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National Conference On "Changing Technology and Rural Development" CTRD 2k16

Volume 1

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Changing Perspective: Gravity Light
Country : India
Authors : Pankaj Gode || Ankit Jadhav || Kalpesh Gardi || S.R Bhandari

Abstract: We think we live in modern world but there are still areas which have limited or no supply of electricity. Most of this area is located in mountains where we cannot provide electricity generated from tidal, hydroelectric, thermal energy by grid connectivity as they are situated in very remote places. They still depend on kerosene lamp which we consider as obsolete. So how to provide electricity in such places? You might think of solar or wind energy. But the problem with solar energy is it varies from places to places which are same with wind energy. So we've to think a better alternative to get rid of this question and which is also viable. Here Gravity comes into picture.............

Keywords - DC Motor, Electricity Generation, Gear Train, Gravitational Energy, Sustainable.

[2]. Introduction about the fume generations:
[3]. About Mikhail Dmitri Gravity wheel motor:
[4]. About Clay Moulton's Gravia Lamp:

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Photoplumbing (Optical Fiber Lighting)
Country : India
Authors : Ankit Jadhav || Pankaj Gode || Kalpesh Gardi || S.R Bhandari

Abstract: Even on a grey day with an overcast sky there is normally excess of light outdoors in comparison with what is required at most work places indoors. This excess of light can be harvested, concentrated, amplified and distributed indoors by fibre optics to replace most of the electrical lighting. The whole system manually tracks the sun. In doing so, it could have an operation period of around 6hrs each day with its peak efficiency at noon. We analysed three systems. They are all biaxial tracking system. There are several benefits of day lighting, energy saving is one of them.............
Keywords: Day lighting, Fiber Optics, Green Technology, Solar Concentrator, Solar tracking.

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[2] About Himawari System:
[3] About ParansSystem:
[4] About Hybrid Solar Lighting:
[5] About Solux System:

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Use of Smart Material made an Industrial Revolution in Development of Automobile
Country : India
Authors : Amar Yekane || ChinmayMulye || Shridhan Panchal

Abstract: Smart materials have been in use since 1980's and they have found large number of applications in the field of automobiles, constructions, transport, medical and domestic areas. A smart material is one which reacts to its environment by itself. It has various types such as Shape Memory Alloys (SMA), piezoelectric materials, magnetostrictive materials, smart fluid (magneto and electro-rheological materials), chromic materials etc. This paper highlights the present development in application of Shape Memory Alloy's (SMA) and piezoelectric especially in automobile. The types of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) like such as copper-aluminum-nickel and nickel-titanium (NiTi) are also explained in short with their use in automobile

Keywords- Smart Materials, Piezoelectric Material, Shape Memory Material (SMA), Automobile.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Case Study of Exhaust Gas Recirculation on Engine Performance
Country : India
Authors : Jagadish M. Sirase || Roshan R. Dongare || Nikhilesh D.Bhatkar || Amit V. Pawaskar

Abstract: Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a designed widely used system to reduce the exhaust emissions, particularly nitrogen oxides (NOx). The EGR system recirculates a fraction of exhaust gases into the intake manifold where it mixes with the fresh incoming charge. In Compression Ignition engines, formation of NOX is highly temperature dependent phenomenon and takes placewhen the temperature in the combustion chamber is very high (exceeds 2000 k). An experimental investigation was conducted to study the effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation on diesel engine Performance.

Keywords: Petrol and Diesel engine, EGR, NOx emissions, engine performance, and emission analysis.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Heat Transfer Enhancement through a Circular Tube Fitted with Swirl Flow Generator
Country : India
Authors : S V. Patil || G. U. Dongare || S.S. Haval || P, L. Ambekar

Abstract: Experimental studies on friction factor and heat transfer characteristics for turbulent flow ofwater in a circular tube fitted with wire coil, screw tape inserts and combination of both under nearly uniform wall temperature conditions are reported in this article. The experimental results reveal that the use of inserts leads to considerable increase in heat transfer and friction loss over those of a plain tube. The Nusselt increases with the rise of Reynolds number for all inserts and average Nusselt number for a combination of wire coil and screw tape insert is found 155 times higher than that of a plain tube.

Keywords:- Nusselt number, Reynolds number, screw tape, wire coil, turbulent flow

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Anomaly Identification & Failure Diagnosis
Country : India
Authors : Mr.Swapnil B.Kadam

Abstract: When wework in large scale network ,number of problems arises, the total time required to deal with these type of problemsdepends on how severe the problemis. As system takes more time to recover from failures, maintenance costgoes on increasing,italso causes loss of processing cycles. To deal with such type of loss, the information at various nodes in network is collected and verification of failure reasons is performed. Intraditional system thisprocess of dealing with failureswashandled by humans, but such manual processing was leading to various problems such as consumption of time, scalability of network and many more. As scalability of network goes on increasing we should think on automation of anomaly identification to perform failure diagnosis.

Keywords: Abnormal,Anomaly ,Communication,Detection,Failure, Timer

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Artificial Neural Network Based Signature Verification
Country : India
Authors : Vinayak Jadhav || Nikhil kadam || Paresh Keluskar || Ayyaj Khan

Abstract: The human signature is proven to be the most important for access. Signature of the person is proven to be the important biometric attribute of a human being which can be used to authenticate human identity [1]. There are many biometric characteristics by which one can have own identity like face recognition, fingerprint detection, iris inspection and retina scanning [2]. Voice reorganization and signature verification are the upcoming technologies for the human identity.Human signature can be handling as the image and can be recognized by using the computer vision and neural network...............

Keywords— Image Processing, Neural Network, Offline signature Recognition & Verification, Security.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Utilization of Laravel Framework for Development of Web Based Recruitment Tool
Country : India
Authors : Vishal V. Parkar || Prashant P. Shinde || Sanket C. Gadade || Prasad M. Shinde

Abstract: Current era is of Internet. Nowadays majority of business processes are done online. Companies prefer to post vacancies on their website and accept resumes of eligible candidates. Millions of people are posting their resumes on such websites. This task of selecting and verifying resumes is laborious, time consuming but the accuracy of data is in question. Therefore it was thought of computerizing this activity. In this system, we are proposing a model or tool that will extract the needed information of eligible candidates. Proposed model uses searching and sorting algorithm. This algorithm efficiently and accurately searches for and sorts the qualifying candidates............

Keywords - Authentication, Laravel framework, MVC, php.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Virtual Furniture Using Augmented Reality
Country : India
Authors : Snehal Mangale || Nabil Phansopkar || Safwaan Mujawar || Neeraj Singh

Abstract: In today's world information and communication technology supports the development of human interaction with physical, computer and virtual environment such as science, commercial, banking, education, etc. Augmented reality is a field of computer research which deals combination of reality with computer related data. In early days if we users wanted to buy a furniture objects without visiting the shops it was possible but it was not possible to check how the object actually looks in home structure...........

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Marker Detection, Rendering, Image Processing.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : A Review on Rash Driving Detection and Alert System
Country : India
Authors : Manish R. Prabhu || Dipika P. Deorukhakar || Swati R. Amberkar || Komal J. Ambre

Abstract: The usage of vehicles is increasing day by day. Most of the people disobeys the rules of traffic and may do the rash driving. Rash driving may be abrupt change in speed, continuous change in lane etc. Rash driving is most dangerous for people. If there is more number of vehicles moving on a road, then there is more possibility of accident. Now day's mobile phones are equipped with numerous sensors that can help to aid in safety enhancements for drivers on the road. There is lot of sensors used to detect the rash driving.These sensors are being discussed a in this survey. This paper provides a survey of various methods for analyzing driver behaviour.

Keywords – Rash Driving, Three-axis accelerometer, Gyroscope, Gravity Sensor, Android-based smart phone with GPS.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : R-Indicator: The Bus Tracking System
Country : India
Authors : Mithun A. Mane || Sayali P. Logade || Shruti S. Jadhav || Prajakta P. Baing

Abstract: The idea to make something useful for travelling environment has led us to "R-Indicator: The bus tracking system". The application focuses on problem faced by bus passengers related to bus timing or cancellation of bus or any other. Well if you are new in the city or part of Ratnagiri city then you will always find the necessary information of the service buses, routes and their timings or current location etc. by using this, it is one of the best way of getting all the information in one application. The online users are able to see the live status or location of particular bus and also receive notifications related to delay or cancellation of bus. Also online and offline users can see the schedule of buses..............

Keywords:- GPS, Google Map, Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm (DSPA).

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[3]. MSRTC Application
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[5]. M-Indicator

Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Survey of Wi-Fi Trash Bin
Country : India
Authors : Seema Bhuravane || Mayuri Panindre || Srushti Patole || Pooja Therade

Abstract: This paper uses the concept of Automation used in the domain of Public Cleanliness and Hygiene. Careless trashing of garbage onto the roads is a common scenario to be found in all developing countries. A Wi-Fi Trash Bin is a concept of an attached Wi-Fi router along with a dustbin. Whenever anyone puts the trash in the dustbin, it automatically detects that trash and generates a temporary Wi-Fi code for the user to connect to free Wi-Fi for a limited period of time. Once the time limit is over it automatically disconnects the user. A single user can use the Wi-Fi twice a day.............

Keywords: waste management, public cleanliness, hygiene, careless trashing, assiduous ask, recycling, decomposing, unhygienic conditions, trash-populated areas, trash bin, sensors, Self-Awareness.

[1]. M. Prasanth, Pragnya Srinivasan, Madhuri Pendyala "Automated waste clearance: Street-wise cleanliness!" International Conference on Human Computer Interactions (ICHCI), IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/ICHCI-IEEE.2013.6887798, 01 September 2014.
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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Role of IoT in Agriculture
Country : India
Authors : Vinayak N. Malavade || Pooja K. Akulwar

Abstract: Now a days there is vast enhancement in technologies, different tools and techniques are available in agriculture sector. To improve efficiency, productivity, global market and to reduce human intervention, time and cost there is a need to divert towards new technology named Internet of Things. IoT is the network of devices to transfer the information without human involvement. Hence, to gain high productivity, IoT works in synergy with agriculture to obtain smart farming. This paper focuses on role of IoT in agriculture that leads to smart framing.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Smart Farming, Efficiency, Productivity

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Survey on Online Auction System
Country : India
Authors : Geetanjali Sawant || Ganesh Bane || Akshay Gurav || Swaraj Pawar

Abstract: Internet has drived the globalisation which addresses the interaction and integration among the people, different business institues, government bodies, and many more. As people are exposed to unlimited number of quantitative and qualitative products through use of internet, they seek for the expected one at reasonable or favourable cost and time. Online auction has become proéminent solution to the expectations of online buyers since it excludes the need of physical presence of bidder at the auction place and the product can be obtained at the affordable price..............

Keywords: Auction, bidder, shill bidding, end-bid value.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Image Fusion to Enhance the Disease Diagnosis
Country : India
Authors : Minal Rahate || Rohit Atyali

Abstract: Medical image fusion is a technique in which useful information from two or more recorded medical images is integrated into a new image to offer as much details as possible for diagnosis. In medical field the fusion of different modality images is done by integrating the DWT & PCA method as it gives the more effective and reliable data without much loss. The decomposed coefficients of Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT) are applied with the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to get fused image information. Choose decomposed coefficients by fusion rule and using inverse DWT to get the fussed image of two modalities images. The parameter analysis like RMSE, entropy, structural content, standard deviation and PSNR analysis shows better improvement on results.

Keywords: Image fusion, DWT, PCA, DSP Processor

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Model of Robotic Arm Along with Screw Holding Fixture for Oxidizing Process
Country : India
Authors : Prashant Kshirsagar || Subham Karade || Rohan Nadkarani || Amol Marachande || Prashant Mane

Abstract: The popular concept of a robot is of a machine that looks and works like a human being. The industry is moving from current state of automation to Robotization, to increase productivity and to deliver uniform quality. One type of robot commonly used in industry is a robotic manipulator or simply a robotic arm known as pick and place robot. It is an open or closed kinematic chain of rigid links interconnected by movable joints. In this work in first stage our focus on theoretical development of robotic arm model along with screw holding fixture for oxidizing processforindustrial robot applications..........

Keywords: Fixture, Robot, Control, Oxidization, Fabrication

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Three Directional Dumping System for trolley/dumper: A Proposed work
Country : India
Authors : S. N. Waghmare || N. J. Kamble || A. S. Dhamankar || A. A. Shinde || A. D. Vishwasrao

Abstract: The conventional dumping mechanism trolley/dumper has been comprehended by detecting the difficulty in unloading the materials. The study in this regards in several automobile garages, revealed the facts that mostly some difficult methods were accepted in unloading the materials from the trailer. This paper has mainly focused on above difficulty. Hence a prototype of suitable arrangement has been designed. The vehicles can be unloaded from the trailer in three axes without application of any impact force...........

Keywords: Trolley, Chassis, Base, Hydraulic Cylinder, Locker, Pin, Groove & Bearing

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Corrosion Protection of Light Metal Using cold Spray Technique
Country : India
Authors : Amar Yekane || Vishal Deshmukh || Pratik Suryavanshi

Abstract: Cold Spray(CS) is a relatively recent spray technology which falls under the larger family of thermal sprayprocesses [1], and there are different approaches known by different names such as: Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying, Kinetic Spraying, High Velocity Particle Consolidation (HVPC), High Velocity Powder Deposition and Supersonic Particle/Powder Deposition (SPD). The basic principle of the cold spray process is very simple: A highvelocity (300 to 1200 m/s) gas jet, formed using a deLaval or similar converging/diverging nozzle, is used to accelerate powder particles (1 to 50 μm) and spray them onto a substrate, located approximately 25 mm from the exit of the nozzle where they impact and form a coating..............

Keywords: Cold spray, Thermal spray, Supersonic gas

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Design optimization of C Frame of Hydraulic Press Machine
Country : India
Authors : Ameet B. Hatapakki || U D. Gulhane

Abstract: This paper attempts to acquire the FEA implementation for analysis and design optimization of C Frame of 100 tonHydraulic Press Machine. Availability of limited resources for profit oriented manufacturing industries forces optimum use of available overall resources with a basic intention of cost saving approach. Design of a hydraulic press structure is of prime importance keeping in mind the design parameters and performance indicators and their relationship with proper knowledge of existing working conditions and application of load. By FEA implementation, attempts are being made to reduce the thickness of the plates for the C frame structure in order to save the material and its cost.

Keywords: C Frame, Hydraulic press, stiffness, Finite element method.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Study of welded Stiffeners Under Compression Loading
Country : India
Authors : Mr. Pravin Nana Jadhav || Mr. Pranit Maruti Patil

Abstract: Plates with spot welded stiffeners are widely used in automotive and many other industries to reduce vibration. The objective of this investigation is to study the effect of design of spot weld and design of stiffeners on characteristics of plates under compression loading conditions. In this study, a methodology proposed to study design of spot welded structures, considering design of spot weld and design of stiffeners at loading conditions..............

Keywords: Stiffener, Structures

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Influence of Tempering Temperature on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of EN 24 Steel
Country : India
Authors : M.S. Prabhavalkar || V.V. Idane || S.M.Gurav || S.G.Dhanawade

Abstract: The paper presents results of research on the influence of tempering temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties of EN-24 steel. Tempering of the investigated steel was carried out at the temperatures of 5800C, 6100C, 650 0C. After tempering the cast steels were characterized by a structure of tempered lower bainite with numerous precipitations of carbides. Performed research of mechanical properties has shown that high temperatures of tempering do not cause decrease of mechanical properties beneath the required minimum. The investigation also reveals that the hardened samples give the highest hardness and strength values while highest hardness and strength values for the tempered samples was obtained at temperature of 580°C. So 580°C was found to be an optimum temperature for well balanced mechanical properties of EN -24 steel.

Keywords: Heat Treatment, tempering temperature, Mechanical Properties, martensite , EN-24 steel

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Audio Visual Driver Guidance System
Country : India
Authors : Sumit S. Surve || Pratik R.Kasalkar || AniketTambe

Abstract: The main effort of this work is to provide a concrete accuracy and precision to any vehicle using less expensive components which are reliable and consistent.The foremost purpose of this work is to determine if the recently offered Hall Effect current sensors could provide better performance than the existing ones, so that it could be substituted for deriving performance and cost benefits. The idea proposes the use of components and devices like Microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino), Hall Effect Sensor, Audio schemes and LED's which are cost effective. They are easily available in Indian Market. The principle of magnetic field detection by the Hall Effect sensor has been extensively used..............

Keywords: Accuracy, Auditory, Extensive, Microcontroller, Reliability.

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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Biometric Start-Up System
Country : India
Authors : Parag Sharad Joshi || Pratik R. Kasalkar || Prathamesh A. Gurav || Pooja J.Mohite

Abstract: The main effort of this work is to provide a concrete security to any computing device using biometric locks. The idea proposes the use of components and devices like Microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino), Fingerprint Sensor and Relay which are cost effective. They are easily available in Indian Market. The principle of flow of power supply has been extensively used to make sure that the motherboard of the system does not receive any power supply which delivers the system an extremely rigid security and provides a safety factor for the avoidance of being attacked. The system has been designed in such a way that the reliability is not compromised in any kind of fake authentication. The components are arranged in such a way that the circuit should work in the most efficient manner and provide optimum performance.

Keywords: Biometric, Fingerprint, Microcontroller, Reliability, Security.

[1] Prof. Ravi Subban and Prof. Dattatreya P. Mankame "A Study of Biometric Approach Using Fingerprint Recognition",Lectures on Software Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 2, May 2013.
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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Tactical Communication System using MANET and WSN
Country : India
Authors : Tatugade A. A || Jadhav S. R

Abstract: Military community is redefining the way wars will be fought in the future, evolving towards a Network – Centric Warfare (NCW) paradigm, where force is increasingly realized through the communication network & information sharing, which should be provided to the centralized Global Information Grid. MANET [Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks] technology is attractive, as it would enable the creation of wireless sensor network (WSN) on demand as the need arises. Wireless sensor nodes have a limited amount of energy for its operation generally depends on the power of their own battery. MANET topology varies in time, depending on the position of the nodes, and their on or off status................

Keywords: ASEP, Clustering, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Networks, LEACH, MANET, NCW, Network Lifetime, SEP, Wireless Sensor Network.

[1]. J. Pan, L. Cai, Y. T. Hou, Y. Shi, and S. X. Shen. Optimal base-station locations in two-tiered wireless sensor networks,IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), 4(5):458–473,2005.
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Paper Type : Research Paper
Title : Microcontroller based Interferential Current Therapy for Pain Relief
Country : India
Authors : ShwetaAmit Borkar

Abstract: In this paper the idea of Interferential current therapy is discussed.Interferential current therapy is an effective therapy option used by many physiotherapy clinics to relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process, getting your body back to a healthy, pain free state. This therapy uses two medium frequency currents, passed through the tissues simultaneously, where they are set up so that their paths cross and they interfere with each other. This interaction gives rise to an interference current (beat frequency) which has the characteristics of low frequency stimulation..This low frequency helps pain relief.

Keywords: Electrodes, IFC, IFT.

[1]. Warden, SJ "A new direction for ultrasound therapy in sports medicine", Sports Med., 33(2), 95-1, 2003.
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