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Volume 6

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Optical Nano Antenna: Dimensional Development towards Aviation Signaling
Country : India
Authors : A.P. Bhat || S.J. Dhoble || K.G. Rewatkar

Abstract: The geometry and shape of the radio-frequency (RF) radiator, analyze the design of a optical Nano antenna. We show how it may be possible to operate a pair of closely spaced spherical Nano size particles as an efficient optical Nano-radiator, and how its tuning and matching properties. We demonstrate that an two element antenna can be used to realize a near field optical probe that combines spatial resolution well below the diffraction limit with transmission efficiency approaching unity.........
Keywords: Optical antenna:Nano Diameter, miniature size:single partical, optical meterial

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Low Cost Multi Node Data Acquisition and Control System Using Virtual Instrumentation
Country : India
Authors : A. P. Bhat || K. G. Rewatkar || S. J. Dhoble

Abstract: Data acquisition and control system consists of analog to digital converter (ADC), digital to analog converter (DAC), timer, counter, pulse generator, digital input / output (DIO) depending upon requirement. All the system components must communicate with personal computer (PC) for data and control signal transmission via one of the communication protocol like Serial, Parallel, USB, GPIB. Serial communication is advantageous over other protocol due to several reasons, like long distance transmission, less number of physical connection, ease of implementation etc.....

Keywords- ADC, Digital system, communication methods, multiple data sensor, lab view, Virtual instrumentation

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Superparamagnetic Behaviour Of Mn Substituted Zn Ferrite Nanoparticles for RF Application
Country : India
Authors : M.J.Gothe || A. P. Bhat || K.G.Rewatkar

Abstract: Manganese substituted zinc ferrite nanoparticles ( MnX Zn1-X Fe2O4with x = 0,0.5,1 ) were synthesized via sol-gel auto combustion route. X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and electron dispersive X-ray (EDX) have been used to investigate the prepared Magnetic Zinc Nano crystal (MZN). Magnetic properties of the prepared samples have been detected by vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), at room temperature and the results of the prepared MZN exhibits a superparamagnetic (SPM) behaviour. SPM nanocrystals are promising applications in medical science such as drug delivery, bioseperation and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Keywords: Magnetic measurements, Superparamagnetism.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of fuzzy logic technique for power transistor problem
Country : India
Authors : K.Y. Rokde || S.M.Ghatole || P.B.Dahikar || M.J.Hedau || S.S.Shende

Abstract: This paper is about a Study of Fuzzy Logic technique for Power Transistor problem. In our modern life today, we are using many complex equipments such as, mobile phones, i-pods, laptops and computers. The complexity of these instruments is difficult to understand. The Aim of fuzzy logic is to understand complexity more easily. Moreover, if we want precision in measurements then the cost increases. Fuzzy logic technique is useful in reducing the cost without loss of precision......

Keywords:- Membership function, fuzzy set, power transistor, decision making, uncertainty

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Framework for Estimating the Value of Cloud Computing
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Liladhar R Rewatkar || Dr. Ujwal A Lanjewar

Abstract: Our paper presents a basic framework for estimating value and determine benefits from Cloud Computing as an alternative to conventional IT infrastructure, such as privately owned and managed IT hardware. Our effort is motivated by the rise of Cloud Computing providers and the question when it is profitable for a business to use hardware resources in the Cloud. More and more companies already embrace Cloud Computing services as part of their IT infrastructure........

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of Cloud Computing and Overview
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Monali A. Pimpalkar

Abstract: Cloud computing is the web based processing where the data, application and infrastructure are provided to computers and other devices on demand over the network. Clouds contain vast amounts of information and provide a variety of services to large numbers of people.It is a style of computing which is having dynamically scalable virtualized resources provided as a service over the Internet.......

Keywords— Cloud computing, Deployment , Pooled resource ,Reliability, Scalability

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Design Implementation Framework for Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Adhoc Networks
Country : India
Authors : ChilakalapudiMeherBabu || Dr. Ashish B. Sasankar

Abstract: The demand for speed in wireless networks is continuously increasing. Recently Most existent protocols, applications and services for mobile Adhoc networks(MANETs) assume a cooperative and friendly network environment and do notaccommodate security. Cooperative communication has emerged as a new dimension of diversity to emulate the strategies designed for multiple antenna systems, since a wireless mobile device may not be able to support multiple transmit antennas due to size, cost, or hardware limitations.....

Keywords - Wireless Sensor networks, Design issues, Routing protocols, Applications

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Identifying Most Popular Traversed Paths inNavigation Patterns of E-Commerce
Country : India
Authors : Dr. AbhaS. Khandelwal

Abstract: The growth and widespread adoption of Internet-based services and technologies are major phenomena, causing fundamental changes in the way we work and live.Businesses currently employ the Internet to facilitate a number of processes, from simple e-mail communication to complex supply-chain integration. Clearly, the Internet has reached such a degree of reliability and integration into everyday life that it is regardedas infrastructure, i.e., a service that is assumed and relied upon......

Keywords: E-Commerce, CES (Critical edge sequences), web usage behavior

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Shape Based Descriptors for Image Retrieval
Country : India
Authors : Arvind M. Bhave

Abstract: Image retrieval based on its content is the application of computer vision techniques to the problem of searching digital images in large databases. Images need to be described by certain features to search an image from database. During the last several years; content based image retrieval appeared as influential tool to proficiently retrieve digital images visually related to query image.......

Keywords: Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) shape based descriptor, Shape

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : SNS: A Potential Platform for e-Shoppers and Entrepreneurs
Country : India
Authors : MrsMinalDeshmukh || Dr.A.S Khandelwal

Abstract: Today's era is said to be digital as the word internet is not just a word for us it has become world for us. Internet has become a basic need of today's life. Internet has changed the way we think, communicate and live. Internet has made our life simple and easy. Our routine life work such as online payment, e-tickets and Shopping is now just a mouse click. Online, we can explore the whole world and surf to n number of sites.......

Keywords: Entrepreneur, E-shopping, Internet, Online, SNS

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Critical Study of Implication of Render Billing in E-Governance Services
Country : India
Authors : Nahush Pawar || Kaustubh Ghodke || Pooja Raman || Swapnaja Kotangale || Ritu Gupta || Prof. Nilesh Shelke

Abstract: Electronic Governance or E-Governance is the application of information and technology (ITC) for delivering government services and providing efficiency, transparency and exchange of information. E-Governance assumes greater importance in the context of management of today's governmental structures to achieve rapid economic growth and improved quality of life. According to the various literature surveys done we find that there are many issues in a developing country like India which needs to be overcome, so that e-governance can be effectively applied.......

Keywords: Billing System, E-Governance, Information & Technology (ITC), Governmental Structures, E-Literacy Rate, Kisan, Post-Office, RTO.

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