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Volume 7

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Authentication Techniques Help To Improve Security in the Era of Network System: A Study
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Ruma Rahul Kapre

Abstract: In the era of today's world as society is moving towards digital information, network security is becoming a central issue. While transferring the data through internet, security plays a crucial role. Security involves authorization of access of information controlled by the network administrator..........

Keywords -Authorization, Authentication Techniques, Network, Network Security, Network Topology, Network Types

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Computer Technology and Human Language Communication
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Mamta Muthal

Abstract: Technology has invaded all areas of human existence and left no field untouched including human communication. The paper attempts to take a bird's eye-view of the how researches in Comutational Linguistics/ Natural Language Processing/ Artificial Intelligence have impacted human communication. Emergence of Emoji is another phenomena whose eruption and evolution is attracting a lot of research. The paper will attempt to acquaint readers with the comcepts of Computational Linguistics and Emoji.
Keywords: Computer Language, Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An overview and comparison of Software Reliability tools
Country : India
Authors : 1Dileep Sadhankar || Dr. Ashish Sasankar

Abstract: Software Reliability has been regarded as one of the important quality attribute and still there were very few standardized tool had been developed to estimate software reliability in quantitative terms. Software reliability is such a critical factor in deciding the overall quality of software, thus it should be estimated. Here we have surveyed many existing software reliability tools like SMERFS (Software Modeling & Estimation of Reliability Functions for Software), SRMP (Statistical Modeling & Reliability Program), SoftRel, SoRel, SRTPro, MEADeP and SREPT....

Keywords- –Availability, Data analysis, Evaluation, Markov chain, Parameter estimation, Reliability, Software tool.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An innovative solution to avoid problem associated with top down parsing
Country : India
Authors : Mr. Rakesh Yashwant Gedam || Dr. Rakesh Ramteke || Dr. Pravin Gundalwar

Abstract: Compiler has different phases or passes. Each phase having important significance but parser does very crucial role in compilation process. This paper has discusses basic issues in parsing & generation of parse tree or derivation tree for different token identifier by using lexical analyzer and then pass to parser for further process to get intermediate code generation. This paper explains the types of parsers to generate string of executable code. Each approach having significant benefit and drawback, and also suffer with some bottleneck. This paper focuses on certain problem in top down parsing approach & its efficient solution to generate the machine dependent effective code.

Keywords:-Parser, Lexical Analyzer, Parse Tree, backtracking, left recursion, left factorization

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Cloud Computing and Security Issues in the Cloud
Country : India
Authors : Madhuri Pramanik || Vishal Dhabalia

Abstract: Cloud computing has formed the conceptual and infrastructural basis for tomorrow's computing. The global computing infrastructure is rapidly moving towards cloud based architecture. While it is important to take advantages of could based computing by means of deploying it in diversified sectors, the security aspects in a cloud based computing environment remains at the core of interest........

Keywords: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DDoS, SCC

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Star Classification using Tree based Data Mining Techniques
Country : India
Authors : Dr. R. A. Ingolikar || S. R. Gedam

Abstract: Classification of Astronomical Data having large database is a troublesome activity. Data mining decision tree based techniques are applied for classification of star. The objective of the work is to evaluate the effectiveness of random forest on astronomical object classification. Random forest is an ensemble based classifier method where each classifier is decision trees. Results shows that ensemble method performs better as compared to single tree based classifier.

Keywords - Ensemble, Random forest, Decision trees, Classification

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