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Mar - Apr 2014Volume 16 - Issue 2

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : High Efficient Complex Parallelism for Cryptography
Country : India
Authors : H.Anusuya Baby, Christo Ananth
: 10.9790/0661-16230107    logo

Abstract: Cryptography is an important in security purpose applications. This paper contributes the complex parallelism mechanism to protect the information by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Technique. AES is an encryption algorithm which uses 128 bit as a data and generates a secured data. In Encryption, when cipher key is inserted, the plain text is converted into cipher text by using complex parallelism. Similarly, in decryption, the cipher text is converted into original one by removing a cipher key. The complex parallelism technique involves the process of Substitution Byte, Shift Row, Mix Column and Add Round Key. The above four techniques are used to involve the process of shuffling the message. The complex parallelism is highly secured and the information is not broken by any other intruder.

Keywords: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Complex Parallelism, Cryptography, Substitution Byte(S-Box).

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : RFID Based Centralized Patient Monitoring System and Tracking (RPMST)
Country : India
Authors : Dr. S. Padmapriya M.E, PhD (Guide), Indu Goel, A.Sunitha, P.Arul
: 10.9790/0661-16230815    logo
Abstract: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) though finds its use in many applications, still has to be accepted in a clear view. Talking in the perspective of a patient the only thing that strikes first is that lots of treatments undergone, many health records to be maintained, and after which remembering the concerned doctor's name and other details. This becomes impossible at a certain point of time when the details have to be conveyed. To make it easier this concept of maintaining a centralized information system and sharing has been proposed through the use of RFID technology.
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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Bandwidth Assurance Using Energetic Fusion Channel In Ad-Hoc Networks
Country : India
Authors : Mr.P.Vinoth Kumar, B.E.,(M.E)., Mrs.S.Shobana M.E.,
: 10.9790/0661-16231624    logo

Abstract: Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have been proposed to provide cheap, easily deployable and vigorous Internet access. Improving user throughput is a primary objective in a WMN. The system focus on wireless networks with inactive nodes, such as community wireless networks. The goal of the metric is to choose a high-output path between a source and a destination. Metric assigns weights to individual links based on the Expected Transmission Time (ETT) of a packet over the link using many to many communications. In such networks, most of the nodes are either stationary or minimally mobile and do not rely on batteries. Hence, the effort of routing algorithms is on improving the network capacity or the performance of individual transfers for this, the system use Ad-hoc On-Demand Multi Path Distance Vector (AOMDV) for selecting and Demanding Shortest Path for transmission with Bandwidth Assurances. One of the main problems facing such networks is the reduction in total capacity due to interference between multiple simultaneous transmissions.

Index Terms: Ad-hoc On-Demand Multi Path Distance Vector, Bandwidth Assurances, Quality of Service, high-throughput, topology control.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Enhancing Security and Fine-Grained Access Control for Personal Health Record in Cloud Computing
Country : India
Authors : Rinkumol Kuriakose, R .Tamilarasu
: 10.9790/0661-16232532    logo

Abstract: Now a days , personal health record become patient-centric model in which PHR service allows a patient to manage and control personal health data in one place through the web, which has made the storage, retrieval and sharing of the medical information more efficient . For the wide range access it has out sourced in third party storage such as cloud providers. These PHR contains sensitive data that should be protected from unauthorized parties.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Analysis for Diagnosing Myocardial Ischemia by Detecting the Boundary of Left Ventricle in Echocardiography Sequences using GVF snake
Country : India
Authors : N.Sameena,MPhil,DR.A.R.Mohamed Shanavas,
: 10.9790/0661-16233338    logo

Abstract: Left ventricular performance, one of the hallmarks of coronary artery disease, can be detected by echocardiography. Coronary artery disease (CAD) also known as myocardial ischemic heart disease (MIHD), is the most common type of heart disease and cause of heart attacks or heart failure. Heart failure (HF) can result from any structural or functional cardiac disorder that impairs the ability of the ventricle to fill with or eject blood. Echocardiography represents "the gold standard" in the assessment of left ventricle LV systolic and diastolic dysfunction. Left ventricular dimensions, volumes and wall thicknesses are measured from systolic and diastolic movements that are widely used in clinical practice and research.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Colorectal Cancer Detection using Image Processing based on IGVF Model
Country : India
Authors : G. Shantha Lakshmi,MPhil, Prof. B. Mohamed FaizeBasha, MCA., M.Phil
: 10.9790/0661-16233943    logo

Abstract: Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women. Computed Tomography (CT) Colonography is a valid technique for detecting and screening colorectal cancers. In order to accomplish an effective way to identify colon cancer at an early stage, digital images of colon polyps have been investigated. In this paper, an improved gradient vector flow (IGVF) is considered as an essential method to segment an image appropriately. This new algorithm, IGVF can improve GVF snake model's ability to capture thin boundary indentation like the boundary of cancer images. The segmented candidates are typically characterized by features describing like the polyp shape and its internal intensity distribution. Such features will serve as input for the classification system. Classification is performed by Support Vector Machine (SVM).Finally, measure the overlap between the manual and the algorithm segmentation to test the accuracy of frame work. It is expected to obtain greater accuracy and to produce good segmentation results of colonic polyps. Keywords: Colorectal Cancer, CT Colonography, IGVF, SVM

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Loadbalancing and Maintaining the QoS On Cloud Computing
Country : India
Authors : S.Saranya ,K.Dinesh
: 10.9790/0661-16234450    logo

Abstract: Loadbalancing is the key of cloudcomputing environment.Loadbalancing main function is solving the unbalance or overload problem.Now a days many algorithm using for solve this problem. In this project we introduce load balancer concept.The cloud sever transfer all load to the load balancer.Load balancer concerned with the number of strong nodes and weak nodes.Strong nodes represent the normal load and weak nodes represent the heavy load or overload.Strong nodes and weak nodes denoted green and yellow colour respectively.Loadbalancer split the load among these node and also intimate the normal and overload node.The yellow colour or overload node loads are charged by neighbour node in cyclic manner using this algorithm and also make quick recovery of overload node.Loadbalncer maintain the index for server loading process and create database backup on server when any malicious attack the server.Main objective of this paper is solve the overload problem and make efficient searching process on cloud environment. Keywords: Loadbalance, clouds

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Virtual image rendering with stationary RGB color correction for mirror image
Country : India
Authors : Jeeva.K, kavithaMargret.M
: 10.9790/0661-16235157    logo

Abstract:Digital image processing which concurrently process the stationary images, and RGB colour corrections in our proposed framework.In this paper we introduce two kind of algorithms.The first one is contour algorithm.This algorithm fully based on the background subtraction algorithm.contour algorithm main function is separation of foreground and background of the images.It can capture structural background motion over a long period of time under limited memory using adaptive and compact background model.The second one is edge detection algorithm. Edge detection is a set of mathematical methods used to identifying points in a digital images as well as the image brightness changes sharply.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Role of Adjacency Matrix in Graph Theory
Country : India
Authors : Chiranjib Mukherjee, Dr.Gyan Mukherjee
: 10.9790/0661-16235863    logo

Abstract: Graph theory is an applied branch of the mathematics which deals the problems, with the help of graphs. There are many applications of graph theory to a wide variety of subjects which include Operations Research, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Genetics, Sociology, Computer Science, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the other branches of science. A graph can be represented inside a computer by using the adjacency matrix. We define adjacency matrix and observed based on adjacency matrix. We prove theorem of adjacency matrix and give example. Also draw a graph of adjacency matrix. We derive algorithm to found new adjacency matrix after fusion and fusion for connectedness. Also use fusion algorithm to check the connectedness.

Keywords: Adjacency matrix, Binary matrix, Graph, Mathematical Induction, Fusion.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : RDR Cube Cipher an Extension to Vigenere Cipher
Country : India
Authors : Rahul Sourav Singh, Rupayan Das, Dipta Mukherjee, Prannay Bothra
: 10.9790/0661-16236471    logo

Abstract: Vigenere Cipher is an encrypting method of alphabetic text using different Shift ciphers or additive based on letter of keywords [1]. It works on the set of 26 alphabets; however its scope is not just limited to English alphabets. Being an old method it's been vulnerable to many attacks. The proposed algorithm is to add a new dimension to this traditional method thus increasing its complexity and hence further reducing its vulnerability to different Vigenere Attacks. The keyword also called Encryption key used in Vigenere is used to select different table for encryption accordingly by the communicating parties using a modulus function. The more randomly the Table is varied based on the random selection of tables from a set of table virtually appearing like a cube more unpredictable the Encrypted text becomes hence increasing the complexity of the algorithm further. Different tables also reduces the variances of the characters hence making it more complex to analyze using the already existing Vigenere Analysis Algorithms. Keywords: Vigenere Cipher, Cryptanalysts, Cryptography, Encryption, Encryption Key, Decryption.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Qos Parameters of an Energy Efficient Multicast Congestion Control Protocol (Eemccp) Over Fading Channels
Country :  
Authors : Dr. M .Rajanbabu, Ms .A.R .Sushma, Ms. B.S.Sowjanya, Mr. B .Suresh kumar, Ms. B. Tejaswini
: 10.9790/0661-16237282    logo

Abstract: In this paper we propose an energy efficient multicasting congestion control protocol for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) over fading channels. Our proposed scheme overcomes the disadvantages of existing multicast congestion control protocols which depend on individual receivers to detect congestion and adjust their receiving rates over fading channels. In the first phase we observe the performance of data transmission over wireless channels is well captured by their bit error rate which is a function of the signal to noise ratio at the receiver. These models are a function of the distance between the sender and the receiver, the path loss exponent, and the channel gain. The channel gain which is a time-variation parameter is modeled by probability distribution functions.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Survey on Load Rebalancing For Distributed File Systems in Clouds
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Nithya Kuriakose, Ms. Shinu Acca Mani
: 10.9790/0661-16238186    logo

Abstract: Cloud Computing is an emerging technology, it is based on demand service in which shared resources, information, software and other devices are provided according to the clients to the requirements at specific time with the availability of internet. Load balancing is one of the challenging issue in cloud computing. An efficient load balancing makes cloud computing more efficient and improves user satisfaction. It includes fault tolerance, high availability, scalability, flexibility, reduced overhead for users, reduced cost of ownership, on demand services etc. Distributed file systems are key building blocks for cloud computing applications based on the Map Reduce programming paradigm. In such file systems, nodes at the same time serve computing and storage functions. Files can be created, deleted, and appended dynamically. This results in load imbalance in a distributed file system; that is, the file chunks are not distributed uniformly as possible among the nodes.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Load rebalancing, Distributed File system

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Monitoring Performance over ISP Links in Route Control System
Country : India
Authors : E.Revathi, C.Darwin, G.Vivitha
: 10.9790/0661-16238794    logo

Abstract: Multihoming has been employed by end networks to ensure reliability of internet access. This paper makes two important contributions. First, we present a study of the potential improvements in Internet round-trip times (RTTs) and transfer speeds from employing Multihoming route control. Second, focusing on large enterprises, we propose and evaluate a wide-range of route control mechanisms and evaluate their design trade-offs. The main objective of the project is to implement the Multihoming technique on Route performance benefit using ISP to avoid Congestion. It does not require any modification to Internet routing protocols, and relies solely on end network decisions. We address a number of practical issues such as the usefulness of past history to guide the choice of the best ISP link, the impact of sampling frequency on measurement accuracy, and the overhead of managing performance information for a large number of destinations.

Keywords: Multihoming, Reliability,Round Trip Time, Internet Service Provider, Border Gateway Protocol .

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Remote Android Assistant with Global Positioning System Tracking
Country : India
Authors : Jyothi T. S., Catherine Mathew, Irene George
: 10.9790/0661-16239599    logo

Abstract: The paper describes a method which binds a web application and an Android mobile application, to provide remote exploration services. A remote exploration system has been developed using web server, database, and an Android mobile phone which supports GPS functionality. Web server deals with user interaction part which consists of setting command signals through which user can interact with remote devices. The system is loosely coupled with the introduction of an intermediate server. The user sends commands through browser which maps to the server. Mobile application is responsible for executing user commands. The Web application interacts with the server, fetches commands, executes and provides appropriate responses. The command is sent from the web page. The Android mobile phone reads the sent command and performs predefined action. It can also send GPS location of the mobile phone to server's database.

Keywords: GPS, Android mobile phone, Web application, Contacts, Call log, SMS log.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Detecting a Proficient Flow Label Propagation from Network Traffic Classification
Country : India
Authors : S. K. Murugaraja, R. Rameshkumar, K.Sarathkumar
: 10.9790/0661-1623100106    logo

Abstract: The system model in a traffic classification method introduces the threefunctions that are flow label propagation, nearest cluster based classifier and compound classification. For some special cases, the flow label propagation is critical to require that the labeled flows and unlabelled flows must be captured on the same network in a short period of time. In flow label propagation the peer whose initial flow we have labeled may be off-line, so no other peer will connect to it and flow label propagation is useless for this case. Same for servers, say, and FTP server is popular on a network, and then you will correctly propagate flow information to all other hosts connecting to that server. However, if the server changes its IP address (without changing its DNS name), then will fail to propagate its label. For these type of case propose a alter flow label propagation and also detect the unknown flow in the network

Keywords: FTP (file transfer protocol) , IP (Internet protocol.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Soft Phone Support Voice and Video Calling Using Sip And Rtp Protocol
Country : India
Authors : S.Sankar Ganesh, M.B. Prasanth Yokesh, M.E.
: 10.9790/0661-1623107111    logo

Abstract: Soft Phone is a VoIP soft phone that uses the Session Initiation Protocol. It is a powerful and unique SIP software telephone that lets users make phone and video calls using single software application using any Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony provider. As a fully featured SIP client, Soft Phone is designed from the ground up to work with current and future IP-based. Soft phone can be used in the place where we need establish the voice and video phone calls in the IP network. This can be installed at any personal computer. It uses the SIP protocol to establish the IP session and using RTP, RTCP and RTSP for media transmission. Using Soft phone they make call to any Soft Phone and Physical hardware SIP phone which can understand the SIP protocol.In computing, a soft phone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer, rather than using dedicated hardware. A soft phone is usually used with a headset connected to the sound card of the PC. To communicate, both end-points must have the same communication protocol and at least one common audio code. Many service providers use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)


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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : HiRLoc: High-resolution Robust Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Country : India
Authors : Wajahat GH Mohd1, Shelly Sharma, Avantika Saklani, Ashish Singhal
: 10.9790/0661-1623112115    logo

Abstract: In this paper the tiny nodes are deployed in target areas according to the deployment nature of target but nodes are easily targeted by attacker with physical attack of node capture. So, secure communications in some wireless sensor networks are critical because these networks are highly vulnerable to internal and external attacks. In our paper, we present an enhanced High-Resolution Robust Localization for security of wireless sensor networks.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Visual Cryptography Implementation with Key Sharing For Effective Phishing Detection Process
Country : India
Authors : B. K. Prasath, P. Ashok Kumar,
: 10.9790/0661-1623116119    logo

Abstract: The advent of the internet, various online attacks has been increased and among them the most popular attack is phishing. Phishing is an attempt by an individual or a group to get personal, confidential information such as passwords, credit card information from unsuspecting victims for identity theft, financial gain and other fraudulent activities. Fake websites which appear very similar to the original ones are being hosted to achieve the effective phishing detection The result shows that if we focus on user also know using a website genuine or not, we can detect genuine site to avoid wasting network resources.

Keywords: Phishing, Attacks, Genuine site, Half image, Half key.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Survey on Fault Tolerance Mechanisms for job scheduling in Grid computing
Country : India
Authors : S.Supriya, S.Dinesh Babu
: 10.9790/0661-1623120122    logo

Abstract: Grid computing is defined as a hardware and software infrastructure that enables sharing of coordinated resources in a dynamic environment. In grid computing, the probability of a failure is much greater than parallel computing. Therefore, the fault tolerance is an important issue in order to achieve reliability, availability of resources. When scheduling a job, the resource uses both average failure time and failure rate of grid resources combined with resources response time to generate scheduling. There are several reasons for failure in execution such as network failure, resource overloading, or non-availability of required software components. Thus, fault-tolerant systems should be able to identify and rectify the failures and support reliable execution in the presence of failures.In this paper, a survey made on various fault tolerance techniques and mechanism and job management in grid computing.

Keywords: Fault-tolerance, Grid scheduling, Checkpointing Recovery.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Automated Packet Classification and Layer Identification of Network Packets a Review
Country : India
Authors : Shancy P. Varghese, Jasmine Joseph
: 10.9790/0661-1623123126    logo

Abstract: Traffic classification is an automated process which categorizes computer network traffic according to various into a number of traffic classes. In this paper we are comparing different traffic classification methods and also presents an automated packet classification and layer identification to improve classification performance when few training data is available. In this we are grouping the similar flows and classifying it by using a classifier combination framework. We are aggregating naive Bayes (NB) predictions of the correlated flows. In this we are finding the denial of service (DOS) attack and also we are identifying which all applications are running in the systems which connected in that network. We are identifying the applications based on their port number.

Keywords: Traffic classification, network security, naive Bayes..

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