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May – Jun 2016 Volume 18 - Issue 3

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Sarah Iram L. Indikar || Dr. P.A. Vijaya || Mr. Shivanand Kumbar

Abstract: The project deals with the implementation of two important features in HMI (Human Machine Interface) for MAN/SCANIA infotainment. The two feature implementations are Window Listing Optimization and Korean Smart Speller. A technique called smart speller is used while entering navigation address details, where the system speller/ keyboard displays only the next available character instead of the entire alphabet set. The available characters are displayed based on a database that is stored in the middleware of navigation. The other characters that are not available are not highlighted on the speller view;thereby it eases the effort of the user in entering characters......

Keyword: HMI, D-Bus, HFP, A2DP,VNC

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Distributed Heterogeneous Big Data Mining Adaptation in the Cloud: a Survey
Country : India
Authors : Jayaraj T || Dr. S. Muruganantham

Abstract: Big Data Mining in the Cloud is the capability of integrating and extracting useful information from large datasets or streams of data in the on demand computing environment which were not possible before due to its volume, variety, velocity, veracity and value. It includes three important fields such as Cloud, Big Data and Mining and makes Big Data's Knowledge Integration and Extraction from distributed heterogeneous Environment in the Cloud. The Cloud based Hadoop with MapReduce analyses Big Data in the Cloud. This paper presents study of related work and concepts relating to distributed heterogeneous Big Data Mining to the Cloud technology.

Keyword: Big Data, Big Data Mining, Cloud technology, Hadoop with Mapreduce, Distributed Heterogeneous Big Data.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Enhancement in Decision Making with Improved Performance by Multiagent Learning Algorithms
Country : India
Authors : Deepak A. Vidhate || Dr. Parag Kulkarni

Abstract: The output of the system is a sequence of actions in some applications. There is no such measure as the best action in any in-between state; an action is excellent if it is part of a good policy. A single action is not important; the policy is important that is the sequence of correct actions to reach the goal. In such a case, machine learning program should be able to assess the goodness of policies and learn from past good action sequences to be able to generate a policy.......

Keyword: Joint Rewards, Multiagent, Q Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Strategy Sharing

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Ab-Initio Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction Using Genetic Algorithm
Country : Egypt
Authors : Basem Ameen Moghram || Emad Nabil || Amr Badr

Abstract: Proteins are vital components of all living cells and play a critical role in almost all biological processes. Protein structure identification is a significant challenging problem in computational biology. The Protein's three-dimensional (i.e., tertiary) molecular structure reflects its proper function. Therefore, the identification of protein structure is a significant step towards understanding the protein's function which is an important role to synthesize new drugs and vaccine design; since many diseases are shown to result from malfunctioning of proteins.......

Keyword: Ab-initio Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction, ECEPP Force Field, Energy Function, Genetic Algorithm, Protein Folding, PTSPGA, Vaccine Design.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Pidf Auto Tuning Control System (Avr) In Power System Stability Analysis
Country : Iraq
Authors : Abdal-Razak Shehab

Abstract: This work aims to develop a controller based on auto tuning 0f PIDF to simulate an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) in transient stability power system analysis. AVR is an essential part of the synchronous generator and it is responsible for regulating the reactive power and voltage level under normal operating terms at various load levels. The modeled system consisted of theamplifier, exciter, sensor and proportional-integral-derivative-Filter (PIDF) controller. Simulationof the AVR system is carri......

Keyword: Generator Excitation System, Synchronous Machine Model, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), PID and PIDF Controller, Controller Design.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of Hiding Sensitive Data in Data Mining Using Association Rules
Country : India
Authors : Amol L. Deokate || Amruta D. Pawa || Harshal S. Sangle

Abstract: This paper describes Apriori algorithm for association rules for hiding sensitive data in data mining if Large data contain sensitive information that data must be protected from the unauthorized users. Here, we are going to hide this sensitive information in data mining using association rules, when we are going to apply rules for data that time it will falsely hidden information and fake rules falsely generated. So here, we examine confidentiality issues of a broad category of rules, which are called association rules.......

Keyword: Data mining, Association rules, mining methods and algorithms, Support, Confidence.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Integrated Governance (i-Gov) Framework for E-governance (IFEG), using ERP in Uttarakhand
Country : India
Authors : Ashish B. Khare || Dr. M. K. Sharma

Abstract: The proliferation of mobile devices and internet technologies has made web services available to a wide range of population in India. The advent of low price handheld devices and communication technologies has connected people seamlessly without considering the geographical barriers. Taking it as an advantage the government can work more effectively to reach its citizens by providing them better e-services via e-governance. However, many of the public departments had already switched to e-governance module in the state of Uttarakhand, but still there lay a hope to increase the efficiency and reach of these services.......

Keyword: E-governance, Integrated Governance (i-Gov), ERP, SWAN, IFEG

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Personality Based Dispersed Provable Information Ownership in Multi Distributed Storage
Country : India
Authors : S Supriya || K Anusha

Abstract: The cloud storage administration has turned into a speedier benefit development by giving its components to customer's information. Security protection and information respectability are the two principle issues confronted by single cloud administration suppliers. Henceforth dispersed cloud environment, multi cloud is utilized. In the current framework, when customer stores his information on multi-cloud servers, the disseminated storing and respectability checking are at danger. Provable information ownership is a technique for guaranteeing the respectability of information away outsourcing......

Keyword: Multi-cloud storage, Cooperative Provable Data Possession, Hash Index Hierarchy

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The Improved Image Encryption-Compression System for Error Clustering and Random Permutation
Country : India
Authors : Chevula Rajesh || Jajula Hari Babu

Abstract: Image encryption must be led before image pressure. In this paper we concentrate how to plan a couple of image encryption and pressure calculations such that packing encoded images can at present be proficiently performed. In this paper, we presented a profoundly proficient image encryption-then pressure (ETC) framework. The proposed image encryption plan worked in the forecast blunder area can give a sensibly abnormal state of security.......

Keyword: Encryption, Compression, Random Permutation. Image Encryption.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Effect of Different Mobility Patterns on AODV and OLSR using Different TCP variants
Country : India
Authors : Karamjeet Kaur || Pawan Luthra

Abstract: In this paper the effect of TCP variant (new reno, tahoe and Sack) is analyzed by using karan's and nagle theorem by moving nodes at different mobility models on OLSR and AODV protocol. In this nagle theorem is set to per-send and karan's theorem is enabled. This effect is analyzed by using GSM silence suppression and without using GSM silence suppression........


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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Prevent and Isolate Black Hole Attack in Manet Using Alarm Packets
Country : India
Authors : Sushmita Mahajan || Sanjeev Dhiman

Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network can be described as a wireless network which is a collection of heterogeneous mobile devices and is self-organizing, self-configuring. The security in MANET is a highly preferred research area these days because it is susceptible to various attacks like black hole attack which we are discussing in this paper. Due to black hole attack network performance degraded. In this paper we will propose new technique based upon alarm message to isolate and prevention of black hole attack........

Keyword: MANET, Black hole attack, alarm nodes, fake packets

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Novel Approach For Data Hiding In Web Page Steganography Using Encryption With Compression Based Technique
Country : India
Authors : Ram Krishna Singh || Bhavya Alankar

Abstract: Cryptography, Steganography and Watermarking are three rudimentary techniques which will avail us to secure data from unauthorized access. Steganography is one of the best techniques to obnubilate message from unauthorized users. It is utilized to obnubilate data through sundry medium like audio, video, Text and image. In our research work, we fixate on text Steganography through html web pages to obnubilate data behind it. Because html pages are facilely transferable that contains secret data behind it. There are sundry methods of web pages predicated Steganography........

Keyword: Compression Ratio, Embedding Technique, Encryption, Huffman Algorithm, Steganography.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Future of Air Traffic Management Networks Using Fiber and Vsat Technologies
Country : Sudan
Authors : Awad Hassan Himeda || Dr. Amin Babiker A/Nabi mustafa

Abstract: As air traffic increases, routes get more diverse and light and ultra-light aircraft are becoming most popular. The main issues regarding classic radio communications are delay , availability and reliability of network infrastructure. Thispaper addresses the questions that why a new ATC network generation based on higher speed VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology has some essential comparative advantages over VSAT link used for Applications.The main benefit of this network is toenhance availability and solving the problems of delay, packet loss and bad quality of voice and data.........

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