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4th - Somaiya International Conference on Technology and Information Management (SICTIM'18)

Volume 2

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Integrating Text Mining with Image Processing
Country : India
Authors : Anjali Sahu || Pradnya Chavan || Dr. Suhasini Vijaykumar

Abstract: Image Processing is the most stimulating subjectsof research. This paper presents the idea of recognizing the text in digital image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and then how this extracted text can be used for deriving information using Text Mining. In this paper we will discuss generic techniques and approaches that can be used to develop applications on integrating Text Mining with OCR. In this paper we will discuss various methodologies and we have categorized into five types such as Text Collecting, Text pre-processing, Text analysis, Visualization, and Model Evaluation. In the first step we have discussed howOptical Character Recognitioncan be integrated with Text mining.

Keywords - OCR (OpticalCharacter Recognition), Part-of-Speech, Tagging, Stemming, Tokenization.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Impact of Technological Singularity in Human Life
Country : India
Authors : Mayur Umesh Ushir || Prof. Pooja Kadam

Abstract: The technological singularity is a situation that the invention of artificial superintelligence unexpectedly triggers technological growth, resulting in incalculable changes in human life. As we said it is artificial superintelligence, once a machine is learning to develop then it will improve technologies recursively and it will scale up to an exponential level, however, this change can evolve the human civilization rapidly. This is the point beyond which events may become unpredictable or even obscure to human intelligence. This paper will focus on the current state of the experiments on AI Software's and deeply analyze the experiment results either positively or negatively impacting human society and life which can change them in the future.

Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Technological Singularity, Technical singularity, artificial superintelligence, technological growth, human intelligence, AI.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Generating Association Rules for Social Media Analysis
Country : India
Authors : Deepika Jaiswal || Shilpa Singh || Suhasini VijayKumar

Abstract: Association Rule Mining is a technique for identifying correlation between different data sets. It is also called as Market Basket Analysis, as this was original application area of association rule mining. Also the main aim of association rule is to identify association between items that occur together from a random sampling of all possibilities from data set. Social media mining has the process to represent, analyze, and extract patterns, trends from raw data of social media. These patterns and trends are useful to companies, governments and not-for-profit organizations, as these parties can usethose patterns and trends to design their strategies or to make new programs. This paper focus about generating association rules on these social media raw data which will help organization for analyzing trends very efficiently. It will discuss about various algorithm and techniques used in generating the rules with its procedure also will be compared from other algorithm to identify the best algorithm.

Keywords- Apriori Algorithm, Association Rule Mining, Data mining, Social Media Mining

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Agile Incident Management using Kanban Board for data Visualization
Country : India
Authors : Narayanan Anantharaman

Abstract: The concept of agile exist in the Industry for executing the project and most widely used for development projects [fig 1.][1]. Though the traditional incident management work on ITIL framework inducing the agile flavor is now the new trend. The foremost technique to handle the execution of Agile project is the Kanban board. The paper would discuss about the usage of Kanban board in Agile Incident management which provides a visual display of the ticket status that are in queue and helps the project to decide on the distribution and prioritization of the tickets during the daily SCRUM. Further few of the case study evidence the success of using the Kanban in incident management in reducing the waiting time and quick resolution of incidents. [5]

Keywords: Agile, Incident Management, Kanban, ITIL

[1]. Jayne Groll – President ITSM Academy – Presentation on what is Agile Incident Management

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : ATM Availability Management System
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Sujata Rao || Mr. Hrushikesh Mane

Abstract: ATM monitoring process is a part of ATM Availability Management solutions. It's a process of monitoring Automated Teller Machines on a regular basis. It enables the financial institutes to maximize the availability of their ATM fleet for the customers and reduce the downtime caused by various issues. Handling the incidents related to ATMs and monitoring the devices level health of entire ATM fleet is the prime study of this paper. The Master View that helps a financial institute to improve the overall availability of their self-service terminals and minimizing the downtime.Various reports and statistics about the transactions across various demographics is provided with useful information like, a) the cities using ATM heavily, b) most popular transaction, c) ATMs having heavy transaction volumes, etc. Monitoring ATMs helps greatly to identify the various causes behind slow or failed customer transactions so as to reduce the service incidents and maximize the ATM uptime..

Keywords: ATM Monitoring, ATM Availability Management, ATM Fleet Optimization

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Implementation of ODOO ERP for Business Applications
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Sujata Rao || Mr. Kaushik Kudtarkar

Abstract: Every Small, medium-sized and large businesses entreprises require an in-house ERP software for running its business smoothly . AFramework catering to the solutions for their business requirements. Also, companies look for open-source ERPs which are free to use/modify and have lower costs with large scope for development and customization. "ODOO"(formerly known as OpenERP) is one such open-source ERP software framework most widely used by different companies across the globe. The organizations belonging to different industry domains world-wide such as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Health care, Publishing, Travel, Transportation and Logistics, opt for the development and customization of "ODOO"ERP applications. This paper analyses the optimum benefit of "ODOO" for the various Industry sectors. As ODOO is very contemprory technology very few papers are available but there are many web articles available to describe the need of this study done which are done for this paper.

Keywords - "ODOO" ERP, Open Source ERP, ERP for Business Application, ERP Business App, ERP for SME .

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Use of IOT in Animal Husbandry
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Kirti Wankhede || Manisha Pathakala

Abstract: Biosensors, as a software for animal health control, are an emerging marketplace this is fast gaining popularity in the international market. Globally, some of sensors being produced for animal fitness management are at various levels of commercialization. Some technologies for generating an accurate health repute and sickness prognosis are relevant most effective for humans, with few changes or checking out in animal fashions. Now, those modern technologies are being taken into consideration for their destiny use in cattle development and welfare. Precision farm animals farming techniques, which include an extensive span of technologies, are being applied, alongside superior technologies like microfluidics, sound analyzers, photograph-detection strategies, sweat and salivary sensing, sero diagnosis,............

Keywords—Biosensors, IOT, Cow, Dairy, Animal Husbandry

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Sql Vs NoSql: NewSql The Solution For Big Data
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Archana Raje || Aniket Jagdale

Abstract: SQL Databases also referred to as RDBMS (Relational management Systems). RDBMS is the most typical and ancient approach to database solutions. The information is kept in a very structured approach in style of tables or relations. With advent of Big Data however, the structured approach falls short to serve the wants of massive information systems that are primarily unstructured in nature. Increasing capability of SQL though permits vast quantity of information to be managed; it doesn't really matter as an answer to Big Data systems that expects quick response and fast quick scalability.........

Keywords - NewSQL, Big Data, Features of NewSQL, Difference between SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL, OLTP (On-LineTransaction Processing) and Big Data, ACID properties, BASE properties, CAP Theorem.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Minimalist Ray Tracing
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Kirti Wankhede || Karan B Pathak

Abstract: Ray tracing is a physics-based method for simulating photorealistic 3D scenes. Light rays are drawn from the eye through each pixel of the desired image, and the rays' interactions with the scene determine the displayed pixel color. In computer graphics, ray tracing is a rendering technique for generating realistic image on view plane from 3D object by shooting rays at every pixel. The technique is capable of producing all properties of light such as shadows, reflection and refraction which are difficult to imitate in scanline rendering. Ray tracing technique is very useful in the scenario where the display or move of the image require to be slow for example creating visual effects in film or television. But it is not suitable in the scenario where display speed is high for example video games etc.. The current paper gives the overview of ray tracing technique and its implementation by using JavaScript............

Keywords - depth of field, reflection, refraction, sampling, transparency

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Thermal Landmine Detector
Country : India
Authors : Amogh R. Vaidya || Prof. Kimaya Ambekar

Abstract: Landmines are the devices which are usually concealed under the ground, near or on the ground which when stepped on are intended to kill or harm the opponent; may it be persons, animals or enemy tanks, vehicles. Since the landmines are buried approximately 3 to 10cm deep in the ground; they are not very visible. Detection of such landmines is very important to save innocent human beings and animals. This paper gives a model of Thermal Landmine Detector which can detect the mines from the distance. The idea is to eliminate the need for human mine sweeper for detecting the landmines and to provide the accurate position of the mine with its depth and size. This paper includes the technology,design,and working of the drone. This drone could minimize the loss of lives of mine sweepers who risk their lives for detecting the mines.

Keywords - Landmines, Thermal Detector, Sensors

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Alcohol Detection in Real-Time To Prevent Drunken Driving
Country : India
Authors : Prof. Dr. D.G.Jha || Swapnil Buva

Abstract: The number of accidents in the world is increasing day by day and among these accidents, more than 60% are caused due to menace of driving under the influence of "unreasonable" alcohol consumption. Therefore, since the death due to drunken-driving has assumed proportion larger than one can imagine, it requires immediate attention. This paper attempts to explore the possibility of using the technology that would detect the level of alcohol in the blood and prevent "very-start" of the motor vehicle. The model device aims at preventing the user from driving when drunk and reduces the number of accidents occurring due to drunken driving. The model is created using Arduino Uno and Alcohol detecting sensor. The alcohol detecting sensor (MQ-3) when connected to an Arduino UNO R3 detects the level of alcohol content in blood by analysing driver's breath...........

Keywords - Automobile, Embedded, Drunk and drive, IOT..

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Real Time IT based Library Management System
Country : India
Authors : Prof. Dr.Bharati Wukkadada || MS.Rewa Pimpalkar || Vishal Poojary

Abstract: This proposed paper represents the Real time library issuing and returning system. The Current methods of issuing the books from library is time consuming and have to follow multiple steps by the librarian for each books to be issued he take the book and ID card of student/staff and then scan the card & book with the barcode reader to issue and register the books to the card number in the server (Database). This implemented method it is slow and need multiple counters to issue/returning books. Our paper presents one of the solutions that can be used to work fast and smoothly without any use of counter system and workload to the library staff and cutting down the waiting time for the students. The books will automatically be issued and returned from the library and the Librarian...........

Keywords - RF-scanner, RFID (Radio frequency identification), issue or return, Library staff, Real time library, server (Database);

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Automatic Vegetable Detection and Recipe Suggestion
Country : India
Authors : Swati Kalyanasundar || Sangeetha Rajesh

Abstract: Imageprocessingisoneofthefastestgrowingtechnologiesnowadays.Itconvertsanimageinto digitalform,performoperationson it and getssomeusefulinformationwhichcan be used forvarious applications. Therearemanywaystouseimageprocessingwhichwillhelpusindaytodaylifecrisis.Inthis paper,weproposeasystemthatsuggestsrecipesbyidentifyingvegetablesavailablewiththeuser.Weuse imageprocessingtechnology toidentifythevegetables.Thesystemwillsearchfortherecipesbasedonthe identifiedvegetables viaInternet.Wealsodiscusscasescenarios whichportraystheworkingoftheproposed system.

Keywords -Graylevelthreshold,Histogrambaseddatabase,Imageprocessing,Recipesuggestion,Texture classification,Webcrawlers

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