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3rd Somaiya International conference on Technology and Information Management (SICTIM’17)

Volume 1

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Smart Eye Implementation using Smart Glass and Bio Chip
Country : India
Authors : Akshay Vartak || Saurabh Ranjane || Dr.SuhasiniVijaykumar

Abstract: In a world of 7 billion people, estimated no of visually impaired people is whopping 285 million, from which 39 million people are blind and 246 million have partial vision. About 90% of the world's visually impaired live in low or middle income countries. 82% of people living with partial or full blindness are ranged in aged 50 and above. While world needs 100 million pair of eyes every year. On the other hand shortage of eyes is becoming a huge problem. The aim of "smart eye" is to give visual clues to people who are suffering from various eye diseases.............

Keywords - About Biochip, Implantation,Smart glass

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Vehicle Tracking System using GSM and GPS Technologies
Country : India
Authors : Prof. (Dr.) BharatiWukkadada || Allan Fernandes

Abstract: A vehicle tracking system is an automated device that makes it easier to locate and at the same time monitor the position, timing, and mobility of a carriage. This paper proposes a tracking system that makes use of "GPS" and "GSM" technologies. It works as the most inexpensive form of the system that can help identify vehicle theft. It is an enclosed system that uses a GPS receiver along with a GSM modem monitoring the movement of vehicle and briefs the status. GSM modem shows the location with respect to longitude and latitudes.
Keywords: GPS, GSM, Maps, Microcontroller, Vehicle Tracking.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Search Engine Optimization- beneficial or unacceptable
Country : India
Authors : Prof. (Dr.) BharatiWukkadada || Kunal Patel || KunalGupta

Abstract: The search engines keep an account of every word on a web. When someone searches for Books, the search engine finds out all the webpages that contains "books" as a word. The key to have top ranking is that you make sure our website has all that an algorithm of search engine searches while generating search results. This technique is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our paper proposes the SEO is beneficial or it is unacceptable. The proposed paper will presents the PageRank algorithm and get top rank webpage, SEO techniques, Link Building. The paper also covers the beneficial or the unacceptable.

Keywords- SEO, url, SiteMap, White Hat, Black Hat, Hummingbird algorithm


Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Utilizing Information Technology resources for enhancing of agriculture produce in India
Country : India
Authors : Dr. D. G. Jha || Mr. Chinmay Palkar

Abstract: India is stepping towards new digitization and Information Technology era but still agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy. Whether it comes to contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) as well as a source of employment to millions across the country agriculture is a dominant sector of the Indian economy. AS the principal means of livelihood over 70 percent of Indian rural household depends on agriculture or agriculture associated work. This paper gives an overview about the usage of Information technology (IT) resources for improving the efficiency and productivity of agriculture in India. It also highlights global trend of eAgriculture. This paper is based on secondary data.

Keywords: eAgriculture, ICT, FAO, IFAD)

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Recognizing and digitizing human handwritten information Neural Network Optical Character recognizer to automate attendance record system of an organization
Country : India
Authors : Frayosh Wadia || Chinmay Palkar

Abstract: In this highly competitive digital world handling a non-digital data and making value out of non-digital information for business use is a toughest challenge. In today's highly competitive business environment not considering or using non-digital information is not a very good choice. As the technology is growing and world shifting towards digitization it is not a tough task to digitizing non-digital (on paper) information. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) techniques which are capable of handling imprecise and complicated data are one of the solutions to solve such problem with minimum human interventions which are too complex..............

Keywords:- ANN, OCR, ROI, ICR

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Innovation in the It Sector - Opportunities for the Visually Challenged
Country : India
Authors : Prof. Asha Bhatia || Sushmita Sharma

Abstract: For a greater number of people, getting employed is considered to be "A Major Life Activity" that not only offers financial self-determination, improves one's self-esteem, and also gives a feeling of contributing towards the society while enhancing the quality of life. The above statements are also true among the people with disabilities for whom employment is an important factor in garnering self-confidence, having independence, achieving social inclusion and also ensuring equal participation in all aspects of life.............

Keywords: Information technology, innovations, visually challenged, inclusive society.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : To Study The Entrepreneur's Personality Traits Which Affect The Success of Digital Entrepreneurs in India
Country : India
Authors : Prof. Kalpana Kumaran || Dr.Veni Nair || Mr.Venumadhav

Abstract: This research study deals with the digital entrepreneurship which can be described as making use of digital technologies to run the entire business or a part of the business.In the current scenario, there are many entrepreneurs start their business in the digital world, not many of the entrepreneurs come out with a successful business.In this study, I took one of my objectives that is "the entrepreneur's personality traits that affect the success of digital entrepreneur in India". Outside India, few studies have been conducted by analysing some of the factors of entrepreneurs, in India such kind of research study has not been conducted so far. This researchstudy focuses this research gap............

Keywords— Need for Achievement, Risk taking ability, Innovativeness, Access to capital, Management skills, Good product at competitive price, Good customer service, Position in society & Reputation for honesty.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : What Drives Consumers to Shop Online
Country : India
Authors : Khushboo Makwana || Dr. Anuradha Pathak || Dr. Pragya Sharma

Abstract: Online shopping is witnessing a rapid growth during the recent years. It broadens the market area and offers a wide range of products at the most competitive prices. According to a report by Indian leading Venture Capital firm Accel Partners, it is estimated that Indian e-commerce will grow from a $2 billion Industry in 2013 to around $ 8.5 billion by 2016 at a CAGR of 63%. It is also estimated that the number of online shoppers will double from 20 million to 40 million by year 2016. Convincing the consumers to shop online is still a challenging task. Consumers' behavior depends on various social, personal and psychological factors...........

Keywords - Attributes, Consumer Behavior, Drivers, Online shopping, Problems

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Cloud Based Smart Cities Roadmap to Build Cities Using Cloud Technologies to Reduce Carbon Footprints
Country : India
Authors : Kimaya Ambekar || Ronak Gupta || Abhijith Varma

Abstract: The conceptualization of smart cities has gathered the requirements of quality, connection and communication between various services and use of technology. The growing need of resources, safety and public management services can be seen as a major factor for development of Smart City concept. The evolving technologies like cloud computing and IoT can be of huge help when developing smart cities. Cloud computing can provide hardware, software and applications pay-as-per use basis and Internet of Things (IoT) uses sensors and RFID to communicate between the devices and resources.............

Keywords: Cloud Computing, ICT, IOT, Sensor, Smart City.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Implementing Bridge Between Ffems And Sfc
Country : India
Authors : Dr. Kirti Wankhede || Mahesh Salke

Abstract: Field Force Expense Management System (FFEMS) and Sales Force Centricity (SFC) these are two different applications which are using by one of the largest pharmaceutical firm in India. Users of SFC system are District Manager, Regional Manager and Area Manager. These users can enter their monthly and yearly plan and daily expense details. Approved expense records provided to FFEMS system using interfaces in which each interface has different function..........

Keywords – Field force expense management system, FFEMS & SFC, Pharmaceutical industry, Sales force centricity, WCF


Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Enhanced Pre-Processing Using Definiteuser Identification
Country : India
Authors : Pavithra B || Dr.Niranjanamurthy M

Abstract: The incredible growth of World Wide Web has made the present users interact with the website on day to day basis. Huge amount of data is been generated which is very much significant for the company to know the behaviour of the user.These issues is been addressed in webmining among which pre-processing is an important phase. In this paper we have discussed an enhanced pre-processing method which involves data cleaning based on definite userip address and agent values. In traditional user identification the heuristic rules upon site structure had flaws in finding the relationship between pages which inturn reduces the efficiency of user identity.......

Keywords:- Pre-processing, Session Identification, Server log, Session Time, Customization.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Ubiquitous Aquarium Management System
Country : India
Authors : Sangeetha Rajesh || Saurabh Jadhav || Nehasingh

Abstract: In ubiquitous computing real world objects communicate with each other and act intelligently. Internet of Things is an emerging technology which realizes this ubiquitous nature of computing. Our paper proposesarchitecture for aquarium management using this technology. Aquarium management needs timely gathering of water parameter value changes. These changes may affect the life of aquatic animals in the aquarium. The proposed system collects the real time data from aquarium environment using sensors..........

Keywords: Actuators,internet of things,IoT, sensors, Zigbee

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