also sending image to the user's Whatsappaccount.The Raspberry Pi captures the image when a person tries to access the bank locker and then process it and sends it to the user's whatsapp account as picture message.The user can then provide authorization to the Raspberry Pi from his/her whatsapp account whether to open or remain it in order to have highly secured locker we are using this proposed method.

Keywords: Raspberry pi-2 model B,Signal conditioning unit,Ethernet,SDcard,GSM,Smart phone

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Improved Identity Based Encryption with Secured Revocation Mechanism in Cloud Computing
Country : India
Authors : S.Dhivya || P.Senthil

Abstract: Cloud data storing and retrieval is mostly important process in the cloud computing environment because of which cloud service providers are increase. When users attempts to store their contents in the third party service providers, the major challenge that might arise is the security. To ensure the security, data's are stored in the encrypted formats.....

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Postgraduate Historical Research Format With Reference To Sudan and Nigerian Methods: A Comparative Perspective
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Kabir Mohammed

Abstract: This study titled "Postgraduate Historical Research format with reference to Sudan and Nigerian Methods" A comparative perspective has been established to justify historical research procedures, examine the concept of research, assess the role of essential ingredients i.e tools of research, purpose of academic research and characteristics. The overriding concern of the study is the examination of the similarities and dissimilarities associated with Sudan and Nigerian postgraduate techniques of historical research.......

Keywords: Postgraduate, Historical, Research, Format, Sudan, Nigeria, comparative.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Method of View Materialization Using Genetic Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : Debabrata Datta || Kashi Nath Dey || Payel Saha || Sayan Mukhopadhyay || Sourav Kumar Mitra

Abstract: A data warehouse is a very large database system that collects, summarizes and stores data from multiple remote and heterogeneous information sources. Data warehouses are used for supporting decision making operation on an intelligent system. The decision making queries are complex in nature and take a large amount of time when they are run against a large data warehouse.......

Keywords: Data Warehouse; Genetic Algorithms; Fitness Function; Materialized View; Multidimensional Lattice

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Review on Comment Volume Prediction
Country : India
Authors : Mandeep Kaur || Prince Verma

Abstract: In this paper we present the concept of social media and its various functional building blocks. Social media has become an ubiquitous part of social networking and content sharing. Social media make use of mobile and web to create the platforms with which individuals and communities share, discuss, and modify user-generated content. This is examined that social media user's comments are also very much influential in order to make or change people's perception and to bring some topic in trending. Different techniques have been proposed for comment volume prediction which are discussed in the literature survey.

Keywords: Social media, Conversations, Sharing, Reputation, Comment volume.

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