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Volume 10

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Cloud Computing Threats & Their Impact
Country : India
Authors : Sabah Naseem || Prof. A B Sasankar

Abstract: We know that now a days the cloud computing is growing more fastly. It is aadvance technology. Where data, hardware & software are shared over a network on use & pay rule. Because of this many organization are moving towards the cloud. There is no. of threats which cause possible harm or used to exploit important data. A threat can be either intentional or accidental. In this paper we will discuss about the threat & security issues. What are the different type of threats & their impact.

Keywords -cloud computing , cloud computing service model, threats.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Cloud Computing Security Disputes, Defies and Elucidations
Country : India
Authors : Venugopal S. Narsingoju || Dr. S. B. Kishor

Abstract: Cloud computing is an up going technology now a days where shared resources, software's and information are provided to computers and devices. Security in respect to cloud computing is an important and critical aspect, and has numerous issues and problem related to it. Since cloud computing uses distributed resources in open environment, thus it is important to provide the security and trust to share the data for developing cloud computing applications......
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Risk Utility Commuting, Virtual Machine Layer

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Bhagyashree Ambulkar || Ms. Rajeshree Ambulkar || Mr. Praful Barekar

Abstract: With the demand of different information by different users from same web page becomes critical problem for web personalization. The motive of clustering analysis is to discover rich quality of clusters such that the similarity between the intra-cluster is high. By usingpersonalization,access to the web pages or the contents of a Web page are modified to better fit the needs of the user.....

Keywords: web usage mining, web personalization, hierarchical agglomerative algorithm.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Interference issues of WLAN 802.11b with Other Devices in ISM 2.4 Ghz Band.
Country : India
Authors : Anupam chaube

Abstract: The paper presented deals with the issues of interference in ISM 2.4 Ghz band when WLAN 802.11b operating with other devices specially cordless phone and BT operated WPAN. From observation it is clear that WLAN 802.11b receive severe interference from both these devices because their power level coincide with each other, we have also observe that interference caused by BT will be more severe when it is in close proximity of WLAN. The interference issue becomes more serious when WLAN and WPAN are implemented on a single chip designed to share some radio components......


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Paper Type : Research Paper
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Punam R. Naphade || Dr. Girish Katkar

Abstract: Cloud Computing (CC) is an emerging computing paradigm that provides large amount of computing and storage to the Clients provisioned as a service over the internet in a pay-as you-go pricing model, where the Clients pay only according to the usage of their services. In Cloud Computing, the feature of multi-tenancy gives privacy, security, access control, authentication, authorization challenges, because of sharing of physical resources among un-trusted tenants so, a suitable technique with proper management should be applied before outsourcing the data and updating of data........

Keywords:- IaaS, PaaS, Saas, Vulnerability, Sustainable, OAuth, SAML etc.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Resolving the Optimization Problems Of Multi Communication Gateway for Remote Embedded Web Server using PSO
Country : India
Authors : Prof. Nitin S. Raulwar || Dr. Pradeep B. Dahikar

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are networks of autonomous nodes used for monitoring an environment. Developers of WSNs face challenges that arise from communication link failures, memory and computational constraints, and limited energy. Many issues in WSNs are formulated as multidimensional optimization problems, and approached through bio-inspired techniques. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a simple, effective and computationally efficient optimization algorithm.........

Keywords: clustering, data-aggregation , embedded web server, , RSA, Optimal coverage problem, PSO, Wireless sensor networks.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Roadmap towards Cloud Migration
Country : India
Authors : Mr. Ashish D. Musale || Dr. Pradeep G. Khot

Abstract: Most organizations still run a large majority of their IT applications, services and workloads within their own on premises data centers. This gives significant scope to realize potential operational and efficiency improvements achievable by cloud migrating some or more of those processes into external, off-premises managed hosting or cloud service environments.........

Keywords: Application, cloud computing, cloud migration, clo ud types, Service providers

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study Of Energy And Time Optimization Using Green Computing In Cloud Environment
Country : India
Authors : Shubhangi Gadhwe

Abstract: Cloud computing is widely used in business and IT companies. It allows to host the application from consumers, scientists and various domains on payments basis. However data centres hosting cloud computing applications consume huge amounts of energy, contributing to high operational costs and evolution of carbon to the environment. The data centres or clouds have high capacity of data storage and processing. As per the features provided it requires huge amount of power supply and resources..........

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Virtualization, Energy Efficiency, Resource Management

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review On Security Approach In Big Data
Country : India
Authors : Ms. Chetana Girish Gorakh || Dr. Kishor M. Dhole

Abstract: Today we are living in the digital world, so everyday substantial amount of data generated and it is very tedious job to manage, acquire, access, deploy and store large scale of data. Traditional databases are not compatible to manage, store and analyze heterogeneous data generated every day. Hence it needs to study concepts which identify newest techniques, methods to provide high security of data configuration and extraction in big data environment..........

Keywords: Big data, map reduce, Hadoop, security and privacy, big data analytics.

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