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International Conference on Emerging Trend in Engineering and Management Research (ICETEMR-2016)

Volume 1

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Detection of Provenance Forgery And Packet Drop Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Bloom Filter Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : S.Mailvizhi || S.Ramya || M..Sreema

Abstract: Large-scale sensor networks are deployed in numerous application domains, and the data they collect are used in decisionmakingfor critical infrastructures .A malicious adversary may introduce additional nodes in the network or compromise existing ones. Therefore, assuring high data trustworthiness is crucial for correct decision-making. Data provenance represents a key factor in evaluating the trustworthiness of sensor data.......

Keywords - Provenance, security, sensor networks.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Remote Authentication Via Biometrics: A Robust Video-Object Steganographic Mechanism Over Wireless Networks
Country : India
Authors : R.Ramani || V.Sowmiya || T.Shabana || K.Babu || Dr. C. Kumar

Abstract: Inwireless communications sensitive information is frequently exchanged, requiring remote authentication. Remote authentication involves the submission of encrypted information, along with visual and audio cues (facial images/videos, human voice etc.). Nevertheless, Trojan Horse and other attacks can cause serious problems, especially in cases of remote examinations (in remote studying) or interviewing (for personnel hiring).........
Keywords: Wireless communication, Authentication, Data hiding, Encrypted information, Choatic encryption, Sematic segmentation

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Pairwise Independent Network Using Key Generation Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : K.Kalaivani || K.Renugadevi || .Nithya

Abstract: We consider two secret key generation problems under a pairwise independent network model, and propose low complexity key generation schemes in a framework that connects our problems to network flow problems in graphs. Our schemes have two components: 1) local key generation and 2) global key propagation. In the local key generation, we use point-to-point source coding with side information to establish pairwise keys, from which we construct a graph with the capacity of each edge being the key rate of the corresponding point-to-point local key...........

Keywords- Capacity, multicommodity ,pairwise keys .

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