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Jan. – Feb. 2016 Volume 18 - Issue 1

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : E-Tailing: The Shifting Visage of Retail Business in India
Country : India
Authors : Subhendu Kumar Rath || Bhagavan Behera || Rajani Trivedi

Abstract: E- Tailing has taken the business world by storm and mesmerized the psyche of the entire thumb generation entrepreneurs with a collection of viable business and commercial models. The indispensable motivating force on the flipside of the global economy is the vigor and ground-breaking panache of information technology and India is at the cusp of such a digital uprising. The drift of online shopping in India is set to see greater elevation in coming years because of the changes in the supporting ecosystem. The probable launch of 4G services is supposed to outstandingly bump up India's Internet user base. Venture capital investors, who were putting a ceiling on themselves to the tangential, are now enchanting a passionate interest in the country's e-tailing market.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Video Steganography: A Survey
Country : India
Authors : Bharti Chandel || Dr.Shaily Jain

Abstract: Recent advances in information technology have made quick delivery and sharing of multimedia information possible. But these advances in technology are leading breaches to information security and personal information. Digital Steganography provides capability to protect private communication that has become necessity in today's Internet era. Steganography is a technique to protect and conceal multimedia information in disguised manner or we can say it is the study of invisible communication. Steganography is a mixture of compression, encryption, watermarking and cryptography.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Cyber Security in the Era of Networking: A Review
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Manjiri N. Muley

Abstract: Cyber security is an intricate issue, affecting many application domains and straddling many disciplines and fields. Securing the critical infrastructures entails protecting not only the physical systems but, just as important, the cyber portions of the systems on which they rely. Cyber attackers can disrupt critical infrastructures such as financial and air traffic control systems, creating effects that are similar to terrorist attacks in the physical space. They can also carry out individuality theft and financial fraud; steal commercial information such as intellectual property; recruit criminals and others to carry out carnal terrorist activities. What makes cyberspace even more attractive to criminals including non-state actors is that provenance in cyberspace is complex, especially given that cyberspace is borderless and cuts across authorities.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : News Classification and Its Techniques: A Review
Country : India
Authors : Gurmeet Kaur || Karan Bajaj

Abstract: Text mining has gained quite a significant importance during the past few years. Data, now-a-days is available to users through many sources like electronic media, digital media and many more. This data is usually available in the most unstructured form and there exists a lot of ways in which this data may be converted to structured form. In many real-life scenarios, it is highly desirable to classify the information in an appropriate set of categories.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Predicting software aging related bugs from imbalanced datasets by using data mining techniques
Country : Saudi Arabia
Authors : Amir Ahmad

Abstract: Software aging bugs are related with the life-span of the software. Rebooting is one of the solutions of this problem, however, it is time consuming and causes resources loss. It is difficult to detect these bugs during the time-limited software testing process. Data mining techniques can be useful to predict whether a piece of software has aging related bugs or not. The available datasets of software aging bugs present a challenge as they are imbalanced datasets. In these datasets, the number of data points with bugs is very small as compared to the number of data points with no bugs.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Input Cumulative Cryptosystem for Scalable Information Contribution in Cloud
Country : India
Authors : Kamma Madhavi || Venkatasivasankara Reddy

Abstract: In Cloud computing, data storing and sharing is a capable methodology. This study illuminates secure, powerful, and versatile system to give data to different people in Cloud storage structure. This review, depict novel open key cryptosystems. This structure create relentless size figure messages such that compelling assignment of unraveling rights for any course of action of figure works are possible. This improvement arrangement can add up to any course of action of riddle keys and make them as a decreased single key .The
power of the significant number of keys being gathered in a lone key.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Review of Evolutionary Algorithms in Wsn
Country : India
Authors : Amanjot Kaur || Gaurav Mehta

Abstract: Diverse issues related to wireless sensor networks like energy minimization (optimization), compression schemes, network algorithms which are self-organizing, routing protocols, management of quality of service, security etc., have been broadly investigated. Among these, energy efficiency, quality of service and management of security are the most indispensable issues. To get the best feasible results in one or more of these issues in wireless sensor networks optimization is vital. In classical algorithms, energy consumption is very high due to random selection of CH (cluster head).

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Sentiment Mining and Related Classifiers: A Review
Country : India
Authors : Rehee Mehta || Dr. Shaily Jain

Abstract: Brokers trading goods on the Web often seek for their customer's reviews and feedbacks of their products and the associated services. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, the number of customer opinions that a product receives expands rapidly. This makes it difficult for both the customers as well as the manufacturers to extract an accurate decision or outcome regarding the product's quality.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review of Mac Protocols for Wireless Body Area Networks
Country : India
Authors : Praveshika Sinval || Ajay Kumar Rangra

Abstract: This paper represents broad study of MAC protocols built-up for wireless body area networks. In Today's world data is constantly evolving to process larger data sets and maintain higher degree of connectivity. At same time, advances in efficiency allow for amplified mobility and openness. Body Area Networks signify the liable union among connectivity and smartness. A Body Area Network (BAN) is defined officially as a scheme of devices in close proximity to a person's body that collaborate for the benefit of the user. The enhancement in average lifetime and fitness cost in many developed nations are the main reasons for innovation in health care. Various applications and requirements of the WBAN are discussed in his paper. Also, the strengths and weakness of the protocols have been discussed.

Keywords: Wireless body area networks (WBAN), Collision, Energy consumption, medium access control (MAC), Sensor networks.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Survey on Crowd-Source Video Sharing Systems
Country : India
Authors : A. S. Kadam || R. V. Dagade

Abstract: Nowadays video capturing from mobile and sharing it is common. Consider it be any event, function, performance by an artist, any surprising event. For example, if any famous speaker addressing huge number of people, then this event there may be many people who capture the event in their mobile phones and uploaded it on the video sharing applications (VSA) such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Same event is captured by the hundreds of the devices and uploaded on VSA. This leads to some issues like, huge amount of the bandwidth and battery is use by this activity of uploading videos of the same event and it might also cause the problem while retrieving that video..

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Object Removal Using Super-Resolution-Based In-Painting
Country : India
Authors : M. D. Sarode || R. V. Dagade

Abstract: In-painting is the process of reconstructing lost or deteriorated part of images based on the background information. Image in-painting fills the missing or damaged region in an image, utilizing information of its neighboring region. In-painting algorithm has numerous applications. Such as, it can be used for restoration of old films and object removal in digital photographs. The user select a specific region (target region) to be removed from the image. Super resolution reconstruction algorithm produces high resolution image from sequence of low resolution images. The main aim of super resolution is to improve visual quality of available low resolution images using exemplar based in-painting method.

Keywords: In-painting, Image Processing,Examplar-based in-painting, super-resolution.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Self Assured Deduplication System for Authorized Deduplication
Country : India
Authors : Anudeep Para || Mahesh N

Abstract: hybrid cloud is a coalescence of public and private clouds bound together by either standardized or proprietary technology that alters information plus application movability. Proposed method aiming to expeditiously resolving ye quandary from deduplication on derivative favors in remote location computing. A hybrid remote location structure lying of a populace remote location plus a individual remote location plus ye information owners simply source their information storage by utilizing public cloud while the information operation is managed in private cloud. To build information management scalability in cloud computing, deduplication has been a very well-kenned technique recently is use. Deduplication reduces your bandwidth requisites, expedites the data transfers, and it keeps your cloud storage needs to a minimum. Proposed method demonstrate respective incipient deduplication expressions fortifying sanctioned duplicate assure inside hybrid remote location structure.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Survey of the Internet of Things
Country : India
Authors : Sumita Dey || Dr. S. D.Joshi || Shruti Patil || Dr. Barun Kumar || Dr. Vishwal Ajit Kagi

Abstract: This paper studies the state-of-art of Internet of Things (IoT). By enabling new forms of communication between people and things, and between things themselves, IoT would add a new dimension to the world of information and communication just as Internet once did. In this paper, IoT definitions from different perspective in academic communities are described and compared. The main enabling technologies in IoT are summarized such like RFID systems, sensor networks, and intelligence in smart objects, etc. The effects of their potential applications are reviewed. Finally the major research issues remaining open for academic communities are analyzed. Keywords: Internet of Things, RFID, sensor networks, survey

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Improving the Security Layer logic for a Health Care Information System
Country : Morocco
Authors : Abdelghani El malhi || Mohamed Ahd || Abdelrhani Mokhtari || Rachida Soulaymani Bencheik || Adil Echchelh || Abdelmajid Soulaymani

Abstract: In a previous paper we suggested an information system to store, manage and treat millions of the gathered patient's information. We were able to propose a reliable application, which is able to fulfill the most important criterions, mainly measurement, monitoring, guidance, Data management and their analysis. The introduction of the Internet and the related technologies are offering countless opportunities to build an efficient healthcare system, but in the same time, Software-applications are facing adoption and securities challenges.In the software development, end users often lack knowledge of vulnerabilities, attacks and threats. Application designers, developers and testers are discovering and fixing constantly bugs, defects and flaws.The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of integrating and adding a high level of security to the previously developed application by advocating a reliable and protected information system. To this end, we examine first the several possible sources of vulnerability. Secondly, we will present a viewpoint explaining the fundamentals principles that a secured health care system should possess.

[1] Abdelghani El Malhi, Adil Echchelh, Nesma Nekkal, Rassam Ahmed, Abdelrhani Mokhtari, Rachida Soulaymani Bencheikh, Abdelmajid Soulaymani "Modeling of actions to take after a scorpion sting and developing a web based information system to track the different indicators systematically". ESJ - April 2014.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Fault Discovery Probability Analysis for Software Reliability Estimation
Country : India
Authors : K.Venkata SubbaReddy || Prof.I.Ramesh Babu

Abstract: Software reliability approximation and testing gauge how efficiently software works and meet up the end-user necessities. Software reliability assurance that users can enter the correct information on a day-to-day basis, errors can be correctly reprocessed and appropriate action will be taken on software reports. Herein this publication an effectual beta distribution dependent probability study is anticipated to test the consistency of software .This paper also examines the testing efficiency for the proposed model and accomplishes a preceding distribution assessment.

Keywords: Effectiveness, Beta distribution, Flaw Identification, Reliability.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Enhancing Security Of Publish/Subscribe System Using Identity Based Encryption Model
Country : India
Authors : Shital S. Biradar || Prof. Sushilkumar N. Holambe

Abstract: In a content based publish subscribe system providing security related to the events or messages and subscriptions is very difficult. This paper presents approach to provide security in a Broker-less Publish/Subscribe system by using identity based encryption (IBE) model. The main concept of such systems is to share the secured data on any distributed systems. Identification is very important mechanism in content based publish/subscribe system. Here we provide 1) idea of identity base encryption (IBE) 2) Provision of security in the content based publish/subscribe system . 3) Creation of public and private keys for the users of the systems that is for the publishers and subscribers.

Keywords: content based, Identity Based Encryption, publish/subscribe system, security

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Threats and Security using Trust Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
Country : India
Authors : Vaishali Gupta || Manik Gupta

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks are implementing on large scale in real time environments due to its incredible uses in real life. Wireless Sensor Networks don't need human interference for its working so they can place where human cannot reach easily. As sensor nodes are placed in an open and insecure environment, they are prone to security attacks by adversaries. So, the security is an important issue in sensor networks. Traditional security mechanisms like cryptography, intruder detection, routing protocols were implemented to provide security in wireless sensor networks. These mechanisms are capable to detect and remove internal attacks but fail to detect compromised nodes in a network.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : "The Impact Of Incentives To Indigenous Farmers (A1 And A 2) In Maize Production In Zimbabwe" A Case Of Mashonaland East Province, Macheke, Zimbabwe.
Country : Zimbabwe
Authors : Charles Mavhunga (MBA)

Abstract: The current study was concerned with the need to establish incentives for farmers to boost production of maize in Macheke, Mashonaland East Province, in Zimbabwe. This study was motivated by an observation that there was a serious disparity between government `s expectation to guarantee food security in the country, and the activities of New Farmers in the area of Macheke. The full production capacity of the Grain Marketing Board of Macheke is 72 000 metric tonnes per year but for the past five years since 2010, the GMB is receiving a mere 1000 tonnes of maize deliveries or less. The research design was mainly descriptive and both quantitative and qualitative research methods were used to capture the data. Questionnaires and interviews were employed as the main research instruments and the response rate was very high. Questionnaires and interviews were the main instruments for data collection.

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