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Sep. - Oct. 2016 Volume 18 - Issue 5

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Discriminant Analysis and Neural Network Based Breast Cancer Classifier Using Electrical Impedance
Country : India
Authors : Praveen C. Shetiye, Ashok A. Ghatol || Vilas N. Ghate

Abstract: Breast cancer presents a serious medical and social problem worldwide. Early detection is key to effective breast cancer treatment. Therefore, scientists are consistently looking for new diagnostic techniques that would be more efficient, easy to use and safe for the patient. Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is an attractive alternative modality for breast imaging. The procedure is comfortable; the clinical system cost is a small fraction of the cost of an X-ray system, making it affordable for widespread screening. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) may be good pattern classifiers for this application.........

Keyword: Breast cancer, Electrical impedance, MLP, Discriminant Analysis.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Face Recognition Using Convolution Based Dwt and CLBP Feature Vectors
Country : India
Authors : Narayan T Deshpande || Dr. S Ravishankar

Abstract: The face recognition is an essential criteria to identify a person in recent advanced security systems. In this paper, we propose efficient Face Recognition using Convolution based DWT and CLBP Feature Vectors. Here database images are first applied with DWT then normalized and convolved with the original image to achieve sharpening of images and filtering of high frequency components. The features thus obtained are applied to CLBP which generates more unique features. The same procedure is repeated for test image to obtain unique test features which are compared with database features using Euclidean Distance. The performance parameters are calculated for standard database and it is observed that the proposed method is better in comparison with the existing methods............

Keyword: Convolution, CLBP, DWT, Euclidian Distance, Face etc.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Secure Strategy for Key Pre-Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
Country : India
Authors : D.S.S.L.Sruthi || D.Sesha Manoj || I.Ravi Prakash Reddy

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are a collection of sensor nodes, which is deployed spatially among various environments. WSNs are deployed in environments where wired networks are difficult to set up. They are mainly used to record sensitive information regarding physical or environmental conditions. As they collect sensitive information, secure and accurate transmission of data is important. For secure transmission of data, key management is a corner stone in wireless sensor networks.........

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Abalone Age Prediction using Artificial Neural Network
Country : India
Authors : Khadija Jabeen || K.Ishthaq Ahamed

Abstract: Artificial Neural Networks are the intelligent computation systems that can be used to solve various challenging problems such as compression, optimization, classification, pattern recognition and prediction. In this paper, a feed forward multi layer perceptron (MLP) network is used to predict the age of abalone on the basis of various physical attributes. Levenberg-Marquardt back propagation training algorithm (trainlm) is used to train the neural network. The results of experiment show that by increasing the number of hidden layers of the MLP network, the calculated error rate keeps decreasing for each corresponding target value. Thus, the declining error rate indicates that MLP network with Levenberg-Marquardt based Backpropagation algorithm acts as best tool in predicting the age of abalone............

Keyword: Abalone age, prediction, Artificial Neural Network, MLP network, Levenberg-Marquardt Backpropagation algorithm.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Computer Forensic Investigation on Hard Drive Data Recovery: A Review Study
Country : India
Authors : Anmol bansal || Aastha Agrawal || Mahipal Singh Sankhla || Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Abstract: Computer Forensics is a science of seeking evidence found in computers and digital storage media. The main challenge before computer forensic investigatorsis to examine digital media with the aim of finding, collecting, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts about digital information and guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability.It is said that, "Once it is has been deleted it is gone forever!" This statement is not true. Deleted files can actually be recovered if effort to do so is made shortly after deletion. There are several tools and methods by which we can easily recover our data and get our data as it is back.............

Keyword: Computer Forensics, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Recovery, Data, etc.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Survey on Energy Efficiency and Cluster Handling in Real Time Wireless Sensor Networks
Country : India
Authors : Janish || Dr. Mamta Katiyar

Abstract: Wireless networking technology in recent years has seen a thriving development. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) has remote environmental monitoring and target tracking as an important application. This makes sensors smaller and cheaper especially in recent years. These sensors form a network in the wireless interface with which they can communicate with each other. Design of WSN relies heavily on the application such as environment, and it also must consider design objectives, costs, hardware, and factors in which system is constrained. There are so many aspects involved in the wireless sensor networks which need to be readdressed or reviewed for further improvement, generally these are Clustering, Energy saving concepts and Network lifetime. Various researches and journals has been presented so far. In the current paper we are going to enlighten these aspects through survey of research studied that has being done.

Keyword:WSN, Clustering, Network Lifetime, Residual energy, power consumption.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Security Implication of Social Networking in the Corporate Environment
Country : Australia
Authors : Sanjiv Kumar

Abstract: Social media offers basic business inclinations to associations and affiliations, furthermore has most likely comprehended security perils. With a particular finished objective to reduce these security risks and still admire the benefits of social media affiliations must develop and maintain extraordinary social media use game plans. In any case, various affiliations are indeterminate of how to make fruitful social media techniques. Maybe, various affiliations either basically confine social media use all around, or have no methodology at all regarding social media usage. Both of these approaches are unacceptable. Affiliations that don't grasp social media disregard to acquire its gigantic points of interest and are inattentive to their opponents that do...........

Keyword: Cybersecurity, Social Network, Corporate, Mitigation.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Personalized Offers in Local Shops Using Client-Server"
Country : India
Authors : Aritra kumar || Kuntal Biswas

Abstract: Everybody loves shopping, in one way or the other. Some prefer clothes, while others may spend hours, searching for that perfect gadget. Shopping uplifts mood, nobody is unhappy after they have bought something that they like. Not so quite recent boom in online shopping portals is the result of the same mindset, i.e. shopping makes people happy, so the experience should be made effortless, secure and accessible to almost everybody with an internet connection. It isn't uncommon to crack a more than decent deal online, using their coupons and discount structure. As a result, the brick-n-mortar stores are facing a very stiff competition, in attracting customers,...........

Keyword: ........


Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A survey on comparative study of solar energy on Improving the performance of solar power plants through IOT and predictive data analytics
Country : India
Authors : Manohar GS || Dr. M.N.Shanmukha Swamy

Abstract: To increase the utilization and development of solar energy which is Eco friendly. Weather Predication is done in order to improve the performance and maintain its consistency for long term to deliver secure and reliable power while managing uncertainties. In order to enhance and improve the performance, we need to do preventive maintenance of solar power plant by implementing Operation & Maintenance (O&M) activities using predictive analytics and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). With the help of internet(cloud) along with IOT devices, Operation and maintenance, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition...........

Keyword: IOT, solar energy, scada, O&M

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Data Analytics on Application Logs for Managing API-related Dependencies
Country : India
Authors : Sreejita Dutta || Subash Prabanantham || Abhas Tandon || Saumya Garg || Arshia Garg

Abstract: There are innumerable APIs (Application Programming Interface) that are being created every single day as they serve as a rudimentary tool in developing software applications in today's technology-driven industry. Any organization in this industry could own several APIs and managing them could be a cumbersome task. In this paper, we present an end to end solution that takes the example of one such organization and collects API -related data from application logs to solve two problems – first, maintaining and visualization the hierarchy and dependency between APIs and second, detecting failures and anomalies by efficiently traversing through the complete dependency chain.

Keyword: Anomaly Detection, API dependencies, Graph Database, Log Analysis, Time series data analysis

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Problem Domains in Complex Networks
Country : India
Authors : Mini Singh Ahuja

Abstract: Many real world Networks can be represented with the help of complex networks. Complex networks are special graphs with non trivial topological properties—features that do not occur in simple networks such as lattices or random graphs. Complex Network is a very Young and active area of scientific research which has its roots in graph theory. In this paper most important research domains related to complex networks are reviewed such as Community detection, Influence Maximization, network sampling etc. This paper will help in selecting the research problem in field of complex networks for the researchers who are new to this field

Keyword: Complex Networks, Network models, link prediction

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Dynamic Passwords Using Graphics
Country : India
Authors : Abhinav Sharma || Rupali Paunikar || Roni Raj Das || Prerak Sola

Abstract: Textual passwords are most common method used for authentication. But textual passwords are vulnerable to eves dropping, dictionary attacks, social engineering and shoulder surfing. Graphical passwords are introduced as alternative techniques to textual passwords. Most of the graphical schemes are vulnerable to shoulder surfing. To address this problem, text can be combined with images or colors to generate session passwords for authentication. Session passwords can be used only once and every time a new password is generated. In this paper, two techniques are proposed to generate session passwords using text and colors which are resistant to shoulder surfing. These methods are suitable for Personal Digital Assistants.

Keyword: ........

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Analysis and Interpretation of Coronary Artery Blockage using Soft Computing Techniques
Country : India
Authors : Ankur Sharma || Dr.Saurabh Mukherjee

Abstract: Analysis and interpretation of Myocardial infarction, is very important at the early stage to detect the possible risk for heart attacks. Various non-invasive imaging modalities have been used for better diagnosis. Cardiologist wants better image resolution and detailed descriptions of the ROI (Region of Interest). In the present paper, the images have been pre-processed for further applications like filtering, denoising and deblurring by using various techniques like the usages of average and median filter, soft thresholding for various segmentation coronary blockages...........

Keyword: ........

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Optimization of Routing Protocolbased on K-Anycast for Efficiency Increasing and Wireless Chargeable Sensor Net Security
Country : Iran
Authors : HamedAlinejad || KambizMajidzadeh

Abstract: Considering that routing and its protocol is the base of digital data transmission, in this article has been tried that role of Routing Protocol based on K-Anycast has been evaluated in optimization of wireless chargeable sensor nets operation.In conventional WSNs, the source nodes select a sink among the sinks for the package delivery.But the K-anycast tries to select the neighbor nodes with the highest possible sink for optimizing the reliability, balance and security.More sensors should be used in data transmission for K-anycast design, that caused the energy consumption rising..........

Keyword: wireless sensor networks, anycast, Ad hoc networks, chargeable sensors, routing, K-anycast.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Using The Pictorial Structures in 3D Human Body Pose Estimation
Country : Iran
Authors : Zahra Ekhtiyari || Havva Alizadeh Noughabi

Abstract: The processing of estimating the configuration and location of human body from the image, is called human pose estimation. If this pose determined in image space, the 2D pose estimation is done. If the images of human be available from at least two camera views, then the pose of body can be obtained in 3D. Using the pictorial structures in two dimensional estimation of human body is so popular. However during the recent years using the pictorial structures in three dimensional estimation of human body has been interested by the researchers and various methods have been presented. Due to aforementioned sentences, these novel methods have been surveyed and compared in present study............

Keyword: probability estimation, pictorial structure, human body pose estimation.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Presenting A Distributed Algorithm For The Energy Consumption Reduction in Underwater Sensor Networks, Using The Learning Automata in Heterogenic State
Country : Iran
Authors : Zahra Maboudi || Seyed Mahdi Jameii

Abstract: A sensor network is a set of sensor nodes, which attach to each other via links that may cause energy loss in sensor network.Clustering the nodes is an applicable and effective way that prevents the energy loss. Cluster head relates the clusters and base station. It also collects the gathered data from sensor nodes and send them to the base station. The nodes proximity to the CH and neighborhood considering for nodes are the important problems that the most protocols did not consider them. Suggested algorithm tries to balance the energy consumption and increase the network longevity, considering the neighborhood criterion. This algorithm has the lower energy consumption and longer life than the previous algorithms such as Deterministic Cluster-Head Selection (Leachswdn) and Leach-Sliding window and Dynamic Number of Nodes (Leachdchs). In addition, it had the better performance in data transmission to the base station.

Keyword: underwater sensor network, learning automata, clustering, reduction of energy consumption.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Segway Robot Designing And Simulating, Using BELBIC
Country : Iran
Authors : Nazanin Moarefi || Ali Yarahmadi || Parisa Esfehani || Maryam Mohabbati

Abstract: Segway or human transporter is a personal transporter device that was introduced in 2002 by Dean Kamen. This device caused a good revolution in society transportation. Using of these robots is general in many countries around the world. Stability is a vital issue in Segway robots, because they could not keep their balance without a suitable controller and cannot stay balanced. In Segway system, many parameters are supervised and controlled. Various methods have been presented for their balance keeping. In this article, the BELBIC has been used for the robot moving and balancing. The results of that controller using have been stated after that.

Keyword: Segway Robot, Segway Robot Controller, Segway robot balance.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Review of DNA Computing And Its Application in Complex Problems Solvation, Adelman Problem Solution in Using of DNA Via Experimental Methods
Country : Iran
Authors : Mostafa Omidi || Mohsen Alipour

Abstract: In this article the using of novel generation of computers will be pointed that use some chips from the DNA type replace to silicon ones. Their structure is similar to biologic DNA.So, it should be possible to generate these DNA strings in lab and uploaded needed information on them and after that the results of DNA string converted to an apprehensible model for human. This process needs working with devices related to biology. Upon to performed experiments, the DNA strings have the considerable speed in calculation than silicon chips and also the return result of these chips always are true.In this article a simple and applied sample will be explained. Also the disadvantages and flaws of these kind of chips will be clarified.

Keyword:Silicon chips, DNA, DNA Computing, Silicon chips, Hamilton path.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Why NOSQL And The Necessity of Movement Toward The NOSQL Data Base
Country : Iran
Authors : Mostafa Omidi || Mohsen Alipour

Abstract: The increasing development of substructures, services and applied programs, non-same structure of Data and other problems caused the classic databases sometimes can't response the human demands in huge data saving domain. Therefore, the NOSQL technology has been generated to response two main demand and problem in databases, A: increasing the data volume and demand for complicated saving structure and B: Lack of accountability in relational databases.

Keyword: Data Base, SQL, NOSQL, Big Data, Query, Data Adapter.

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