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Volume 2

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Performance Measurement of QOS Parameters of through put enhanced Wireless in Local Loop Architecture
Country : India
Authors : Pranav Panchal || Dr. Rajesh Bansode

Abstract: The number of subscribers in Wireless Networks such as Wireless in Local Loop (WiLL) is increasing thereby it becomes beneficial to use spectrum reusability techniques. To improve the capability of WiLL systems, multihop relaying is used. In the existing WiLL system, number of subscribers that can be simultaneously served is limited, with increase in subscriber density. It is to develop Throughput Enhanced Wireless in Local Loop (TWiLL) architecture that uses multi-hop relaying and shortcut relaying to reuse bandwidth of the system.In the existing WiLL system, the Throughput(30 Mbps) decreases with increase in time, Packet drop(20 kbps) increases with increase in time..........

Keywords - Multi-hop relaying, Single hop relaying, Shortcut relaying, Wireless in Local Loop

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Cluster Computing Using Raspberry PI
Country : India
Authors : Anuj Shinde || Shashank Pal || Vedant Singhvi || Manish Rana

Abstract: This projectaims on creating a RaspberryPibased cluster computer whichwillbeused for data analytics.People are becoming dependent on computer and their computational power more and more every day. Increasing amount of data is coming into existence each day and power to process this data calls for cluster computer which are a set of computer that operate together, only to be viewed as a single computer, to process and compute data. In this project, we are creating a miniature model of cluster computer which are used on servers such as windows server 2003 or Beowulf cluster using Raspberry Pi which will give us an idea about the working and power of cluster computers............
Keywords: Beowulf cluster, Cluster computer, Raspberry Pi,Data analytics.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Automated Code Generator
Country : India
Authors : Mahenaz Sayyed || NamrataNathani || Yash Chugh || Seema Kolkur

Abstract: Is it possible for a computer program to writeitsown programs? Couldhuman software developersbereplaced one day by the very computers thatthey master? The objective of thispaperis to create an Artificial Intelligence system thatis capable of generating codes for a giventargetproblemstatementspecified by the user. The system makes use of GeneticAlgorithm. It startswith the gene set of all possible instructions of the targetlanguage and absolutely no knowledge of the syntax and semantics. Firstlyitgenerates an initial population of randomsequences of the instruction set................

Keywords- Intelligence; Genetic Algorithm; Fitness function; Fitness score.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Prediction Algorithm using Lexicons and Heuristics based Sentiment Analysis
Country : India
Authors : Aakash Kamble || Darshan Vakharia || Rachit Verma || Dr. Rajesh Bansode

Abstract: Stock market prediction has been a vital requirement of the investors. Computer science plays an important role in it. Well-organized and EMH had been one of the prominent theory about stock prediction. Collapse of it had resulted in research in the area of prediction of stocks. The idea is taking non quantifiable data such as financial tweets related to a company and predicting its stock with tweets (twitter) sentiment classification. Considering the fact that twitter data have impact on stock market, this is an attempt to figure out relationship between twitter data and stock trend..............

Keywords: Stock Prediction, Sentiment Analysis, Lexicons, Heuristics, Prediction Algorithm

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Hybrid Cryptosystem Approach for secure communication
Country : India
Authors : Ruchita Patil || Veena Kulkarni

Abstract: Data security is of utmost importance in today's world. Especially when the data is travelling through an insecure communication network. Cryptography addresses the necessary elements for secure communication such as privacy, confidentiality, key exchange, authentication and non-repudiation. There are symmetric key encryption techniques which use only one key for both encryption and decryption of the data. . On the other hand, there are asymmetric key based algorithms which use a pair of keys.............

Keywords:- Encryption, Decryption, Hybrid cryptosystem

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Multimodal Fusion of Iris & Signature Using WLD Based Feature Extraction
Country : India
Authors : Neelam Thapa || Dr. Vinayak Bharadi

Abstract: The standard method used for authentication is password, which is known to a specific person only. Password alone does not ensure security since an intruder can easily misuse it. Hence to overcome such a scenario; passwords should be replaced with more secure form of authentication which is biometric authentication. Biometric systems fall under unimodal and multimodal categories. Unimodal biometric system has some drawbacks. A Multimodal biometric system (MBS) removes these drawbacks. The proposed system is a MBS which combines two different types of biometric modality i.e. iris (physiological) & signature (behavioral) using a suitable fusion technology...............

Keywords: FAR, FRR, Multimodal, Unimodal, WLD

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Spiritual Care Visual Data Analytics for Patient Healing
Country : India
Authors : Ronak Shah || Ritesh Mishra || PrashantRaina || VikasKaul || Ranganathan Balsubramaniam || Dr.S.K.Narayankhedkar || VaishaliKamat

Abstract: Data Analytics is a complicated subject, historically only tackled by well-trained and experienced experts.However as more and more data is being generated and technology is also changing at a very fast rate organizations are looking for data analysts to derive the trends and patterns required for taking decisions for the benefit of organization. For the same purpose we are using a business intelligence tool QLIKVIEW as a front end for displaying the DASHBOARDS.We are getting data from SQL SERVER 2008 through stored procedure. The job for the stored procedure is scheduled on the daily basis and is fetched to the QLIKVIEW MANAGEMENT CONSOLE.............


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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Classification Framework for Scheduling Algorithms in Wireless Mesh Networks
Country : India
Authors : Mayuri Panchal || Dr. Rajesh Bansode

Abstract: Scheduling MAC-layer transmissions in multi-hop wireless networks is an active area of research. An overview of link scheduling algorithms in Spatial Time Division Access (STDMA) Wireless Mesh Networks is provided. There are several interesting algorithms proposed in the literature in the problem space of scheduling for multi-hop wireless networks, specifically for WiMAX mesh networks, long distance multi-hop Wi-Fi networks, and Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs).................

Keywords - Multimedia Access Control, Mobile Adhoc Network, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, Wireless Fidelity, Wireless Mesh Network

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of Affect Computing Techniques in Human Computer Interface
Country : India
Authors : Dhananjay Theckedath || Dr. R.R Sedamkar

Abstract: Computer systems which are capable of emotion detection via automated devices open up new horizons in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Due to the inseparable link between emotions and cognition, the field of Affective Computing aspires to narrow the communicative gap between human beings and computers. This is achieved by developing systems that not only recognize but also respond to the affective states of the user. This paper presents a literature survey on the various Affect detection techniques including Facial expression analysis, Speech analysis, Multi-modality and Gaze detection. The aim of the paper is to obtain a deeper understanding of affective states, which will form the foundation for designing a data-driven Human Computer interface.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : IOT Based Energy Consumption and Security Control In Home Automation System
Country : India
Authors : Ashokkumar Sharma || Shivam Shukla || Prakash Shukla || Agrim Singh || Mrs.Veena Kulkarni

Abstract: IoT based home automation system can be controlled over mobile devices. This system can perform varied functions to be performed at home. This allows accessibility over internet from any corner in the world. The main focus of this project is to minimize the usage of electricity and reduce human efforts.The Home Automation system (HAS) incorporates various aspects of technologies such as wireless networking, communication over cloud.The data to be analyzed is stored onto the cloud. The user can access multiple appliances over the internet as per their convenience. This is a low cost system. This system can control multiple devices.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Prevention of Attack in WSN using Certificate Revocation
Country : India
Authors : U. L. Prajapati || Dr. R.R. Sedemkar

Abstract: Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs) are susceptible to many security threats, and because of communication, computation and delay constraints of WSNs, traditional security mechanisms cannot be used. Trust models have been recently suggested as an effective security mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Considerable research has been done on modeling trust. However, most current research work only takes communication behavior into account to calculate sensor nodes' trust value, which is not enough for trust evaluation due to the widespread malicious attacks. According to the number of packets received by sensor nodes, direct trust and recommendation trust are selectively calculated. Then, communication trust, energy trust and data trust are considered during the calculation of direct trust..............

Keywords:- Wireless sensor networks, Energy efficient, Trust model, Certificate Revocation.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Trust Based Secure Optimal Route Selection and Enhancing QoS in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using AOMDV-SAPTV and DE-Algorithm
Country : India
Authors : Gautam M. Borkar || Anjali R. Mahajan || Prashant Jawade

Abstract: A mobile adhoc network is infrastructure-free and self configured network connected without wire. As it is infrastructure-free and no centralized control, such type of network are suitable only for conditional inter communication link. So initially maintaining Quality of Service and security aware routing is a difficult task. The main purpose of QoS aware routing is to find an optimal secure route from source to destination which will satisfy two or more QoS constrain. In this paper, we propose a net based multicasting routing scheme..............

Keywords: Mobile adhoc network (MANET); Multicasting routing scheme MRS; Quality of Service ; Secure closest spot trust certification protocol (SCSTC); Dolphin Echolocation Algorithm (DEA).

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Power Line Interference Removal from ECG Signal using Adaptive Filter
Country : India
Authors : Benazeer Khan || Yogesh Watile

Abstract: Power line interference is a challenging problem given that the frequency of the time-varying power line signal lies within the frequency range of the ECG signal. Some technical difficulties that involved are low sampling frequency at which the ECG signals are obtained and the low computational resources available at the level of the apparatus. In this paper, adaptive filter to eliminate the power line interference from ECG signal by the use of adaptive LMS algorithm and low pass filter is presented. Most of the energy in the ECG signal is concentrated near the low frequency range..............

Keywords: Adaptive Filter, Biomedical Signals, LMS Algorithm

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Automation in Farming Industry
Country : India
Authors : Kaushal Mania || Bhavesh Jadav || Akash Pujari || Anand Khandare

Abstract: 21St Century is the era of technological advancements. Automation is taking over the work that is rudimentary. Farmers uses error prone method to catalogue their goods, they use pen and paper to keep track of their produces, and here human error is bound to happen.With the help of this project we tend to automate the cataloguing process for farmers. This recedes chances of error in cataloguing. With the use of this project there will be a reduction in cases of hoarding. This project uses database to store this information which can be viewed by general masses thereby increasing transparency between farmers and customers. This project will use open source technology such as Raspberry.............

Keywords: Transparency, Automated, Manually, Information, MiddleMan

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Data Preprocessing, Sentiment Analysis & NER On Twitter Data
Country : India
Authors : Mr.SanketPatil || Prof.VarshaWangikar || Prof. K. Jayamalini

Abstract: The world today has become more advanced where people talk, chat and comment their viewswithout their physical appearance just by dealing with words and not expressions. For instance, Twitter is being used my many people to raise their voice against a particular issue, now the job of finding out and segregating the tone of the comments as positive, negative or neutral is a difficult but crucial task. This information can be used by someone who is a manufacturer of a particular product to know about the impact of his product or Quality of service in the market. It might also be used by a celebrity to how common people react to a particular issue raised by him............

Keywords: CRF, NER, Sentiment Analysis, Social media, twitter

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Machine Learning: Challenges, Opportunities and Applications
Country : India
Authors : Anand Khandare || Saurabh Indoria || Kalindi Awasthi || Shubham Chhaparia

Abstract: With the enhancement in the technology sector, Machine Learning is evolving on its own, due to key role it can play in providing potential solutions to the various sectors like data mining, image processing, language processing . In this paper, we discuss the various domains wherein the machine learning provides a broader scope for efficient solutions. This paper has four sections (i) Introduction (ii) Data sets (iii) Machine learning models (iv) Challenges (v) scope (vi)applications of machine learning.

Keywords: Dataset, Machine Learning, training.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Robust Inline Data Reduction Technique in Multi-tenant Storage
Country : India
Authors : Mr. Ankur Sinha || Mr. Anand Khandare

Abstract: Data deduplication has gained increasing popularity as a space-reduction approach in backup storage systems. One of the main challenges for centralized data deduplication is the scalability of fingerprint-index search. In existing system, deduplication mainly focuses on backup system. In this paper, we propose a system that effectively exploits similarity and locality of data blocks to achieve high duplicate elimination and well balanced load at low RAM overhead in a runtime storage environment. The main idea is to employ an algorithm by considering random data chunks which are similar with adjacent data chunk, and eliminate duplicate chunks from the storage system, and then further enhance the resemblance detection efficiency. This would further help us to enhance the data delivery capabilities in cloud storage system with reduced latency and high throughput.

Keywords: Data Chunks, Data Deduplication, Cloud Storage.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Aashvast Seva: A Portal to Connect Vagrant to Employer
Country : India
Authors : Pratiksha Singh || Shaheen Sayyed || Tanvi Sanzgiri || Tanya Talwar || Anand Khandare

Abstract: The issue poverty and illiteracy is very paramount in India. With an intention to provide a work for Unskilled and unemployed people especially beggars and support their children's for seeking education we are aiming to develop a web portal for employment of unskilled people .There are various scheme approached and initiated by the government of India to solve this issues , among those one is Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana where the project engage rural youth specially BPL in gainful employment Through skill training programs. This proposal is meant for providing one solution to help the zero income segment of population that is beggars, unskilled people.

Keywords: Rural area, zero income, unskilled, illiterate, monitoring, manpower, BPL (Below Poverty Line).

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