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May – Jun 2016 Volume 18 - Issue 3

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Smart Car Collision Avoidance System
Country : India
Authors : S.V.S.Prasad(Assoc. Prof) || G Navaneeth Prashanth Kumar || Durvesula Ajay Kumar || B.Niharika

Abstract: In this paper we demonstrate the potential usage of vehicle to vehicle communication(V2V) to reduce the number of road accidents caused due to over taking of vehicles. The system will operate by transferring data in the form of packets. The packet contains the details of the vehicle like speed, position, registration number. The system gives alertness to the driver if any vehicle approaches towards it, so automatically the speed and position of vehicle can be determined. GPS technology is used to know the position of the vehicle and along with it speed sensor is fixed to the vehicle to determine the speed.......

Keyword: GPS, LabVIEW, myRIO, speed sensor, wireless communication.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Hadoop-based Retail E-Commerce Weblog Analysis System
Country : India
Authors : Pooja D. Savant || Debnath Bhattacharyya

Abstract: In the modern age, the act of purchasing underwent a drastic revolution due to the rapid development of e-commerce. For challenging their competitors over such kind of modern setting, which offers more than one way of completing a sales transaction, sellers sense the need to make use of novel plans of action for alluring more customers as well as keeping the existing customers. To set the plans of action, sellers have to analyze the massive web data logs generated by the retail sites.

Keyword: Hadoop Framework, Distributed File System, MapReduce Software Framework, Pig Latin Language, Apache Sqoop, Tableau Software

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Migrate and Map: A Framework to Access Data from Mysql, Mongodb or Hbase Using Mysql Queries
Country : India
Authors : Piyush Nikam || Tushar Patil || Gayatri Hungund || Ankit Pagar || Aditi Talegaonkar || Ms. Soudamini Pawar

Abstract: Due to ever-increasing amount of data, scalability factor of the databases becomes a major constraint. Moreover, traditional relational databases fix the user's perspective to view data in tabular format. Parallel databases emerged to be one of the solutions to tackle the scalability constraint which was later replaced by more scalable and efficient solution called NoSQL databases..........

Keyword: HBase, NoSQL, MapReduce, MongoDB, MySQL.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Embedded Speech in Mobile Devices
Country : India
Authors : Bidisha Mahanta

Abstract: This paper is aimed in developing an Embedded Speech in mobile devices for recognizing words which will convert to voice or it can be considered as a voice activated assistant on the phone which will gone help in speech recognition. This software allows a user to convert the text messages to voice message. Since it is speech recognition technique, user can response their received message while even they are working especially when they are driving car, working on laptop, cooking etc............

Keyword: Speech Recognition, Cellular Emulator, Embedded Speech, Windows MDC

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Classifying Product Quality Depending on Online Aspect Reviews
Country : India
Authors : Awhale Kaveri Tukaram || Ghodekar Kalpesh Shantaram || Iyer Pooja Bhaskar || Gopal B. Deshmukh

Abstract: According to any individual living in today's world what is the most important thing that one does before buying any product? Blindly we say that it's checking out the number of online reviews about the product and its aspects, comparing it with a similar product of other brand and then coming to a conclusion about its overall quality. Now while we are referring to the reviews posted online is it possible for us to go through all the reviews posted and then come to a conclusion?............

Keyword:Sentiment Analysis, Aspect Review, e-commerce, rating systems

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Analysis of Effect of Compressive Sensing Theory and Watermarking on Verification and Authentication Performance of Multibiometric System
Country : India
Authors : Rohit Thanki || Ved Vyas Dwivedi || Komal Borisagar

Abstract: In this paper, watermarking technique with compressive sensing theory have been analysed for security of biometric image against imposter manipulations in the multibiometric system. The compressive sensing theory is used for providing security to watermark biometric image before embedded into the host biometric image. These proposed watermarking techniques can be embedded sparse information of the watermark biometric image into transform coefficients of a host biometric image.............

Keyword: Authentication, CS Theory, Multibiometric System, Verification, Watermarking

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Electronic Health Records Information Security Dynamics for EHR Projects
Country : Brazil
Authors : Ricardo Matos Chaim, Phd || Andre Amaro Toffanello, Msc || Joao Gondim, Msc || ,Ricardo Staciarini Puttini

Abstract: S ecuring information assets in National Electronic Health Record project is critical and complex. This research examined the effect of investing in this kind of project using S ervice Oriented Architecture and a system dynamics model that includes many concerns to analyze interdependencies between factors and explore feedback effects that emerge from its inherent dynamics............

Keyword: S ervice Oriented Architecture; S ecurity policies; System Dynamics modeling; Electronic Health Records S ecurity

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Preamble Review of Autonomous Wheelchair Control Mechanism
Country : India
Authors : Ravi Kant Parashar || Tanushree Dhiran

Abstract: Intelligent Wheelchair (IW) interface is used for providing more convenient and efficient interface to the people with disability. Robotic wheelchairs extend the capabilities of traditional powered devices by introducing control and navigational intelligence. The paper presents an exhaustive literature review in robotic wheelchair control mechanism. The main theme is to control the wheelchair according to signals from the input source. The paper presents different control mechanisms, their advantages, limitations, strengths, weaknesses as a preliminary review.............

Keyword:Autonomous Wheelchair, Bio-Potential Signal, Motion Signal, Voice Signal, Wheelchair Control.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Pharmi Track
Country : India
Authors : Shashank.H.N || Sushmitha.B || UmaMaheeswari.K.R || Deepthi.G.S || Anitha.C

Abstract: A mobile application is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. The development of Mobile applications and Internet has increased the easiness of Information Communication. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is incorporated in these devices to obtain location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on the earth or near the earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more satellites.............

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANETs) Security Enhancement Using Autonomic Framework and Trust Based Routing Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : Sunita Karande || Govindkumar Lohiya

Abstract: The security protocols in the area of Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) have gained an immense importance from the research community. A noteworthy improvement in the research associated to trust management in the VANETs is detected. The security, privacy and safety of private user information are the prime requirements for the deployment of the protocols in vehicular ad-hoc networks. Nodes in the VANETs network uses packet forwarding for smooth functionality of the network..............

Keywords: Trust, Reputation, VANETs, Autonomic, Security, Double-face attack, ATRMS

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Survey Of DDoS Attacks Based On TCP/IP Protocol Vulnerabilities
Country : India
Authors : Saket Acharya || Namita Tiwari

Abstract: Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are one of the key threats and perhaps the toughest security problem for today's Internet.Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack has become a stimulating problem to the availability of resources in computer networks.With brief or no advance warning, a DDoS attack can easily drain the computing and communication resources of its victim within a short period of time. In this paper, DDoS attacks based on the protocols vulnerabilities in the TCP/IP model, their impact on available resources viz CPU,memory,buffer space is investigated. This paper aims to provide a better understanding of the existing tools,methods and comparative analysis of them,and defense mechanisms.

Keywords: Cyber-attack, Cyber security,DDoS Attack,DDoS Attack Tools, Mitigation,Vulnerability,

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Image Reconstruction of Tumor Brain Cells
Country : India
Authors : Garima Goyal || Sahana L || Sravani B || Alankrutha M || Shreya S Kumar

Abstract: Image reconstruction techniques are used to create 2-D and 3-D images from sets of 1-D projections. These reconstruction techniques form the basis for common imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, and PET, and they are useful in Medicine, Biology, Earth Science, Archaeology, Materials Science, and nondestructive testing. Image reconstruction is an MRI term for the mathematical process of converting the composite signals obtained during the data acquisition phase into an image. A real-world application that requires image reconstruction is X-ray absorption tomography where projections are formed by measuring the attenuation.............

Keywords: Image reconstruction, neural system, Vectors, MATLAB, Tumor.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Bandwidth Aware vm Migration Policy in Cloud Data Centers
Country : India
Authors : Hetal Bhadja || Jigneshkumar Lakhani

Abstract: Iwith the advent of Cloud Computing and its tremendous use, Efficient VM migration using task scheduling has become an important issue that affect the performance of Cloud. Designing and implementing .an effective vm migartion moving task between two data centers is one of the ultimate goals of Cloud Providers. Focusing on the need of effective migration of tasks (of different sizes) to the resources, a new scheduling algorithm is proposed for multiple data center adapting to the different size of tasks siz,bandwidth and capacity Mostly the task scheduling is done considering the CPU and memory requirements of resource.............

Keywords: task scheduling; data center;virtual machine;

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Heart Disease Detection Using EKSTRAP Clustering With Statistical and Distance based Classifiers
Country : India
Authors : Terence Johnson || Dr. S. K. Singh || Vaishnavi Kamat || Aishwarya Joshi || Lester D‟Souza || Poohar Amonkar || Devyani Joshi || Anirudha Kulkarni

Abstract: The heart is the most important organ in the human body which pumps blood to various parts of the body. If there is inefficient circulation of blood in body organs like brain will suffer. If heart stops pumping blood it results in death. An individual's life is very much dependent on how efficiently the heart works. Using data mining technique proposed in this paper we are trying to detect if a patient has heart disease or not. The system uses 13 attributes like age, gender, blood pressure, cholesterol etc to detect the same..............

Keywords: Enhanced K Strange, clustering, Heart Disease, Naïve Bayes Classifier

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A New Multi-Agent Game Solver
Country : United States of America
Authors : Miklos N Szilagyi

Abstract: A new N-person game solver is presented in this work. The new software is an advance in the whole sate of art for the investigation of N-person games. It is now possible to investigate entire classes of games almost automatically. Moreover, this software makes it trivial to perform a systematic investigation of any game with a multidimensional parameter space..............

Keywords: N-person games, Netlogo, Agent-based simulation, Prisoners' Dilemma, Chicken Dilemma, Complexity.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Different Method Used in Pixel Value Differencing Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : Tripti Dhruw || Dr. Namita Tiwari

Abstract: Steganography is the art of hiding information inside a multimedia. The basic idea is to hide data inside carrier medium such as text, image, audio, video and networks in such a way that attacker cannot detect it. Image steganography is the major part of steganography which is divided into spatial and frequency domains. Pixel value differencing is one of the spatial domain techniques.............

Keywords: Steganography, pixel value differencing , PSNR, modulus function, hiding capacity

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Application Newton Methods in the Reduction of the Problem of Optimal Control of a Boundary Value Problem
Country : India
Authors : DangThiMai || Nguyen Viet Hung

Abstract: The article presents a generalized continuation of the parameter and Newton methods for solving nonlinear equations. It describes and explores one approach to the application of the continuation method for solving boundary value problems when searching for the optimal control. Solving boundary using the para mete rand the solution obtained in the choice of variables. The results of simulations performed on Matlab.

Keywords: method Newton; boundary value problems; the parameter.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Machine Learning techniques for filtering of unwanted messages in Online Social Networks
Country : India
Authors : Pinniboyina Venkateswarlu || R Lakshmi Tulasi

Abstract: As of Recent Years, Online Social Networks have transformed into a key bit of step by step life. One key issue in today user wall(s) is to give users the ability to control the messages posted in solitude private space to keep up a vital separation from that undesirable substance is appeared. Up to now userwalls give small support to this need. To fill the fissure, I propose a structure allowing user divider users to have a prompt control on the messages posted on their walls. This is refined through a versatile principle based structure, that allows users to change the filtering criteria to be associated with their walls, and Machine Learning based sensitive classifier actually checking messages in moving of substance based isolating..............

Keywords: Online Social Networks (OSN), Blacklist, online informal organization, Machine learning content arrangement, short content order.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : I++Mapreduce: Incremental Mapreduce for Mining the Big Data
Country : India
Authors : Prof. Kanchan Dhomse B.

Abstract: Data mining is an interdisciplinary area of computer engineering. Incremental processing is a challenging approach to refreshing mining results and it uses saved states to avoid the cost of re computation from damage. Here, I propose i2MapReduce is a novel incremental processing expansion to MapReduce in data mining. As compared with the state-of-the-art work on Incoop, instead of using task level re-computation the i2MapReduce executes the key-value pair level incremental processing . It helps not only one-step computation but also more sophisticated iterative computation.............

Keywords: Big data, Incremental Processing, Mapreduce, MRBGraph, Recompilation.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Regression Test Suite Prioritization Using Hill Climbing Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : D. Vivekananda Reddy || Dr. A. Rama Mohan Reddy

Abstract: Regression testing is an expensive, but important action in software testing. Unfortunately, there may be bereft assets to acquiesce for the re-execution of all analysis cases during corruption testing. In this situation, analysis case prioritization techniques aim to advance the capability of corruption testing by acclimation the analysis cases so that a lot of benign are accomplished first. In this cardboard we adduce a new analysis case prioritization technique Using Hill climbing Algorithm. The proposed address prioritizes subsequences of the Original analysis apartment so that the new suite, which is run a time-constrained beheading environment, will accept the above amount of accountability apprehension if compared of randomly Prioritized analysis suites.



Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Classification Human Brain Images and Detection Suspicious Abnormal Area
Country : Iraq
Authors : Ata'a A. Hasan || Dr. Dhia A. Jumaa

Abstract: Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) are widely utilized in the diagnosis of brain images. In this study we have developed a new approach for automatic classification of the normal and abnormal MRI images. The proposed method consists of four stages namely preprocessing, transformation, texture feature extraction and classification. The first stage is preprocessing image and utilized filter is applied for noise reduction and to make the image suitable for transformation. In the second stage, is utilized Discrete Multiwavelet Transform (DMWT) to reduce the dimensionality. In the third stage, features extraction based combined between first order statics (FOS) and second order statics (SOS). The fourth stage in the classification stage, a supervised probabilistic neural network (PNN) classifier is utilized to classify the experimental images into normal and abnormal..............

Keywords: DMWT, Feature Extraction,PNN,Superpixel.

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