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Volume 8

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Overview of Data Replication Strategies in Various Mobile Environment
Country : India
Authors : Mr. Dhiraj Rane || Dr. M. P. Dhore

Abstract: With the tremendous growth of the portable computing devices and wireless communication, the mobile computing has become extremely popular. The wireless enabled portable computing devices with massive storage capacity and high-end processing capabilities have started to make the extensive use of mobile databases already. The rising popularity in these computing paradigms demands that the mobile computing be reliable enough to ensure the continuous data availability and integrity. However mobility comes at the cost of bandwidth, limited power, security and interference............

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Survey on Methodologies of Data Mining using Neural Network
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Mausami Sawarkar || Mr. Dhiraj Rane

Abstract: The traditional data mining algorithms are hard to apply on noisy data, redundant information, incomplete data and sparse data in database, or the application effects are not good. But neural network have many virtues such as robustness, parallelism and anti-noise, so it is very effective on data mining in large and real databases. This paper expounds the process of data mining based neural network in detail, discusses the algorithms of classifying and clustering, indicates the problems at present and makes an expectation for the development.
Keywords:Neural Network, Data Mining, Classification, Regression

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review on Bio-Inspired Computing Algorithms and Application
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Neeta Nemade || Mr. Dhiraj Rane

Abstract:Computer science and biology have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship for decades. Biologists rely on computational methods to analyze and integrate large data sets, while several computational methods were inspired by the high level design principles of biological systems. Recently, these two directions have been converging. In this review, we argue that thinking computationally about biological processes may lead to more accurate models, which in turn can be used to improve the design of algorithms........

Keywords: AI, Swarm Intelligence, Cock search, Ant Colony Optimization, DNA Computing

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Exploring the Applications and Potential of Bioinformatics
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Kanchan Gawande || Mr. Dhiraj Rane

Abstract: This paper has discussed basic working of Bioinformatics and its association with computation. It also summarizes the application domains of Bioinformatics. The use of computer science is also discussed with the bioinformatics. This paper has explored the potential domain of the bioinformatics in the computer science development. It has also given the technical tools discussion for the various practical implantation and conducting experiments.

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Bioweka, Genes, DNA

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Survey on Approaches to Text Mining using Information Extraction
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Rashmi Dukhi || Ms. Antara Bhattacharya

Abstract: Information extraction is an important text mining problem and has been extensively studied in areas such as natural language processing, information retrieval and Web mining. Information Extraction (IE) techniques aim to extract the names of entities and objects from text and to identify the roles that they play in event descriptions. IE systems generally focus on a specific domain or topic, searching only for information that is relevant to a user's interests. Information extraction technology focuses on only the relevant parts of the text and ignores the rest......

Keywords: Automatic Content Extraction, corpus , Named entity recognition ,semantic, tokenizer.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An Intelligent single phase to three phase smart control system for efficient power distribution management using Embedded System
Country : India
Authors : Dr. P. G. Chakole || Dr. J. N. Ramteke

Abstract: Pure electricity is a primary need for today, rather to say 4th necessity after the food clothes and shelter. Impure power supply affects many times because of undershoot or overshoot of power supply and may damages the power based equipments either laboratory based, industrial based or home appliances and the mostly affected devices are the induction motors. There is a tremendous development to maintain the ac pick voltage and the current these days. But these systems are not so effective on site when sudden changeovers in the ac waves. There may be some drawback of the system methodologies implemented by that time. But the things are going to r........

Keywords: PHP, Smart System, SQL, Training and Placement, Web Application

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An approach towards solving the emerging technological implications of Mobile Apps
Country : India
Authors : Mr. Kalpesh Parmar

Abstract: In the last few years, testing of mobile application has become very important and a point of concern for the app developers. So in this vibrant market where innovation in the field of mobile technology is taking place on everyday basis, it has become very difficult to cope up with this new eco-system. Mobile application testing is very important component of software development life cycle. As development of software application is a very complex process and hence the possibility of bugs and errors cannot be ruled out.......

Keywords - Mobile Applications and Testing Strategy

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of Distributed Data Mining Algorithm and Trends
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Rupali Chikhale

Abstract: Data mining technology now a days is used as a mode of identifying patterns and trends from large quantities of data.The Data Mining technology use data integration method to generate Data warehouse, where all data put together on one of the site which is treated as a central site, and then data mining algorithm executed against that data to extract the useful Module Prediction and knowledge evaluation.......

Keywords - Distributed Data Mining, Grid Computing, Multi Agent Systems.


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