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Volume 3

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Analysis And Performance Ratio Of Various Routing Protocol Using Ns
Country : India
Authors : Nilesh N Jaiswal || Shubhangi borkar

Abstract: Adhoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes, forming a temporary network without a fixed base station infrastructure and centralized management . The typical areas of mobile adhoc network applications include battlefield , emergency , search rescue and data acquisition in remote areas. The network topology changes frequently due to arbitrary movement of mobile nodes which acts as both hosts and routers ......

Keywords - Adhoc On demand Distance Vector, Adhoc on demand multipath distance vector, Destination Sequence Distance Vector, Dynamic Source Routing.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Performance Evaluation of STATCOM Connected to Renewable Energy Source
Country : India
Authors : Syeda Saba Khan || R.S.Phasate

Abstract: A Power quality problem is an occurrence of nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure or a misoperation of end user equipments. Utility distribution networks, sensitive industrial loads and critical commercial operations suffer from various types of outages and service interruptions which can cost significant financial losses..........
Keywords: Active power filter (APF), distributed generation (DG), distribution system, grid interconnection, power quality (PQ), renewable energy, Photo Voltaic (PV) System

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Application of Support Vector Machine for Diagnosis of Diabetes: A Systematic review
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Suruchi Pimple

Abstract: The support vector machine is a training algorithm for learning classification and regression rules from data. The SVM is based on statistical learning theory and is a classification tool used with great accuracy and efficiency. The objective of this study is to conduct an empirical study on application of SVM in diagnosis of diabetes. This paper includes various research papers which have used SVM or Enhanced SVM for diagnosis of diabetes. The goal of the study was to identify research goals, diabetes type, data sets, software and technologies used and the outcomes.

Keywords- Data mining, Diabetes mellitus, Support Vector Machine.


Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Loan Approval Prediction based on Machine Learning Approach
Country : India
Authors : Kumar Arun || Garg Ishan || Kaur Sanmeet

Abstract:With the enhancement in the banking sector lots of people are applying for bank loans but the bank has its limited assets which it has to grant to limited people only, so finding out to whom the loan can be granted which will be a safer option for the bank is a typical process. So in this paper we try to reduce this risk factor behind selecting the safe person so as to save lots of bank efforts and assets......

Keywords: Loan, Machine Learning, Training, Testing, Prediction.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : RS485 Data Transmitter through GSM Service to Server Database Logger
Country : India
Authors : Ashish K. Rewatkar || Ashwin Y.Ankar || Pradeep B. Dahikar

Abstract: Saving electricity in industries is major concern today. Hence, Energy Management System (EMS) remained preferred area for researchers recently. EMS not only saves electricity, but also monitors and records the electrical consumption data. It also helps diagnose electric machine health, energy efficiency and their reliability against failures. Power management has been one of the most talked about topics in the past decade or so because of the decrease in the energy reserves...........

Keywords:- RS485, MODBUS Protocol, AVR Microcontroller and GSM Module.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Research on Development of Android Applications
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Prachi Sasankar || Mrs. Usha Kosarkar

Abstract: Introduced the Android platform and the features of Android applications, gave a detailed description of Android application framework from the prospective of developers. A simple music player is provided as instance to illustrate the basic working processes of Android application components. This paper provides guidance to understanding the operation mechanism of Android applications and to developing applications on Android platform.

Keywords- Linux kernel, Android system, Application framework, Dalvik virtual machine.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Measurement of Employee Productivity using Cluster Analysis of BehavioralIntegrity
Country : India
Authors : Anupama Vishwas Gajbhiye || Jaiprakash KashinathSirur

Abstract: In the area of Human Resource Development there are two known methods:(1)In the first method organizations identify people who can do the job and then find out how their knowledge and skills are different from people who have just been recruited.(2) In the second method there is a need to identify people who can do the job well and perform better........

Keywords—General Intelligence (GI) ,Behavioral Integrity (BI), Cluster Analysis

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Big Data with Knowledge Extraction
Country : India
Authors : Chirag Thakkar || Dr.Kishore Dhole

Abstract:Nowadays Big Data has become one of the biggest concepts in the world of IT especially with the rapid development driving the increase of data. With today's information overload, it has become increasingly difficult to analyze the huge amount of data and to generate appropriate extraction decisions. Big data has emerged as an important area of study for both practitioners and researchers, reflecting the magnitude and impact of data related problems to be solved in the contemporary organizations.......

Keywords -Big Data, Knowledge Extraction.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Novel approach for Energy-Efficient in Green Cellular Network Using Heterogeneous Network
Country : India
Authors : Ashok Hatwar || Amit Pimpalkar

Abstract: A distribute method to detect the energy efficiency of cellular networks can be developed meaningfully by selectively adapting off some of the Base Stations (BSs) during periods of low transportation load. During off-peak period where traffic weights are only a division of the peak-time traffic masses, a subset of BSs is convert off to reduce working energy consumption without disturbing service of network users. This formulation, however, requires a computationally challenging task as the population of the network grows...........

Keywords: Green Radio Networks, Energy-Efficient Operation, Attraction Propagation, Message-Passing Algorithm and self-organization algorithm

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Challenges of mobile computing in networking: A Review
Country : India
Authors : Manjiri S Dixit

Abstract: Computers able of attaching to the Internet from many places are likely to grow in popularity until they control the population of the Internet. Protocol research has stimulated into high gear to improve appropriate network protocols for associating mobility. Large-scale networks of wireless sensors are becoming an active issue of study. Developments in hardware technology and engineering design have managed to dramatic reductions in size, power consumption and cost for digital integrated circuit, wireless communications and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.........

Keywords –Security, structural requirement, Error Correction, Source Routing, Operational Requirement, Grey prediction

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Country : India
Authors : Shubhangi M. Sherekar

Abstract: The intention of this paper is to provide an overview on the subject of Computer science with Human computer Interaction. Human computer interaction (HCI) is the study of people design, implement, and use interactive computer systems. In this paper we study why do human uses computing system? , what do human uses computing system for? And the computer science of HCI.

Keywords:- Human Computer Interaction, computing system, computer science of HCI.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Human Resources Management and Technology
Country : India
Authors : Meera R. Satav

Abstract: At the time of recruitment it is necessary to complete forms so that we can become an "official" employee. There are data and the human resources (HR) department has always been the custodian of employee data. The type of data collected, where the data are stored, how the data are used, and the type of system used for these purposes has changed over time.........

Keywords:- Human resource information systems (HRIS), HRM, Employee self-service (ESS), Manager self-service (MSS), e- HR.

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