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June - 2016 Volume 21 - Issue 6

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The relationship between the Migrants and the Departure families In the migration in côte d'Ivoire: An Analysis of Social Intra-Family Relationships of Méagui's Burkinabe Immigrants
Country : Côte d’Ivoire
Authors : Abou Kouame N'dri || Raphael Kouadio Oura

Abstract: As they have come in search of a family wellness, the Burkinabe migrants have settled in the forest area of Méagui, a town located in the southwest Côte d'Ivoire. For years, they have become mostly big farmers after having acquired the land through a gift or a purchase from Bacoue natives. In this way, the relationships with their original country experience changes................

Keywords: Migrant identity crisis, modifying reports, family wellness

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Social Anarchism Analysis of Gang Motor To Minimize The Conflict Juvenile Delinquency In Makassar
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Nursalam

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to determine the background of gang motor anarchism inMakassar and to minimize the problem about gang motor anarchism that always unsettling and threatening the safety of Makassar society. The method that used in this research is a descriptive qualitative method. Descriptive research is "research that to describe a condition or phenomenon, not sorting out or searching for factors or certain variables. Crimes by gang motor made disturbing for the society. Anyone who is involved in it, whether apparatus or not, the anarchy was taking the life of a criminal action that has been intolerable. Indirectly, this issue has an adverse effect on the next generation of education based on explanation............

Keywords: Social dimension, anarchism, motorcycle gangs and juvenile delinquency

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Causes of Burnout: Lessons from Non Governmental Organisations Responding to Emergencies in the Midlands Region of Zimbabwe
Country : Zimbabwe
Authors : Shepherd Shumba

Abstract: This paper seeks to establish causes of burnout which Non Governmental Organisations Emergence Workers in Midlands Region of Zimbabwe experience. The paper was prompted by the fact that in Zimbabwe, NGO Emergence Workers complain of burnout yet very little has been done to establish the cause. Thus this study was qualitatively rooted in the interpretive paradigm and conducted at two NGOs that were responding to humanitarian emergencies in Midlands Region of Zimbabwe. The sample was made up of 26 participants from field staff purposively sampled...............

Keywords: Burnout, Non-Governmental Organization and Zimbabwe

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Education for Peace & Development: Education Against Violence In Nigeria
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Obeka Ngozi Ohakamike || Agwu S.N

Abstract: This paper examined education for peace and development and explored the issues of education against violence. Education for peace aims at preventing conflict in advance and educating individuals and the society for peaceful existence on the basis of non-violence, tolerance, equality, respect for others and social justice. When people are educated on the importance of resolving conflicts in a peaceful way without resorting to violence with its devastating effects on the social, economic, education and politics, then there will be rapid development in the country..............

Keywords: Education, Peace, Development, Violence, Ethic groups and Conflict

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Citizens' Perceptions On The Status Of Governance (Public Service Delivery) In The Counties: The Case Of Migori County, Kenya
Country : Kenya
Authors : Lumadede Japheth || Margaret Ngigi (PhD) || Antony Sang (PhD)

Abstract: Governance is the process of decision-making and how those decisions are implemented. Good governance involves quality public service delivery, accountable-decision-making, and civic engagement. Devolution helps make good governance feasible. Kenya thus adopted devolution to improve governance and catalyse development to the local levels. However, since enactment of the new constitution of 2010, the status of public service delivery(aspect of governance) in the local governments had not been determined and documented especially from the perspective of the citizens who consume the public goods.............

Keywords: - Governance, perceptions, Policy, Delivery, Citizen

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Re-fixing the "Clog in the Wheel": An Appraisal of Democratic Consolidation and Voting Behaviour in the 21st Century Nigeria
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Okonkwo || Clement Nwafor || Dr. Felix Nwabueze Unaji. || Prof. Iheduru || Obioma M

Abstract: Democracy, which is the most sought- after political arrangement in the modern world has been challenged in Nigerian political enclave. This paper observed the ethnic cleavage voting behaviour and interrogated the impact of same in consolidating the democratic credos in the 21st century Nigeria. Secondary source of data were utilized through observation method of data collection. Theoretically, the paper adopted social cleavage theory as a theoretical fulcrum around which the study oscillated. This model maintained among other things that in a multi-ethnic setting, socio-political issues always tend to follow the line of ethnic origin and sentiments..................

Keywords: Democratic Consolidation, Election, Ethnic Cleavage, Political Party, Voting Behaviour

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Evaluation of correlation between Saliva and serum ferritin Level In Patients with Iron deficiency Anemia and comparision group
Country : Iran
Authors : Marzieh Aghazadeh || Hosein Eslami || Ahmad Pirzadeh || Zahra Aghazadeh || Hadiseh Dousti || Parisa Falsafi

Abstract: Introduction: Iron deficiency anemia is one of the common factors that can result from reducing the intake or absorption of iron, or iron loss caused by the bleeding. Measuring the concentration of ferritin, an important parameter to measure the amount of iron reserves in the body. Saliva and other body fluids are significant similarities in some markers. This study designed for evaluation of correlation between saliva and serum ferritinlevel in patients with iron deficiency anemia and comparison group............

Keywords:-Anemia, Ferritin, saliva, serum

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The New Immigrants' Generation in Portuguese Classes: disproportionate relationships and group-specific issues in academic development
Country : Portugal
Authors : Sandra Figueiredo || MargaridaAlves Martins || Carlos Fernandesda Silva

Abstract: The present study examines nationality group effect on language proficiency considering six groups of Portuguese immigrant students (M=13 years old; SD= 2,7): Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Portuguese-speaking African countries, Latin America, Asia and China. This research aims to verify whether students from different nationalities evidence similar difficulty levels in tests on language skills. Results of MANOVA showed that nationality groups differed in a significant manner, in particular, two groups – South Asia (Meridional) and Latin America...........

Keywords: -Nationality; Asian-Portuguese Students; Latin-American; Portuguese as a Second Language; Educational Achievement.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Principles governing the proceedings in the trial work
Country : Iran.
Authors : HooshangDashtiMarrani || SaeidMahboubipoor || Fatemeh Anahid

Abstract: The Centers of employer and employee's problem – Solving divided into (primary) recognition committees and problem – solving committee (revising). The centers don't have so complicated formalities, so that members of committees are experts in employment affaires, and don't impose any cost on parts. The most prominent characteristic is the principle of rapid consideration which is not followed by negative consequences of adjudication stretching; thus problems and fights are solved as soon as possible..........

Keywords - Employer, Employee, Adjudication Regulation, centers of problem, Solving

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review of The Existing Literature on International Regulations on Reduction of Aviation Emission And The Implementation In Nigeria
Country : Malaysia
Authors : MurtalaGaniyuMurgan || Dr Maizatun Mustapha

Abstract: Aviation Emission is referred to as the gaseous pollutants emitted by aircraft and aerospace engines as a result of their combustion activities.The world- wide increase in the volume of aviation emission being discharged on the earth surface has been reported to have severe global pollution impact on human lives and the environment.Following series of academic debate and scientific reports on the need to check the rate of increase in aviation emission and its destructive impact, the United Nations embarked on global regulation of aviation emission so as to reduce its devastating impact.......

Keywords: Review, Existing Literature, Regulations, Reduction, Aviation emission

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Contemporary Issue Is Religious Terrorism The Greatest Security Threat of our Time
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Afolabi Muyiwa Bamidele || Adi Irenyang Nuhu || Bodunde David O. PhD

Abstract: Terrorism in the 21st century has taken a new dimension. The rebirth of modern religious terrorism is considered as the most alarming threat in the contemporary global system. The new trend of suicide attacks and bombings in the name of God has widen the debate on terrorism and extended the political importance of terrorism study. Although fanaticism is not new, its re-emergence is much peculiar to Islamic religion hence the coining of the term 'Islamic terrorism' among diplomats, analyst and scholars. Unlike previous extremisms, the modern Islamic terrorism is characterised by greater lethality with wider onslaughts across frontiers............

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Factors Affecting The Development of Critical Thinking of Indonesian Learners of English Language
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Rohmani Nur Indah || Agung W. Kusuma

Abstract: This paper describes the assessment of the student's critical thinking and identify the factors affecting its development. The assessment is done to Indonesian students learning English language at Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University. The identification of factors affecting their critical thinking development would contribute to the further aspects relating to the establishment of critical thinking based instruction in EFL teaching and learning process in Indonesia........

Keywords: Critical thinking, culture background, family background, learning strategies

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Islam and Freedom of Religion: Religious Elites Perspectives in Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Umi Sumbulah

Abstract: This study aims to understand the meaning of religious freedom in the perspective of the religious elite in Malang. Freedom of religion is defined as one of the human rights guaranteed by the laws in force in Indonesia as well as in the text of religious scriptures. They also interpret that freedom of religion is one of the options given by God to be accountable to Him in the Hereafter, thus requiring the commitment of each religious community to hold on to their respective religious teachings......

Keywords: Religious freedom, violation, religious harmony

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Intra-Brics Trade intensities: An Analytical study
Country : India
Authors : Prof.Kalpana Singh

Abstract: Nearly 17 percent of the world‟s total commodity trade is accounted by BRICS countries. BRICS countries,categorised as leading emerging economies and political powers at the regional and international level, are causing changes in the architecture of international development cooperation. Keeping in view the increasing international importance of BRICS countries both economically and politically and increasing efforts by leaders of BRICS countries to enhance mutual trade and strengthen BRICS as a group financially and politically, one of the major objectives of present study is to find out how intense the trade is among BRICS......

Keywords: BRICS, Export Intensity Index, Import Intensity Index, Intra-BRICS Trade, Trade Intensity Index

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Zakah Administration and its Importance: A Review
Country : Malaysia
Authors : Adamu, Ummulkhayr || Musa Yusuf Owoyemi || RafidahbintiMohamad Cusairi

Abstract: Zakah is the economic pillar of Islam. It is the cornerstone of the Islamic economy. It is enjoined by Allah on the wealthy to forfeit a specific amount of their wealth that has reached nisab, for the benefit of the poor. Zakah administration in Islam is carried out by authorities established by the state, or voluntary Muslim organizations, as the case may be. This paper which is a literature review paper focuses on the administration of zakah and its importance in the society.......

Keywords: Zakah administration, government-backed institutions, NGOs, Kogi State, Nigeria.

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