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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Data Analysis Using Apriori Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : Nikita Chandekar || Priyanka Ashtikar || Rahul Motghare
: 10.9790/0661-1905040104     logo

Abstract: Development of several case projects throughoffering a graduate level course on Data Mining. It then outlines a particular case project that describes the process of data extracting, data cleansing, data transfer, data warehouse design, and development. It also outlines the development of a data cube as well as application to understand business intelligence. The results can be beneficial to an instructor who wants to develop a practical course or a practitioner venturing into the data warehousing and data mining area. Apriori algorithm has been improved and applied to the substation data mining process. Ant colony algorithm is applied to get the optimal solution of reactive power allocation in substations. The state transition probability formula is amended and parameters are dynamically adjusted in this ant colony algorithm. The choice of the ant's path to the next node is determined by the table formulated according to the confidence level of the data mining. The switching strategy of the capacitor sets is given by algorithm.

Keywords: apriori, warehousing, datamining, OLAP, pattern evaluation, business intelligence (BI).

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Evaluation of Proactive Routing Protocol of Mobile AD HOC Networks
Country : India
Authors : Sonia Arora || Rohit Sharma
: 10.9790/0661-1905040509     logo

Abstract: An Adhoc mobile network is an accumulation of mobile nodes that are energetically and arbitrarily situated such that the interconnections flanked by nodes are equipped for changing on a persistent premise. The main goal of such a specially appointed network routing protocol is honest and efficient course foundation between a pair of nodes so that communication might be conveyed in an opportune way. In this paper we examine routing protocols for adhocnetworks and evaluate these protocols in view of a given arrangement of parameters Multipath routing speaks to a promising routing technique for wireless mobile Adhocnetworks. Multipath routing accomplishes load balancing and is stronger to route failures. As of late, various multipath routing protocols have been proposed...............

Keywords: Proactive, Routing, Protocol, Mobile, Ad Hoc Networks,communication, Multi-path routing, wireless, bandwidth, consumption.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Analysis on AD HOC Networks for Multipath Routing
Country : India
Authors : Rohit Sharma || Sonia Arora
: 10.9790/0661-1905041015     logo

Abstract: Multipath routing accomplishes load balancing and is stronger to route failures. As of late, various multipath routing protocols have been proposed for wireless mobile Adhoc networks. Execution assessments of these conventions demonstrated that they accomplish lower routing overhead, bring down end-to-end defer and reduce clog in correlation with single path routing protocols. Be that as it may, a quantitative examination ofmulti-path routingprotocols has not yet been led. The proliferation thinks about demonstrates that the AOMDV protocol achieves best execution in high mobility situations, while AODV Multipath performs better in situations with low mobility and higher node thickness. SMR performs best in networks with low node thickness, however as thickness builds, the protocol's performance is corrupting. Routing protocols assume an essential part for communications in MANET. The greater part.........

Keywords: Ad Hoc Networks, Multipath Routing, load balancing, wireless mobile ad hoc networks Performance, evaluations, protocols

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Survey on Techniques And Its Applications of Text Mining
Country : India
Authors : Swathi Agarwal || G.L.Anand Babu || G.Sekhar Reddy
: 10.9790/0661-1905041619     logo

Abstract: Text mining is a procedure that utilizes an arrangement of algorithms for changing over unstructured content into organized data items and the quantitative techniques used to break down these data items. The principal target of Text mining is to empower clients to separate information from text based resources and deals with the operations like recovery, extraction, rundown, order (directed) and grouping (unsupervised). Keeping in mind the end goal to locate a productive and compelling system for text classification, different methods of text categorization is recently developed. Some of them are regulated and some of them unsupervised way of report course of action. In this paper, focus is text mining process, diverse technique for text classification, group examination for content reports and its applications.

Keywords: Clustering, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Text, Query Processing, Text mining.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Secure communication using DNA cryptography with secure socket layer (SSL) protocol in wireless sensor networks
Country : India
Authors : P Ravinder || S.Laxman Kumar || P.Sunil Kumar || B.Jaya Vijaya
: 10.9790/0661-1905042023     logo

Abstract: Security is very important and significant issue for transmission of information in WSNs. DNA-Cryptography plays a very vital role in the areas of communications and data transmission. In DNA cryptography, biological DNA concept can be used not only to store data and information carrier, but also to perform computations. This paper is based on computation security using DNA cryptography. An algorithm is proposed that uses DNA cryptography with secure socket layer (SSL) for providing a secure channel with more secure exchange of information in wireless sensor networks

Keywords: DNA cryptography; Secure Socket Layer (SSL); Wireless sensor networks; Encryption; Decryption.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An Easy Paging Operation for Reading Three Dimensional Virtual Book via Leap Motion
Country : Japan
Authors : Seiji Sugiyama || Atsushi Ikuta || Miyuki Shibata || Satoshi Hiratsuka
: 10.9790/0661-1905042435     logo

Abstract: This paper proposes a new easy paging operation that is a kind of improved swipe motion to be able to tie plural pages together for reading a 3D virtual book by applying augmented reality technology. Our previous system could display a virtual book by using 3DCG and could capture human hand motions via Leap Motion that is a very small and reasonable contact-less sensor, and it could make users the operational feeling such as a paper book on a PC, for the first time. However, this system had a problem that it is difficult for many users to learn the paging operations because the recognition accuracy of the Leap Motion is not enough to distinguish each fingers correctly, and then, it requires very complex hands and/or fingers form to control the 3D virtual book. To cope with the difficulty, the new function..........

Keywords: E-book, Augmented reality, contact-less motion sensor, 3DCG, WebGL, THREE.js

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Design and Implementation of Application for Mobile Accessibility of Hearing-Impaired Persons
Country : Korea
Authors : Eunju Park || ChulwooKim || Hankyu Lim
: 10.9790/0661-1905043645     logo

Abstract: Thanks to the convenience of the mobility and portability of mobile device, the paradigm of ICT has been changed leading to the shift from the era of PC to the era of mobiles. Most people use mobile devices and diverse services provided by mobile devices are used not only for business but also for convenience of life. Therefore, the development of applications that support accessibility so that everybody can use the services provided by mobiles is important. In this respect, in the present study, the actual conditions of use of mobiles by hearing-impaired persons that have been a little away from the targets of interest for accessibility were investigated, the elements of development of applications to support hearing-impaired persons' accessibility were examined, and an application was designed and implemented based on the results of the foregoing. The application implemented..........

Keywords: Web Accessibility, Mobile Accessibility, HCI, UI Design, Evaluation of Accessibility, Universal Design

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : New programming framework for Wireless sensor network
Country : Morocco
Authors : FIHRI Mohammed || EZZATI Abdellah
: 10.9790/0661-1905044650     logo

Abstract: Wireless sensor networking is an innovating area. Where we use specific equipment in order to measure small rated data, which often have a major importance to the user such as temperature or input output state and share it wirelessly. In this paper we will try to make WSN simple to use by common developers that not necessary have the WSN networking knowledge; by creating a new programming framework that is specially created for Linux based operating systems. The use of wireless sensor network involves the use of a routing protocol, security mechanism, application communication layer… How we can provide those solutions and there applications without many coding and in easy way? It's the role of our new programming framework that will be describe in this paper, it.s concept of external calling system depending on the functionality, and its architecture. Finally we present the conformity of our framework with the SCADA System.

Keywords: Framework, WSN, Programming


Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Computer Programming Applied to Operations Research
Country : Saudi Arabia
Authors : Mobin Ahmad
: 10.9790/0661-1905045155     logo

Abstract: Operation research is the portrayal of real-worldsystems by mathematical models together with the utilization of quantitative methods algorithms) for comprehending such models, with a view to advancing. As we probably are aware, C++ Computer Programming language is a center level dialect and a computer program with this language is executed speedier than application software's of the operation research zone. In this paper, a straightforward layout program with basic C++ Computer Programming directions is displayed for reproducing many sorts of optimization problems. This layout is anything but difficult to learn and comprehend for any individual who works in the operation research territory. They can rapidly and effectively recreate many sorts of optimization problems with this template..

Keywords: Computer, Programming, Operations Research, mathematical models, algorithms, program.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Comparative Study on Encryption Techniques for H.264/AVC Videos
Country : India
Authors : Fatma K Tabash || M. Izharuddin
: 10.9790/0661-1905045660     logo

Abstract: H.264/AVC is one of the most popular video encoding standards that is widely used for many real time applications. Encryption process is the effective method used to protect videos from the illegal use. Encryption techniques in H.264/AVC videos depends on which stage through the coding process is applied. For instance, Encryption techniques can be applied before the compression process, through the compression process or after the compression process. Through the compression process, the encryption techniques can be applied through prediction process, preparation of motion vectors, transformation process, entropy coding process or etc. Each type of these encryption techniques has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, this paper compares between the different types of encryption techniques for H.264/AVC that are applied into different stages of encoding process.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The study of computational fuzzy extractor for providing security to IOT nodes
Country : India
Authors : Prof. Pragati .Mahale || Ms. Sonali Alwani || Ms. Vaishnavi Borade || Ms. Shreya.Dhanbar || Ms. Pooja Suvarnakhandi
: 10.9790/0661-1905046165     logo

Abstract: With the increase in the usage over the internet over the globe ,the security regarding the confidentiality of the data that is being transferred and received while Internet is being used is the area of major concern. In the recent years, the increase in the use and development in IoT has made it necessary to facilitate keys storage that is cost efficient. The traditional methods that were used before ,proved to be expensive for key storage. An alternative solution for cost minimization, keys were being generated using the noisy entropy. The keys could be secured and made cost efficient when bounded with fuzzy extractor which also made the keys strong cryptographically. To balance the entropy loss at the time of key extraction process, the theoretical fuzzy extractors needed a enormous...........

Keywords: IoT (internet of things),CFE(computational Fuzzy Extractor),PUF(Physical Unclonable Function),LWE(Learning with Errors),TRG(True Random Generator) Introduction.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Study of Two Different Attacks to IPv6 Network
Country : India
Authors : Ayman M. A. Shabour || M.A. Elshaikh
: 10.9790/0661-1905046670     logo

Abstract: In the lights of today and future advancing technologies, the demand of IPv6 internet protocol, had becomes crucial for its usages & benefits. This paper investigates the use of information messages to build a visual perception and follow-up of IPv6-based cyber-attacks on IPv6 networks IPv6 , (DOS)& ARP poisoning , Packet analyzer( wireshark ) and open source tools( virtualbox, Linux kali system, Ubuntu Linux server ) are used ,to verify the existence of attacks on IPV6. The experimental results ,proved that the traces of simulated attacks extend form the link layer to the application layer.

Keywords: Internet Protocol version 6(IPv6), Internet Protocol version 4(IPv4) Transfer Control Protocol(TCP), Address Resolution Protocol(ARP), Denial of Service(DOS), Internet Control Message Protocol version6 (ICMPv6)..

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Speech Recognition Systems: A Comparative Review
Country : India
Authors : Rami Matarneh || Svitlana Maksymova || Vyacheslav V. Lyashenko || Nataliya V. Belova
: 10.9790/0661-1905047179     logo

Abstract: Creating voice control for robots is very important and difficult task. Therefore, we consider different systems of speech recognition. We divided them into two main classes: (1) open-source and (2) close-source code. As close-source software the following were selected: Dragon Mobile SDK, Google Speech Recognition API, Siri, Yandex SpeechKit and Microsoft Speech API. While the following were selected as open-source software: CMU Sphinx, Kaldi, Julius, HTK, iAtros, RWTH ASR and Simon. The comparison mainly based on accuracy, API, performance, speed in real-time, response time and compatibility. the variety of comparison axes allow us to make detailed description of the differences and similarities, which in turn enabled us to adopt a careful decision to choose the appropriate system depending on our need.

Keywords: Robot, Speech recognition, Voice systems with closed source code, Voice systems with open source code.

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