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Oct. - 2016 Volume 21 - Issue 10

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Public Sector Corruption In Nigeria
Country : Nigeria
Authors : Greene I. Eleagu

Abstract: Corruption is a monster that has held Nigeria hostage for a long time. Public institutions created to effect public good or collective welfare have been turned into personal fiefdoms by the privileged few. Indeed, according to (Olorunfemi,2016) there is currently an attempt by the senate to decriminalize corruption by seeking to amend the CCT Act "while the senate president is standing trial for a breach of the (same)law". As at now the bill has passed its second reading and only awaits a third at the national assembly to become law. This paper therefore is an attempt to highlight the causes, patterns and consequences of corruption in Nigeria.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The Effect of Extraversion Personality, Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction to Teachers' Work Spirit Islmaic Junior High School (MTs) Deli Serdang North Sumatra
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Candra Wijaya || Syarbaini Saleh

Abstract: The Aims of the research were to explore the effects of extraversion personality, emosional intelligence, and job satisfaction to teachers work spirit at Islamic Junior Hight schools at Deli serdang North Sumatera. This research used quantitaive approach and used path analysis to know the effect of the variavbles. The data were taken from 136 teachers and using a set of questionaries Likert Scale Model. The results of the research revealed that all variables observed have significant effect to teachers work spirit.

Keywords- Effect, extraversion personality, emosional intelligence, job satisfaction, teachers work spirit, Islamic Junior Hight schools

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Influence of School Environment on Adjustment of Form one Students To Secondary School In Uasin Gishu County, Kenya
Country : Kenya
Authors : Sarah

Abstract: Educationists need to understand what secondary school adjustment phenomenon and particularly what form one students require for adjustment and retention in school hence benefit from school during and after secondary. Student academic performance and adjustment are linked with interest in school environment particularly physical facilities. School adjustment refers to ability to adapt and successful survive in a new physical and social environment with new people, routines, rules and regulation, physical structures and curriculum. The specific objective of the study was to determine the influence of school environment on adjustment form one students to secondary school.............

Keywords: secondary school adjustment, school physical environment, and classroom climate

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : The Reflection of Geometric Forms to Abstractions in Turkish Art of Painting
Country : Turkey
Authors : Birsen Çeken || Gökçen Çelik

Abstract: Geometric expressions and geometric tendencies we see in various places and objects from graffiti to vases whether there is an artistic concern or not entered the art of painting in the West mostly in 20th century together with 19th century and had its modern meaning. As a result of the influences caused by the social events experienced, forms and geometric parts were frequently used in abstractions having a boom and language of expression. As the most important event influencing the West in the field of art did not have a similarity in our country which did not include in The Second...........

Key words: Modern Turkish Painting Art, Abstraction, Abstract Art, Geometric Forms

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Difference in Academic Performance of Students from Dual and Single Parenthoods in Public Day Secondary Schools in Nakuru Municipality
Country : Kenya
Authors : Betty C. W. Murage -Kisoi

Abstract: The effects parents have on growing children cut across all the areas of their lives, academics and career included. The academic performance of most public day secondary school students in Nakuru Municipality is below average. This study sought to determine the influence of types of parenthoods on academic performance of public day secondary school students in Nakuru Municipality, Kenya. This study adopted cross-sectional survey design. The target population comprised of form 3 students, both boys and girls in the public day secondary schools in Nakuru Municipality. The study used a sample size of 5 schools of the population of public day secondary schools.....................

Keywords: - Academic Performance, Dual & Single Parenthoods, Secondary Schools, Nakuru Municipality

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Mutual Vulnerability: Case U.S. – Colombia – Mexico – Ecuador
Country : Canada
Authors : Vargas Borbua Robert || Bangeppagari Manjunatha || Darwin Rueda Ortiz || Mariadoss Selvanayagam || Rowe Wendy

Abstract: This article examines the interdependence of security and mutual vulnerability between countries, regardless of whether they are developed or developing, rich or poor. It analyzes the situation in Colombia after the "Colombia Plan" and Mexico after the "Merida Plan". In addition, it highlights the negative impact on Ecuador after its fight against narcoguerillas in Colombia. Ecuador has become a country of refugees, many of whom are Colombians fleeing the internal conflict, violence and insecurity of their country. Finally, this article highlights that security of the region depends not on overcoming threats in a country, but rather in preventing the causes of insecurity in society

Keywords: Colombia drug war, Human security, Refugees in South America, Ecuador crime, US border drug intervention.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Synchronization of Poda Na Lima and Da'wah
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Dr. Sahrul, M.Ag

Abstract: - Mandailing ethnic viewed from religion and culture, is regarded as a religious ethnic, fanatic and consistent on his culture inherited by his ancestor for generations. One form of cultural philosophy adopted and grounded in the community is known as poda na lima. Poda means teachings, advice, or guidance of life. Na means that/which and lima means five. Poda na lima means five guidance of life consisting of: 1)Paias ate-atemu(clean your hearts), 2)Paias pamatangmu (clean your body), 3) Paias parabitonmu (clean your shirt), 4) Paias bagasmu(clean your house), 5). Paias pakaranganmu (clean your home yard). All of the five guidance of life or poda na limahave the same mission with da'wah, that is an invitation to people to always do good things, amar makruf and nahi mungkar in order to achieve happiness in this world and hereafter.

Keywords: Synchronization ; poda na lima; da'wah; Mandailing ethnic

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Ethics in Organizational Communication
Country : Indonesia
Authors : Muhammad Alfikri, S.Sos, M.Si

Abstract: - Organization is the social entity which is consciously coordinated with a relatively identifiable boundaries, and works on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal. Social entity, it means that, the unity made up by people or groups of people interacting each other. Communication is something that must be used in organizations, institutions and companies. The aim of communication within the company invites all members of the company cares for interaction with other members outsiders.

Keywords: Ethics; organizational communication; top management

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Efficient Education Sector in Kerala: Lesson to be learnt by other Indian States
Country : India
Authors : Ms Shivani Jaswal

Abstract: - Growth of Indian economy is positively correlated with the growth of its education sector. In India promotion of quality education has been at the heart of growth policies. Vivid education structures can bespotted acrossIndia.On one hand where state like Kerala holds a strong education base, other states like Orissa and Andhra Pradesh show poor performance in their education sector. This paper highlights the key factors that makes Kerala‟s education sectors a success story and puts forward various lessons that other states across India may learn to induce growth in their educational structures thereby aiding Indian growth.

Keywords: Education, Kerala, Efficient system, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh

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