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April - 2016 Volume 18 - Issue 4

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Discussing About Staff Inspiration
Country : India
Authors : Mr. Sanjay S Damor || Ms. Urvashi S Shinde

Abstract: corporate management is very important part of talent development and management, human resource management mainly through the specification, reasonable and appropriate incentives to achieve. Articles of human resource management issues related to employee motivation concepts, methods and implementation of incentive exist when analyzed, it introduced the enterprise in human resource management in how to successfully use incentives to solve the problems faced.

Keywords: Staff, organization, human resource

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Daniya Adeiza Abdulazeez || Adeyeye M. Mercy || Leonard Ndibe And Yahaya M. Dokochi

Abstract: Good corporate governance practice is required for effective management of organizational resources particularly in banking industry where there is management/shareholders separation. Since the introduction of corporate governance code after the CBN consolidation exercise in 2005, corporate governance has attracted an unprecedented attention of researchers. However, efforts aimed at improving corporate governance practice in Nigerian banking industry are yet to yield the desired result.......

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Audit Committee, CEO Duality, Board Size, Board Composition, Firm Size and Return on Asset.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : E-business of Bank of Baroda
Country : India
Authors : Mrs Vyas Kanchan (Shrimali),,B.ed, M.Phil

Abstract: As per IBA- India Banking Association, there are 16 Private sector Banks and 27 Public Sector Banks. Bank of Baroda is one of the oldest Public Sector Bank in India. The Total Business of BOB was Rs. 9, 65,900 crores in the financial year 2014. Gross profit and Net Profit was Rs 9,291 crores and Rs 4541 crores respectively.........

Key words: BOB- Bank of Baroda, E-business- electronic business, E-Banking – electronic Banking, m-banking- Mobile Banking, RTGS – Real Time Gross Settlement, NEFT – National Electronic Funds transfer, ATM – Automatic Teller Machine, E-Gateway - Internet payment gateway.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Influence of Credit Appraisal in Accounts Receivable Management on Financial Performance of Animal Feed Manufacturing Firms in Nakuru County, Kenya
Country : Kenya
Authors : Mary N. Kamau || Barbara Namiinda || Doreen Njeje

Abstract: Accounts receivable refers to the unpaid claims a firm has over its customers. They form one of the most important parts of a firm's working capital. Receivables often represent large investment in asset and involve significant volume of transactions and decisions. Thus, the critical part of managing accounts receivables is determining to whom credit should be extended and to whom it should not..........

Key words: Credit Appraisal, Accounts Receivable Management, Animal Feed Manufacturing Firms

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Impact of capital structure on firm's profitability and shareholder wealth maximization: A study of listed Indian cement companies
Country : India
Authors : Merugu Venugopal || Dr. M Ravindar Reddy

Abstract: The capital structure decision is the imperative one since the profitability of the firm is specifically influenced by such decision. It is redundant that benefit ought to be the main target for a business. Profit maximization is part of the wealth creation process. Where, wealth maximization is a long haul process. It alludes to the value of the firm and it is expressed in the value of stock. Hence, this study has aimed at investigating the impact of capital structure on the profitability and shareholder wealth of the listed cement manufacturing companies using a panel data methodology..........

Key words: Capital structure, Debt to equity ratio, Firm profitability, Panel data, Shareholder wealth .

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Influence of Internal Control Systems on Fraud Risk Management among Commercial Banks in Kisii Town, Kenya
Country : Kenya
Authors : Makori Redemptor Gesare || Dr. Nyagol Michael (Co-Author) || Dr. Ajowi Jack Odongo (Co-author)

Abstract: The banking system in Kenya has increasingly reported losses arising from frauds. Prior studies investigating the cause of these frauds have failed to link the role of Internal Control Systems (ICS) on fraud risk management. This study sought to assess the influence of ICS on fraud risk management among banks in Kisii town. The study targeted all the 15 banks in the town and the respondents were stratified into three categories comprising of 15 branch managers, 74 departmental managers.........

Key words: Internal Control Systems, Fraud Risk Management, Banks.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Analysis of Value of Supply Chain Strategies on Inventory Price Variations in Supermarkets in Nakuru Town Kenya
Country : Kenya
Authors : Rodgers Kiprop Kipturgo || Barrack Okello

Abstract: In recent times there have been reports of supermarkets facing market challenges resulting to low returns and closure. A substantial part of these pressures can be traced to the supply chain where variations in the inventory prices can considerably affect the ability of the supermarkets to restock. This study aimed to analyse the effects of Supply Chain Management strategies on Inventory price variation in supermarkets, in Nakuru Town Kenya. In particular it sought to assess the effect of building collaborative networks.........

Key words: Inventory Price Variations, Supply Chain Strategies

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Study on the Influence of Family Occupation on the Entrepreneurial Intentions of Management Students
Country : India
Authors : Ms Indira Singh || Dr. T. Prasad

Abstract: The study was conducted amongst a sample of management students selected from a leading B School in Mumbai. A convenience sample of 130 students was selected at random and data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire. The study evaluated the influence of family business background and the influence of salaried parents on the entrepreneurial intentions of students..........

Key words: Entrepreneurial intention, family business background, management students

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Service Quality Measurement of Elder Care Houses: Servqual Applicationi
Country : Turkey
Authors : Ali Kuzu || SabihaSevinç AltaĢ

Abstract: In our ageing World, multidisciplinary researches related with various fields of demographic ageing are needed to be increased and promoted. Besides the demographic data, collecting and analyzing specific data about the requirements and expectations of elderly supports the development of efficient policies. The quality and organization of elder care services is one of the most important topics of today's societies' agenda..........

Key words: Ageing, elder care, care home,Servqual, service quality

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Post floods consumer preference towards household purchase - A review through attribute preference method
Country : India
Authors : Justin Arokiaraj J || Dr.Naga Venkata Raghuram.J

Abstract: Any natural disaster or disruption in the day to day lives of consumers has a huge impact on the buying behaviour of customers. Economic impacts, political impacts and social impact does affect the market directly by changes in demand. Apart from these there is another aspect to which slowly yet increasingly have started influencing the way customers today – Environmental aspects. Climate change is one of the most influencing factors that have started to become a part of any risk assessment in business...........

Key words: Disaster, Safety attributes, Buying behavior, preference method, Perceptual mapping

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Is Performance Appraisal System Anachronistic in Tertiary Institutions in Ghana? Evidence from the University of Cape Coast
Country : Ghana
Authors : Cecilia Hayford || Prof Boakye-Yiadom || Dr. Nicodemus Osei Owusu

Abstract: Until recently, performance appraisal (PA) has been admired by many organizations due to its relevance. However, in recent times, there has been a controversy over the use of PA systems. Many employees have come to believe that PA's purposes are out of date and as such cannot play any meaningful roles for most organizations. This study therefore, examined the extent to which PA system has been anachronistic in terms of its purposes as perceived by employees in the University of Cape Coast...........

Key words: Administrative, Developmental, Performance appraisal, Purposes, Ghana

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Influence of Supply Chain Risk Avoidance Strategies on Performance of Food and Beverage Manufacturing Firms in Kenya
Country : Kenya
Authors : Fred Ongisa Nyang'au

Abstract: The food and beverage industry has a special role in expanding economic opportunity because it is universal to human life and health. In this context, adopting proactive strategies is needed for dealing with supply chain risks and vulnerabilities for securing supply chain systems to be responsive and effective. This study focused on finding out the influence of supply chain risk avoidance strategies on supply chain performance of food and beverage manufacturing firms in Kenya. The target population was all food and beverage manufacturing firms in Kenya...........

Key words: Avoidance strategy, SC resilience, SC vulnerability

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Qualitative Study of an Electronic Health Record: Perspectives on Planning Objectives and Implementation at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Kfsh & Rc), Saudi Arabia
Country : Saudi Arabia
Authors : Najwa Alfarra

Abstract: The patient health record is an essential information source for management and delivery of patient care services. Paper-based records are problematic with the issues, such as illegibility, missing data, double data entry, and difficulty with information retrieval. Thanks to the advent of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduces as part of healthcare reform, the local healthcare system employed Electronic Health Record (EHR) in order to enhance accountability and efficiency...........

Key words: ..............

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of Entrepreneurship Programs in Bandung Based on Ridwan Kamil's Twitter Account (@ridwankamil)
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Yuliawati Cahyaningrum || Dini Turipanam Alamanda || Arif Partono Prasetio || Sisca Eka Fitria

Abstract: Economy as one of the important aspect of a city had close relation with the entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship development related with the concept of smart city, which became part of government program to achieve its vision "Kota Bandung Juara". Business in Bandung has increased significantly especially on culinary, tourism and creative industries which showed enormous profit. This phenomenon was partly caused by the emergence of young creative entrepreneurs who contribute the ideas to make Bandung become more interesting like nowadays...........

Key words: Entrepreneurship program, gap, government, smart city, twitter.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Studying Prevalence of Infectious Diseases (2nd And 3rd Seasons of 2015 in Hospital (Iran)
Country : Iran
Authors : Hamedian amirabbas || HashemiDehaghi Zahra

Abstract: Hospital acquired infection is a serious health problem all around the world. The study is aimed at determining prevalence of hospital acquired infections among patients hospitalized in ShohadaiTajrish Hospital, Tehran, Iran in second and third seasons of 2015...........

Key words: Prevalence, infection, intense care ward, Hospital, Iran

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The Effect of Choice ontheLevel of Employees Performance
Country : Sudan
Authors : Bakhit, I., G. R || Alamin, M., A

Abstract: This study was conducted to determine the effect of choice on the performance levelofemployees andthe suitability ofthe individualto work intheorganization.Furthermore, the benefit of the possibilities and capabilities of the organizationinthe future and any business suitablefor them.Moreover, appropriate solutions are proposedto treat the problem ofresearch.Thestudyusedthedescriptive, analyticalandhistoricalmethods to achieve this objective.Also,the study dependedondata and informationfromsecondary..........

Key words: Choice effect, employees, performance, suitability, provision.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Analysis of Service Quality of Go-Jek Indonesia in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, and Makassar 2015
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Ni Luh Putu Wirya Sri Utari || Osa Omar Sharif

Abstract: This research objective is to determine the quality services transportation of Go-Jek by measuring performance, importance, level of conformity, and mapping on the diagram Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). The variables usedis the quality of public transportation services of International Standard UNE-EN 13 816 whichconsists of sub-variable availability, access, information, time, customer service, comfort, safety, and environment...........

Key words: Transportation, Service Quality, International Standard of UNE-EN 13816, Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), The Level of Conformity.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Determining the Significance Level of Factors Affecting Young Consumers' Purchasing Preferences by Ahp
Country : Turkey
Authors : Mustafa Hotamışl || Müfit Aydın || M.Yasir Altıntop

Abstract: Today's marketing researchers agree that young consumers' consumption intensively consists of three main product groups: food and beverages, clothing and accessories, and technological products. The aim of this research is to determine the significance level of factors affecting young consumers' purchasing preferences regarding food and beverages, clothing and accessories, and technological product groups and to study young consumers' purchasing behavior..........

Key words: AHP, Consumer Preferences, Customer Behaviours, Purchasing Decisions

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