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Volume 5

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Multiple share images using random grids and XOR-Based visual cryptography
Country : India
Authors : Miss A. A. Naphade || Dr.R.N.khobaragade || Dr.V.M.Thakare

Abstract: Visual Cryptography is a special type of secret sharing deterministic and random grid visual cryptography The XOR – based visual cryptography (VC) is a possible methodology to work out on the poor visual quality without darkening the background. This paper focus on some technique as , Extended visual cryptography scheme (EVCS) for general assess structures, RG-based visual secret scheme (VSS), Adaptive region incrementing XOR- based VC ,Compared relation in deterministic and random visual cryptography and XOR based visual cryptography. The new scheme propose for multiple share image using XOR and random grids is proposed which will encrypt and decrypt algorithm by secrete images recovered quality improvement.

Keywords -Visual secret sharing, visual cryptography, meaningful share, XOR visual quality

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Security in Embedded Systems: Vulnerabilities, Pigeonholing of Attacks and Countermeasures
Country : India
Authors : Vijeet H. Meshram || Ashish B. Sasankar

Abstract: Embedded systems are growing by leaps and bounds in many domains such as automobiles, industrial control, mobile phones etc. As these devices have started integrating in our daily life we need to look into for some critical measures that is security of these embedded systems. In this paper we look at existing threats and vulnerabilities in embedded systems. We envision that the findings in this paper provide a valuable insight of the threat landscape facing embedded systems. The knowledge can be used for a better understanding and the identification of security risks in system analysis and design.

Keywords- Embedded Systems, threats, vulnerabilities, attacks

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An Approach towards Securing Data in Cloud Computing
Country : India
Authors : Miss. V.T. Lanjewar || Prof. R.V.Dharaskar || Dr. V. M. Thakare

Abstract: Users store vast amounts of sensitive data on a cloud. Sharing sensitive data will help enterprises reduce the cost of providing users with personalized services and provide value-added data services. However, secure data sharing is problematic. Security is one of the most difficult task to implement in cloud computing. Different forms of attacks in the application side and in the hardware components. This paper proposes a framework for secure sensitive data sharing in cloud, including secure data delivery,....

Keywords: Cloud environment, Kerberos, Sensitive data

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : SNS Historical Advances and Types
Country : India
Authors : Ashish Shah || Dr. A. S. Khandelwal

Abstract: The word using internet has now days have changed to using Social Networking Site such as facebook, twitter, myspace etc. SNS has transformed many aspect of social interaction among all age group especially among youth. Since the introduction of these sites, they have attracted people having same area of interest. Social networking site has developed a platform for members to connect to each other, share video's, photos to be in touch and know there updates.....

Keywords:- Internet, Social Networking Sites, Definition

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Statistical Pattern Classification and Data Mining Approach through Cloud Computing and Security
Country : India
Authors : V.R. Nikam || Dr. G. S. Katkar || Dr.MK Umathe

Abstract: Pattern recognition as a field of study developed significantly in the 1960s. It was very much an interdisciplinary subject, covering developments in the areas of statistics, engineering, artificial intelligence, computer science, psychology and physiology, among others Increasing adoption of cloud computing technology worldwide has also increased stress on its privacy and security issue........

Keywords: Network traffic classification, WEKA, Pattern classification, Data mining,

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Star Classification using Tree based Data Mining Techniques
Country : India
Authors : Dr. R. A. Ingolikar || S. R. Gedam

Abstract: Classification of Astronomical Data having large database is a troublesome activity. Data mining decision tree based techniques are applied for classification of star. The objective of the work is to evaluate the effectiveness of random forest on astronomical object classification. Random forest is an ensemble based classifier method where each classifier is decision trees. Results shows that ensemble method performs better as compared to single tree based classifier.

Keywords— Ensemble, Random forest, Decision trees, Classification

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : An overview of Cryptographic Hash Functions MD-5 and SHA
Country : India
Authors : H. B. Pethe || Dr. S. R. Pande

Abstract: Data Integrity is the most important service of cryptography. Hash functions are used to check the integrity of the file. Hash functions are useful, if the active attack is performed by the attacker. For the secured communication before sending any file though the unsecured network the hash value of any file or message is found out using hash function. After receiving the file by the recipient again the hash value of the received file is calculated....

Keywords - Data Integrity, Cryptography, Hash functions, SHA, MD-5, File integrity

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Reversible Data Hiding Technique and its Type, a survey
Country : India
Authors : Manisha G. Gedam || Shruti M. Rakhunde || Usha P. Kosarkar

Abstract: This is a survey paper describes different types of algorithms for Reversible Data Hiding (RDH). Reversible data hiding can be defined as an approach where the data is hidden in the host media such as image, audio and video files. Reversible Data Hiding (RDH) or lossless data hiding, is a method by which the original cover can be lossless restored after the embedded information is extracted. Many RDH techniques have been developed. This paper summarizes and reviews these techniques. Previous literature has shown that difference expansion, interpolation technique...

Keywords: Reversible Data Hiding (RDH), Difference Expansion (DE), sorting and prediction, histogram modification

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