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4th - Somaiya International Conference on Technology and Information Management (SICTIM'18)

Volume 1

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Requirements Model for Multi-Agent Autonomic Fetus Monitoring System
Country : India
Authors : Mrs. Rasika Mallya || Dr. Snehalata Kothari

Abstract: Ubiquitous Healthcare system provides the environment where users can receive medical treatment remotely at any time, any place. The purpose of u-healthcare monitoring system is to provide convenient healthcare service to patients and ease to diagnose patient's health condition based on monitored physiological data for physicians. These devices perform many computing tasks like monitoring data, diagnosing vital signs remotely. The patient is equipped with one or more wearable devices which are attached to his/her body. The wearable devices have body sensors. The body sensors are connected with mobile apps through mobile gateways. In this paper, a fetus monitoring system is presented using wearable technology and U-healthcare. The wearable device is equipped with autonomic multi-agent software to monitor fetus's and mother's body parameters. Some of the parameters which...........

Keywords - Autonomic fetus monitoring system; wearable technology; multi-agent system; PASSI technology; system requirements model;, case base reasoning; feedback loop..

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Measuring Student Performance with Data Mining
Country : India
Authors : Archana Rajan Nair || Anusha Jagannathachari

Abstract: This paper focuses on how data mining can be applied to analyze educational data. With data mining students academic progress can be tracked also the prediction of final grade and results can be done. Based on the result of data mining measures can also be taken to improve student's performance. In an academic year lot of educational data is produced also every teacher maintains an individual record. All such data is collected at a central storage so that the teachers and the authorities can access the data and analyze it whenever required. In the proposed system all such data is collected at a unified data hub and then mining is done .Based on the results of mining proper action can be taken..........

Keywords - Algorithms, Educational Data Mining, Random Forest technique

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Saline Level Indicator
Country : India
Authors : Anusha Jagannathachari || Archana Rajan Nair

Abstract: This papers main aim would be to put forward the implementation of saline level indicator in the saline bottle using Internet of Things (IOT) as the platform. The proposed system comprises of IR sensors which is used to detect/ monitor some aspects in its surrounding. The IR sensor will act as a level sensor for monitoring the critical level of the saline in the saline bottle. Whenever the level of saline reaches a pre-defined critical level; the RF based automatic device alert and notification are sent to the hospital staff. The alert message will be sent through the use of internet to the nurses and doctors who are in charge for the patients. Along with that an alarm buzzer will also start ringing. The objective here is to present the design and implementation of saline indicator. This proposed system can be utilized efficiently in homes as well as in hospitals.

Keywords- Arduino controller, Buzzer, DC Motor, Spring, IOT, IR Sensor

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : CRM the Most Valuable Component of Banking
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Sujata Rao || Jinali Patel

Abstract: All businesses in the contemporary world such as financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, and other service-providing organizations have realized the importance and need of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its abilities to enable them in a) Win back the former customers b) Retain existing customers c) Acquire new customers and d) Increase the Customers Lifetime Value. To accomplish this Banks need to sustain their engagement with their existing customers mandatorily and a strong synchronization is necessary between IT and Sales departments as they have to join hands to provide a long-term relation for their customers. This study in the paper deals with the role of CRM in the banking sector and how CRM helps in increasing customer value by using the CRM methods making it the most valuable Component of Banking.........

Keywords:CRM, Importance of CRM, Banking Sector, CRM for Banks

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Animal Tracking and Caring using RFID and IOT
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Kirti Wankhede || Sayali Pednekar

Abstract: Animals are important part of human life and they are to be taken care of. A proper, suitable and safe environment has to be provided to them with appropriate care of their diet. A system to track and monitor the animals remotely is required. This system should be intelligent enough to message the owner of the pet with the current situations, it should be able to supply animals with required amount of food and water, maintain the room temperature favored by the animal, live streaming of animals movement and behavior and should also be able to locate animal at a remote distance. Here we have developed the system with all this above mentioned features.

Keywords: firewall security, IOT, RFID, sensor, Animal Tracking

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Smart Wheel Chair
Country : India
Authors : Archana Nair || Anusha Jagannathachari

Abstract: In this paper a smart wheel chair has been proposed. The existing wheel chairs in use either makes the physically challenged person dependent on someone or has to use his own physical strength to move. The main purpose of this paper is to make physically challenged peoples life easy. With the proposed system user can control his movement on wheel chair with an android application without anybody's help. User can control his movement using voice recognition technique. User can either use sound or can use buttons to give input, with this even people with difficulty in moving hands and the people with speech impairment can use the system. With the proposed system user can be informed about the hurdles in his path and the hurdles are sensed by sensors. Collision with objects and accidents will be avoided with the proposed smart wheel chair, thus providing security to the disabled person.

Keywords - Android application, Bluetooth, DC Motor, IR Sensor, Micro controller .

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of String Matching Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : Prof. I.V.Srinivas || Moez Samnani, Mohammed Shafaat Shaikh

Abstract: In every text-editing application like notepad, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.there is a needof mechanism to find a particular pattern. The main objective of string or pattern searchingis to searchparticular pattern for position in a large body of text (e.g.from a book, a paragraph, a sentence, etc.). The purpose is to find occurrence of a text within another text. For example when we need to find some text in text editor it is a tough task to find that word or text manually. To make our task simple we simply press shortcut key Ctrl+F,which generates a pop up window where we can enter text which we need to search and it finds the occurrences of that particular text in the entire document. If matches found then it will highlight it all the occurrence of string which we are looking for otherwise it will display no matches found if there is zero occurrence of string.

Keywords—String matching algorithms, Algorithm, pattern matching, exact pattern matching, searching

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Implementation of Game theory in Software Testing
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Bharati Wukkadada || Akshay Pendbhaje

Abstract: We know errors in software development can occur at any stage of software development lifecycle. Later the error is identified more the correction cost is, however if error is made in earlier phase and detected early the cost of correction is less and if not solved early error is propagated in the later stages of lifecycle. These is based on an assumption that all the participants in the software development process are willing to make the software correctly at all the possible levels and not only their individual level. It is not possible for any individual to completely ignore personal goals. This results into conflict between team members of same software development team. In this paper we will analyze software development process as noncooperative game and try to understand hidden problems within it with help of game theory

Keywords - Software Testing, Game theory, non co operative game, software development lifecycle.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Online Healthcare System Using Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Bharati Wukkadada || Vincy P Saiswani

Abstract: A system to have your health check-ups done and access your reports anywhere anytime. Tracking the nearby labs, doctors and able to get blood based on your need through this system. Consulting your doctors online through chat or video and getting prescriptions based on your health. Keeping a track of your daily body health parameters using health devices connected to your phone and transferring this data on the cloud for the doctors to access it directly. Making use of an expert system in this application to get preventive measures and advices through the use of artificial intelligence. Since, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are the emerging technologies, they can be integrated with traditional health management to provide better health care services.

Keywords -Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Expert System, Healthcare, Health Management

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : IOT In Home Grocery Management
Country : India
Authors : Akshay Pendbhaje || Prof. Sangeetha Rajesh

Abstract: Internet Of Things technology is changing our daily life by embedding sensors and actuators in all the appliances we use. The percepts from sensors are intelligently manipulated to make better decisions. Our system is introducing the use of Internet Of Things technology in the kitchen. In the current scenario, grocery shopping can be done online. But keeping track of the groceries is the main work of the person handling kitchen, failing which will result in insufficient items to cook. The system stated in this paper takes away this responsibility from the person handling kitchen. The objective of this paper is to propose a system which will track the availability of groceries in the kitchen. It also searches for better options of e-commerce sites with lower prices to order the product and displays the list on the user's Smartphone from where the user can order and procure those items. The test data is considered according to the daily usage of a grain in the kitchen.

Keywords - Internet Of Things, grocery management, smart home, MQTT, raspberry pi, loadcell.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Pervasive Traffic Management Using OBDUINO & Cloud Server
Country : India
Authors : Priti S. Sharma || Prof. Sangeetha Rajesh

Abstract: Smart city portray a city that redesigned innovation so as to enhance the quality with less efforts. One approach to enhancing the Traffic Management Control is taking real time data about each vehicle and analyzes it to for different requirements of the traffic control system.Current traffic management system has many limitations because of lack of information gathering from vehicles. In this paper we propose an pervasive traffic management systemthatutilize information which is collected through OBDuino device and send to the data server and the client end. Information stored on the cloud server by utilizing Arduino Microchip and it is shown to the Traffic administration control. The arrangement of information ought to be characterized by the master learning and intelligible shape. By developing this proposed framework,the continuous information log will be accessible to client end as well as activity administration control framework.

Keywords - Android OBD-II Reader, End-device coordinator, Internet of Things(IOT), on Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) device, Traffic management System, ZigBee.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Fuzzy Logic System in Tomato Farming
Country : India
Authors : Lalit R. Aphale || Sangeetha Rajesh

Abstract: Fuzzy logic systems are used for checking the degrees of truth in real life events. Recent advancements in technologies especially in wireless technologies are giving new advancements in the field of agriculture. In this paper, we will study the uses of fuzzy logic systems with the help of some wireless technologies in efficient farming of tomato crop which is an important and profitable crop of India. This paper will explain the irrigation system as well as fertigation (Fertilizers given through irrigation) and circulating pesticides in the farm using a fuzzy logic control system. All required information is collected with the help of wireless sensors which is scientifically accurate. The use of advanced technologies lead to proper and efficient ways of using water, electricity and the other resources required for tomato farming. This paper can be considered as a research study which is done through literature, human experiences for developing an expert system in this particular area.

Keywords - Expert system, Fuzzy logic, Tomato crop.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Comparison of Web and Mobile UTS E-Governance Application – A Case on Mumbai Railways
Country : India
Authors : Dr.Jaya Iyer || Dr.Sindhu Singh || Ranjan Tiwari || Deepak Yadav

Abstract: The advancement in the field of information technology has motivated the government to introduce E-Governance. E-Governance is a tool that uses ICT to deliver various government services to the citizen in a convenient way. The Government of India has introduced many e-governance projects to the citizens. Even though many services are implemented, the adoption rate is very low. To overcome this low usage, the government has introduced some of their services to mobile phones called as M-Governance. The main objective of this study is to identify the implementation challenges of e-Governance and m-Governance in Mumbai Railways-UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System), to understand and identify the problems in the existing system as well as to provide a suitable solution for the problems in UTS application.

Keywords -E-Governance, M-Governance, mobile app, UTS

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